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We all see our mind as an invisible something, we have heard people talk about it, we are aware of it, but some people do not look after it. Money seems to be the big topic and the big desire in todays world, simply because a lot of people do not have enough.
I have transformed my life using the law of attraction, but the way I made that transformation was the power of the mind. Finding peace of the mind is a very vital task and is one of the major steps in applying the law of attraction.
For some of us it is hard to get up in the mornings and get out of bed, many people are depressed or fighting illnesses. I was depressed and was also very suicidal at one time in my life, it was for a very long period of time.
So for all the smokers out there that are wanting to give up smoking it is easier than you think. So basically Esther is a translator for Abraham and they do not see themselves as individuals they see themselves as one, they are known as we, when they speak of them.
We can all visualise to a certain extent, but there are some people that find it hard to visualise, especially now more than ever.
Everything is systematic from our education, as we all learn the same basic skills with the same criteria. I have seen miracles happen in all walks of life by using the power of the subconscious mind. We all know that to use the law of attraction to create the life we desire, we must spend time to think about the things we want to attract.
It is our belief system that holds us back, we need to eliminate our belief system that is holding us back and replace it with something more positive and exciting. I have always been a person who gets up in the morning and loves to have a cup of coffee and a smoke. Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization technique, where you visualize yourself jumping into alternate universes. Well that is because we have always been used to doubting or thinking the worst as it is the easiest for us to do. I know that this can be a struggle when peoples lives are in a bad state and are struggling mentally and physically.
In my post yesterday I mentioned that we should start applying the law of attraction in certain steps. What we have to understand is that a thought that is repeated over and over again in your conscious mind will take an in-print into the subconscious mind. It is possible to link these results with the feelings and thoughts we have had throughout our lives. Last night I got into bed and I went through my normal routine, which is showing my gratitude for the day that was given to me and all the wonderful things that had happened to me. 99% of the thoughts in the human mind are repetitive, this leaves 1% space for new thoughts to be processed. We can all agree that if humans decided they could never step foot on the moon, they would in fact, never step foot on the moon. There may have been opposing theories and equations showing how walking on the moon could end in devastation. The first thing determining whether or not something will happen, is whether or not you believe in the possibility. I think a lot of people want to do a million great things while they are here on this planet. Now, I want you to draw a line through that excuse and write next to it (or below it, or on another sheet of paper), the exact opposite of that statement. Eight Tips to Master Self-Actualization Self-care is essential to living an enjoyable life, but many times, we exert much of our energy towards helping others feel happy and loved. Eight Tips To Attract More Romance Into Your Life Whether you are married or single, dating or in a complicated relationship — these eight tips can help attract more romance into your life. I can assure you for anyone that wants to follow the law of attraction, use positive thoughts and energy, or anyone on a spiritual journey in life, needs to have a great state of mind. When applying the law of attraction to attract money you need to access different areas and apply different steps.
We all know that to free the mind we need to get deep into the sub-conscious mind, and re-programme the default setting it has.
I know what it feels like and I know how hard it is to try and get your head around to a positive way of thinking. For anyone that has been reading my posts you may be aware that I have beaten many addictions using the law of the attraction and the power of the mind. A great way to start your day before your feet even hit the ground is to list five things you appreciate and give thanks for those things. In order to get the results that you want you first of all have to clear the mind from all the organised chaos that stops you from manifesting and living a positive life. The reason is are creativity diminishes and this is because our beliefs of miracles happening are limited.
We are not able to find out what we are good at and what we enjoy doing and develop on that everything is done within the education system. The mind is so powerful and the subconscious mind can even heal sickness and health problems.
So we need to set a time dedicated to ourselves in order to attract what we want through thought. Even though I know that smoking is bad and causes more stress and has major health issues for my body.

But the law of attraction has been shown it works by a lot of successful people and one of those today is Oprah Winfrey.
We need to be flexible in our thinking to feel good no matter what are current situation is. Everything the computer you are looking at now, the clothes you are wearing, the seat you are sitting on, the building around you, it is all made up of vibrational energy.
Once this has entered the subconscious mind it becomes a fine tuning fork, the fork begins vibrating and it attracts to us the people, the circumstances, the events in our lives. Even if it is something we do not want in our lives, it has been manifested  even  if we knew it or not. Start looking at the things we have In our lives and think of the thoughts and feelings we had In this area.
I sat up straight in bed with my cup of tea and reflected on all the things in life I was grateful for.
The law of attraction attracts like by like, there for the more we think about the more our thoughts are revolved around the same thoughts, This make the thoughts repetitive, this is why it is so important to watch what we think about. Yes, scientists presented theories that made it seem very plausible to reach our nearest satellite. That assurance led man to take action towards their goal. Walking on the moon all began with the belief that it could be done. No matter how many solid theories, equations, and relative examples there were, someone, somewhere could argue that walking on the moon was not possible. Those who believed in failure, were surely just as passionate about their perspective, as those who thought about possibility. This may take some practice, as you’ve already convinced yourself that your first sentence was true.
Activities such as making family meals, coordinating celebrations and taking part in extra-curricular activities help us satisfy the basic human need of belonging.
If you do not carry out and apply these steps then you will have that unfulfilled desire and that is not healthy. I have mentioned in many posts about the mindsets we develop from birth to adults depending on our environment we where brought up in.
