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Sri Lanka Law College invites applications for the Law Entrance examination 2016 for Admission of Student Academic Year of 2017. Robert Greene stumbled upon a classic with his first book The 48 Laws Of Power, a self-help option often referred to as the instruction manual and ultimate guide to battle of any kind.
Last summer when Drake and Meek Mill battled, the parallels between Drake’s methods and The 48 Laws were touched on at a surface level but never really delved into.
Speaking of Wayne, it’s a little surreal to be reminded that Drake is actually still a part of Young Money, a crew which houses eclectic acts like Gudda Gudda and Austin Mahone. However, Law 48 itself is perhaps most relevant to Drake and his current career trajectory: Assume Formlessness.
Firefighters, policemen, truck driver, and several adult passersby gathered around the truck. Now, our young hero didna€™t create the idea of letting the air out of the tires, that solution already existeda€¦However, while the adults remained a€?stucka€?, the boy quickly and easily accessed the a€?secreta€? power of the Universal Lawa€¦ available to everyone all along. What if you could shift from the stuck and limited adult perspective and be open and connected to all that is possible - like the boy?
Ia€™ll show you too, shortly, but first I want to share with you that like a lot of people, I used to think the Law of Attraction was magical. Youa€™ve met people who seem to attract, almost magically, whatever they wanta€¦ whenever they wanta€¦ with pinpoint accuracy and without delay.
Stay with me and you'll see what most people never realize (and this is the VERY thing that is blocking them from all of their desires). With a law in placea€¦ and when you act in accordance with that lawa€¦ you experience the same resulta€¦ every single time.
So, why does the Law of Attraction only seem to work for some peoplea€¦ or only some of the time?
You already know me and much of my story; yet, you may not know about the book that changed my life.
Then, one day I was standing in a bookstore in Wisconsin trying to warm up from the cold, and as I reached to look at one of the books, a different, strange-looking book jumped off the shelf at me. My eyes locked on the titlea€¦ a€?The Message of a Master a€?and I didna€™t think twice, I grabbed the book and practically ran to the counter to pay. Within days, I was seeing dramatic successes in my lifea€¦ discovering my purposea€¦ improving my financesa€¦ nurturing relationshipsa€¦ boosting my energy and ATTITUDE! There is 1 step you must take to tilt Universal Law in your favor and when you do this you shift quicker and easier than you thought possible, however if you skip this (and most people do) you set yourself up for struggle and haphazard results.
Now how is it that a 200 ton (400,000 lbs.) Boeing 747 airplane can propel itself from the ground into the sky and remain in the air at 37,000 feet for 17 hours straight? For an airplane to flya€¦ thrust must be greater than draga€¦ and, lift greater than gravity.
But, because wea€™re unfamiliar with the secret sub-laws, wea€™re attracting what we dona€™t want. Change the direction of flow you begin attracting what you do want and easily and consistently turn lack into Abundance. Thata€™s exactly how you master the Universal Law, systematically work with the sub-laws and at first it will take conscious attention and effort then once you get it, it is easy and works every time. Most systems teaching the Law of Attraction are extremely vague, incomplete or complicated. It is like sitting in an airplane being told it can fly and knowing about the law of gravity, but not knowing about drag, thrust, lift, or any other sub-law within it. Unfortunately, most a€?resourcesa€? created on the Law of Attraction do nothing more than identify its existencea€¦ without explaining the mechanics of how it works.
With a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program, I change all that. Remember how my friends asked me to take a€?the book that changed my lifea€™ and break it down for them? First, I introduce a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program and suggest the best way to use this program for immediate and greatest impact. Then, you gain powerful insights into the Universal Law by listening to a€?The Storya€? portion of the program.
The 1st Lawa€“ Learn why people who dona€™t acknowledge this law wind up broke, miserable and unhappya€¦ always!

