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Covers an introduction to communication theory relating to integrated marketing communications in marketing. Want more FREE resources? Advertising is most effective and reliable way of grabbing and reaching company’s customers' attention. Personal selling is most effective tool adopted by companies and it include setting sales appointments and meetings, making presentations and any type of one-to-one communication to reach targeted customers and strengthen company’s relationship with customers.
Public relations or PR is the process of building long-term public awareness through communicating regularly with company’s various target markets. We help your business identify an integrated marketing plan that will reach out to the targeted audience & interested buyers.

With increasing number of online users spending more time on Social Media Platform, it has become necessary to establish your business’s reputation on such platform.
We assist you build your business’s strong online presence right from creating professional Website to managing your online reputation to putting up your e-commerce business and running your business advertisements online in highly effective way. Advertising uses mainly mass media platforms to deliver its message to their customers or general public. Sales promotion includes a variety of formats like premiums, contests, samples, displays or incentives and demonstrations.
The main purpose of this tool is to building goodwill towards your company and products or services of the company so that customers will think more favorably of your company and be more likely to purchase product. It is interactive communication with company’s targeted customers where the company's message seeks a response from targeted customers.
It has therefore become important for your business not only to establish a strong online presence but also ensure your business site ranks higher on search engines. We will also help you run effective marketing campaigns on social media platform to build trust and acquire referrals.

As an essential part of company’s marketing strategy, marketing communications mix sometimes also called the promotional mix.
When planning your advertising strategy, companies should make it sure that their message is targeted as effectively as possible to your customers. This includes press releases, product launches or celebrity endorsements, event sponsorships, to build trust and goodwill of company by presenting the company’s products and services in a positive light. For example, if a particular company sells cosmetics, they don't need to put out advertisements during football games.
All companies try to balance the various parts of the mix this not only create an integrated approach to companies marketing communications but also devote enough resources for each component to be successful.
Other examples of direct marketing communication are online or print surveys, Mail-order clubs, and infomercials.

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