Our mind can be very chaotic and unbalanced and can lead to health problems, like stress, depression and much more, Finding peace in the mind is the best way to lead a happy and joyful life.
There has been research carried out and the research has found that 5% of our behaviours are conscious and 95% of all our actions which leads to our behaviours is coming from the sub-conscious mind. I have beaten drug, drink and gambling addictions my latest and most recent addiction I had beaten was smoking.
Esther spreads the teachings of Abraham through herself at many seminars all over the world. The universe is doing its upmost to give us what you want, but we have to be able and accept to let it in.
A healing can be used with the subconscious mind, our mind is a healing method just by our thoughts.
So I know everyone has got lots of chores, and duties every day, so where do we find the time. I know I am very grateful for my health and I never thought the damage I was causing myself. I always thought of the worst possible outcome and Bang it appeared right in front of my eyes. There is a freedom of feeling when one thinks as one wants and they match the true essence of who you are. If you ever have random negative thoughts pop into your head every day I will show you how to calm the mind. If you look back at all our life experiences and the things we thought or felt, it has manifested and created results that are currently in our lives.
It is very interesting and makes us aware that we actually have been manifesting all our lives. Mathematicians provided equations that strengthened the idea that it could be possible to reach our moon. Play Dress Up Let’s pretend that the man, or woman, of your dreams has asked you out on a date.
It’s exciting in the beginning because the thought is usually super charged with faith that anything is possible.
We have the spiritual power through mind power, metaphysics, law of attraction and manifestation techniques. But the majority of people end up developing a mindset that has limitations, doubt, no self believe and many more hold backs in life.
A lot of people stay positive when mediating or visualising, but when they step back into the reality and the negative world it seems almost impossible to stay positive. I have overcame drug addiction, gambling addiction, overcame fear, rebuilt my finance from being broke. The moods that we feel are shaped by are sub-conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind is a powerful tool that also shapes our personal growth.
Someone had asked me today how to quit smoking using the law of attraction and is it possible. I began reading books like the science of getting rich, and other law of attraction related articles and books.
It is a place where people come together to ask Abraham questions and it comes out through Esther and we receive the answers. Doing this sends great energy out to the universe and starts your day off with great intention.

So if you want to clear your mind which is a great way to kick start the law of attraction, simply stop worrying and start living.
Remember when we were kids we believed in the tooth fairy and we believed in Santa Claus and we believed that miracles could happen. We can not just think about our desires when we feel in the mood and expect them to materialise. We have to understand that media has a potential negative effect on ourselves and are children. Oprah used this throughout her life and she also has many videos online with her story of her life.
Our minds are very powerful and dictate to us how are lives plan out with the process of thinking.
I used to sit up late at night and not be able to sleep with so many negative fears, thoughts and problems banging around in my head. We may not have known but simply looking at what we have in our lives now makes us realize that we have been manifesting and using the law of attraction.
Not only the more we think of that reoccurring thought, the momentum then gets stronger and the neural path becomes stronger, attracting that thought to us in reality. So when you are in a low frequency you are in a decreased state of consciousness, you perception is limited. This is based on what we have been told and what media has made us believe in those years growing up. So to break away from that mindset that is holding you back, you need to make a change in order to grow and succeed. I have achieved much more and beaten much more, the way I done this was simply by changing the way I think, the sub-conscious mind. So why not try and use this powerful tool to change circumstances and also our reality and our personal growth.
He sat down beside me and said dad I do not want you to die, I explained to him everyone dies do not be feared of death. I know most of us find it hard and seem to be stuck on the dark side when it comes to applying the law of attraction. We understand now that we must repeat over an over again what it is we desire in order to make the in-print from the conscious to the subconscious mind. When people are depressed like I once was and stressed with worry, work, debt whatever the case may be. When you are in a high frequency you are in a increased state of consciousness, your perception is raised. I am going to tell you a story of a eighteen year old girl who went from being homeless to a millionaire all by changing her mindset. I am going to teach you three exercises that can help you change your mind shift and keep that positivity going throughout your day.
When I look back I was a bit of a failure back before the days that I found the law of attraction.
Miracles happen as you are simply replacing the negative thoughts you used to have to positive thoughts first thing in the morning.
Though as we grow older we tend to have doubts and fear come into our lives and there for we lose our creativity. Then when I needed to get up for work I was tired moody and the thoughts where right there again as soon as I opened my eyes. Yes thoughts are a vibration of energy, but they are separate from our  physical universe, however they interact with our physical universe. All our thoughts that we have had matches the images around us, we attract what we think, it is simple to understand, but just understanding is not enough.
You simply wake up and choose the best thoughts and feelings you can and trust me this will set you up on the right track for that day. So set your alarm one hour earlier and get up and for that extra hour, use it to meditate and find some inner peace. So if we can contain and control mind freedom the physical process follows in the same direction.
This repetitive process solved nothing and made me depressed, stressed and my head was wrecked.
My head was busting I was constantly thinking and trying to figure out ways to overcome my problems.
He is also a transformational speaker and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.
The higher your vibrational frequency the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater flow of life force again through your mind and body. It is only energy, vibration and consciousness. We Attract money using mind power and energy. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year.
Holding a high vibration and radiating love raises the consciousness of all those who come into contact with your energy field. Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate Her Throne – What This Means To Humanity In5D Alternative News for May 20, 2016 It’s All Coming Together, RIGHT NOW!
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