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Studies show that most business owners go into business because they like providing a service or making a product, but most entrepreneurs have never learned how to market effectively. Well thought out plans are written to directly appeal to a specific niche or audience, sometimes called a Target Market.
When you learn how to market your business to a specific niche, your message becomes clear. Sales Coaching, on the other hand, is all about learning to be comfortable with your message and asking for the business. Building a great business is not just about writing a winning Marketing Plan, it's about getting your small business into shape.
When you work with me as your Marketing Coach, I help you look at the bigger vision of what you want to accomplish.

Sign up for the Queen Bee Consulting Newsletter to get FREE business and marketing tips and advice, plus exclusive special offers! As I like to say: Marketing is buttering up your prospects and getting them ready to purchase. I believe in business growth and personal growth, so I will ask you to commit to reading and growing you skills. Having a cohesive brand gives me the confidence to network with and approach high level prospects.
She handles the technology marketing projects at Queen Bee Consulting and is happy to appear in front of you or your group for speaking or training opportunities. Marcel tackles the "geeky" technology projects for Queen Bee Consulting and is also available as a speaker, writer, or consultant for media appearances.

It takes time to establish a relationship with your prospects and generally, the more expensive your product or service, the longer the sales cycle.
It's about stepping into the shoes of your target client and seeing your business from their point of view.

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