Creating Destiny Mastery a€“ Discover the secret to effectively creating the destiny you want.
Raising Your Level Of Receptiveness a€“ Get the key that opens your success receptors to maximum capacitya€¦ then capitalize on every opportunity that awaits you. Accessible Power a€“ Ia€™ll share some privileged information enabling you to unlock and harness the power that naturally resides in youa€¦ so you can banish that uphill climb, for good.
The 5th Lawa€“ Learn the truth about this lawa€¦ then quickly identify all opportunities beneficial to you.
Creating Vision a€“ Learn to create a crystal clear vision of your a€?dream lifea€?a€¦ then progress quickly and confidently in that direction. Risk Removal a€“ Discover the most effective way to consistently create your desired outcomesa€¦ before they even happen. The 7th Law a€“ Understand this law and eliminate the key barriers (limiting beliefs) to your success. Leveraging Your Most Powerful Tool a€“ Learn to utilize the most effective tool for creating success and abundance that endures. The 12th Law a€“ Master this law and experience success in ways you never thought possible.
Words Of Power a€“ Discover the specific words that are proven to enhance success in any undertaking.
Blocking Weakness a€“ Get details ona€¦ not only becoming the best at anything you attempta€¦ but also eliminating your shortcomingsa€¦.
Until I remembered my two main goals for sharing this program: offer a genuine solution to all who strugglea€¦ like I dida€¦ at getting the Law of Attraction to work in their lifea€¦ and, make it as easy as possible to own, maximizing its impact on the world. I want to give you an over-the-top value, so Ia€™ll also include Three EXCLUSIVE BONUSES when you purchase my a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program. For one whole year, you will receive a personal e-mail from me each week where we will focus on one specific aspect of the attraction process to help activate the sub-laws in your life and make the shift from Student to Master. In this never before released empowering audio module, I will pull back the curtain on the EXACT blueprint to how you can harness your specific energy type (we all have a specialized energy type unique to each of us) to get better results in less time with less effort. Here I will provide the rock solid proof that you are using the Universal Law every day of your life to attract what you dona€™t want and show you a simple yet powerful technique to flip the magnetism switch so you can start attracting the things you do desire. I know my a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program will impact your life beyond what you now imagine. Go ahead and order a€?The NEW Message of a Master-The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program. Download all the material to your computer (audio and printable)a€¦ Access all the privileged informationa€¦ Delve into the workbooka€¦ and Begin transforming your life. If youa€™re not absolutely convinced it will change your life for the bettera€¦ and if it isna€™t everything I say it is and morea€¦ then I dona€™t want you to pay for it.
I have built a system that can be used by anyonea€¦ at any timea€¦ quickly and easilya€¦ and is affordable to own. Grab your copy of a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program today, and let your transformation begin! It can essentially be translated to outline the rules to coming out at the top of any situation.
We were mostly reminded about his mention of the book on ‘What I’m Thinkin Right Now’ and his obedience of Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally in reference to dropping two diss songs back to back (pun intended). He creates respect and honour by being absent from regular posse cuts – that’s Law 16, by the way – and guards his reputation from naysayers (Law 5) by disassociating himself from the situations with Birdman and building his own brand with OVO Sound. With every passing album he changes his image ever so slightly, subtle enough that he’s still familiar yet bold enough to make it feel like a new time marker in his journey. A very large tow truck sat with engine idled, the driver puzzled at his repeated, failed attempts to dislodge the trailer.
People every day, from all walks of life, are discovering the secret power of the Universal Law. He still had his natural ability to use this power consistently, easily, and without delay. Even better, Ia€™ll share it with you in an easy-to-use, step-by-step program so you can understand and apply ita€¦ quickly and consistently! They revealed to me something called the Universal Law, or what some refer to as the Law of Attraction.

I started sharing the book with everyone I knew and many of them asked me to break down the book into actual steps they could take so they could experience the high level changes I was experiencing and thata€™s exactly what I did. Remember our earlier example about the law of gravity where if you drop a ball out a window 100 times it will fall every single time. And when these sub-laws are scientifically leveraged in a very specific way, they create a different result than the one wea€™ve been conditioned to expect. They diminish the Law of Attraction by failing to reveal the 16 specific sub-laws that exist within the Universal Law how they apply in our daily life. Well, thata€™s what I did, and when they got amazing results, I knew I needed to share it with as many people as possible, so Ia€™ve taken the powerful life-changing information centered on the 16 sub-laws that give the Universal Law its power, and reformatted them into a comprehensive, easy-to- understand formula.
This is where youa€™ll apply the law in real time and accelerate integrating the law into your own life.
So, I was advised to price a€?The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Lawsa€? Home Study Program accordingly.  Why wouldna€™t I?
Just contact my support team and wea€™ll send you a full refunda€¦ No Questions Asked. This is the only system in the world that will disclose the power of the 16 sub-laws governed by the Universal Law and how to apply them. Often mistaken for money or fame, sheer power is the driving force of today’s music industry, especially in the sport that we call Hip-Hop. However, it’s hard to argue that Drake doesn’t use The 48 Laws as a guideline in the entirety of his career. By now, people are relatively accepting of Drake’s use of writers, but it goes far deeper than some low-quality recordings of some reference tracks. Aesthetically, it could be something as simple as him growing his beard out but a more magnified look will show you that Drake is ever evolving.
And believe me, I quickly learned that was an illusion when nothing changed in my life and I was left frustrated, wondering if the problem was ME! But I had no idea what it would bea€¦ when it would starta€¦ or how it was going to happen. And thena€¦ I was sure I heard a subtle, yet direct voice inside assure me I was meant to be in that bookstore, at that time, to purchase that book.
Giving us the conclusion that objects cannot remain suspended in the air because of the law of gravity. Here was a KEY component of the Law of Attraction formula the world has been searching fora€¦ with complete instructions for applying it successfully. Those who experience a reign in the perceived top spot in the game, however long or short, fall in love with the endless praise and attention and so they seek to maintain the position as long as possible before inevitable downfall – which no individual is exempt from. It could even be argued that a large number of the laws are outdated and obsolete but its impact today is undeniable.
He often laughs at himself in old pictures, not appearing too perfect and he always says less than necessary by not doing interviews but some of the less obvious laws are being overlooked. In 2011, The Weeknd lent Drake multiple songs which made the cut on Take Care and ‘Legend’ and ‘Company’ from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late were originally PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ideas. On the intro to Nothing Was The Same, he rapped “I’m just as famous as my mentor, but that’s still the boss, don’t get sent for”. From Thank Me Later to now, he’s taken on new sounds and genres and for a while it seemed impossible to predict what his next step would be but VIEWS is potentially the peak of Drake’s power. Often accused of stealing material and riding popular waves by social media, Drake receives all the credit from the mainstream audience without doing any of the real groundwork. He has cited many as inspirations in the past but in that particular instance, he was referring to Lil Wayne, his current boss of almost seven years.
It’s a harsh reality for those individuals who assist and take solace in the short moment of recognition because in the long term, they will unfortunately be forgotten.
The two went on a battle-styled tour in 2014 and even though Drake was declared the winner at more shows, they decided to end it on a tie, epitomising Law 1: Never Outshine The Master, the benefit of which is not to inflame insecurity or jealousy.
Whether he continues to rise with his reign of power or starts to fall, only time will tell.

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