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1.Window washer in coma after falling 47 Stories woke up on Christmas dayAlcides Moreno, 37, fell 47 stories from a New York skyscraper when a freak accident sent his window-washing platform plunging to the concrete pavement. 2.Teenage model had her body held together by 11 rodsKatrina Burgess, 17, was told by doctors she may never walk again after surviving a 70mph car crash with a broken neck and back, and a catalogue of other injuries. 4.Blind man got his sight back after having a tooth implanted into his eyeMartin Jones a 42-year-old builder was left blind after an accident at work more than a decade ago.
5.Mother who had to chose to save one twin got to keep both after disconnecting blood vesselsShannon and Mike Gimbel faced an agonizing choice. 6.Boy recovered after orthopedic decapitationJordan Taylor was in a car accident that separated his skull from his vertebrae. I couple of weeks ago I wrote about a baby whose healing seemed to be miraculously orchestrated by God. The infant girl seemed to be getting better after our prayers, but she had been suffering for over a week with fevers and diarrhea.
I tried a nasogastric tube, but it gagged her horribly every time we put it in and set off a paroxysm of coughing, which promptly made her spew it back out. So, as I was checking on her and reviewing her chart for the umpteenth time that day, I started praying.
I cautioned her parents that this might take a little longer to take effect, but I thought we were on the right road. She had her best night yet that night, so I sat down to write her discharge instructions and figure out what medications she should take home.
I looked down at what she was pointing to and realized it was the medicine for her diarrhea. We reviewed the med book—all her meds and all the dates except for this one were accounted for. As she was entirely better, and was apparently without the medication for the past two days, I saw no point on restarting it.
Every time I see her or drive past her house, I think of how present God was with her, and how faithful He was to heal her.
Most Baltimoreans can recall the fury of Hurricane Irene in August of 2011, but Christopher Green has a memento from the storm others can’t claim: a toe growing out of his hand. It all unfolded as the storm knocked out power to his home near Chestertown, and water started pouring in an atrium window. A fire truck carried him and his thumb—on ice—through flooded roads to Chester River Hospital Center, which tried to stabilize the injury, but they had no expertise in reconstruction of the digit. Doctors surgically attached the patient’s hand to his upper thigh for three weeks to cover the wound with healthy tissue without detaching and reattaching blood vessels.
In the future, Katz may perform an additional surgery to add movement to the tip of the new thumb, to help with a few tasks that are still a bit challenging. Retired entrepreneur and Jiffy Lube founder Willis James Hindman, 78, always enjoyed raising thoroughbred race horses on his Westminster farm. And when severe age-related macular degeneration (AMD) destroyed Hindman’s vision to the point where he couldn’t read or recognize faces of family and friends, let alone watch his horses, depression set in—not uncommon with AMD. But Hindman is now a member of a very exclusive AMD club, since the surgical implantation at Johns Hopkins’s Wilmer Eye Institute of a tiny, new Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT) in his left eye. A surgical procedure uses the IMT to replace the eye’s natural lens—as with cataract surgery— implanting it behind the iris, the colored, muscular ring around the pupil.Hindman is one of three patients at Wilmer (the first two were in the trial) to benefit from the telescope, which costs about $15,000, not including the price of surgery and rehabilitation.
After implantation last December, Hindman participated in a rehabilitation program at Wilmer’s Low Vision Rehabilitative Service that trains patients to effectively use the bionic eye, which takes six months to a year. Students and staff at Howard County’s Reservoir High School know Carole Ferrante as a phys-ed teacher and volleyball coach with boundless energy and an upbeat outlook. Seeing her dire psychological state, her endocrinologist urged her to go the route of bariatric surgery, and recommended Dr. Singh should know: He’s been performing bariatric surgery for 12 years and now does about 350 procedures a year.
In addition to surgery in May 2012, Ferrante took advantage of the hospital’s bariatric support network, including a procedure to remove excess skin. Few mothers would ever imagine that their own blood could be toxic to their unborn babies, but it can happen—as it did to Stephanie Buckley, who is among the 6 percent of the population that has Rh-negative blood.
What might have been missed was a more severe case of so-called Rh allo-immunization that Sinai maternal-fetal physician Stephen Contag did indeed find—and dealt with in an interesting way. Contag’s approach, while relying on a Doppler monitor to check the baby’s blood flow every couple of weeks, was a series of fetal blood transfusions until the baby was old enough to be delivered.
But the transfusions worked—another would come after birth, in addition to weeks of monitoring—and baby Payton Copek, now five months old, is doing just fine, thank you.

Madisyn Betterson’s frightening illness first appeared in June, “right before school let out,” recalls her mother, Stephanie. The normally bubbly, active fifth grader at Windsor Mills’s Dogwood Elementary School, who liked to dance, sing, and play with her Yorkie, Tyson, began vomiting, as if she had a stomach virus. As her daughter’s condition worsened, Betterson rushed Madisyn—now talking repetitively and unable to stand or control bodily functions—to the ER at St. This story amazed meLakshmi Tatma now looks like a normal girl living in a small village in India, but the struggles she has faced in her two years of life have made her a medical miracle.When Lakshmi was born, she had four arms and four legs. The accident killed his brother, who was working on the same scaffolding platform, and left Moreno is such a bad state that doctors couldn't risk moving him to an operating room. But after being put back together with 11 metal rods and enough pins and screws to send an airport security detector into overdrive, Katrina was signed up by a modeling agency.Surgeons saved her life after her car left the M5 and crashed into a ditch as she travelled towards her home town of Weymouth, Dorset. But a remarkable operation - which implants part of his tooth in his eye - has pierced his world of darkness.
Doctors told them one of the twin girls they were expecting needed to be terminated or both would die.
I gave brief consideration to an intraosseous line, which is like an IV but it goes into the bone, and thought, “Can you really give antibiotics that way? I checked the medication book the following morning to confirm she was receiving all her meds as scheduled. Because I know she was.” Well, that nurse had been on for the past two days, and she was adamant that this baby had not been getting that medicine. I don’t know what happened with that missing medication, or where that entry on her medication sheet went. Grabbing an articulating aluminum ladder, the off-duty police officer and father of two braved the darkness to try to make a temporary fix. Then, in February, surgeons removed the patient’s big left toe and moved it to where the thumb had been, a six- to eight-hour process that relied on the microsurgical skills of Katz and the chief of the Curtis National Hand Center, Dr. He wasn’t alone in his affliction: About two million Americans have various forms of macular degeneration, which affects the region of the retina responsible for central, detailed vision. She dieted and followed a supervised exercise program to lose weight, but her thyroid disease made the task almost impossible. And this time—and an entire wardrobe later—the fit, 157-pound Ferrante enjoyed a totally new experience. And in its most severe form, that incompatibility can cause the mother’s blood to attack the red blood cells in the fetus’s Rh-positive blood, making the baby dangerously anemic. And though her Westminster obstetrician assured her everything with her pregnancy would be fine, Buckley wasn’t convinced. But we’re good at preventing it in the first place.” Assuming, of course, that it’s detected early and prevented with drugs that suppress the mom’s immune response.
Joseph Medical Center in the middle of the night, where the perplexed staff referred her to the University of Maryland Medical Center (which now owns St. It happens so often that people are told they don't have the night (I was told that when my son was 3, he's almost 12 now) humans are stronger than they are given credit for.
Her extra limbs actually belonged to her parasitic twin, a sibling born without a head and attached to Lakshmi at the pelvis.The parasitic twin caused Lakshmi to become malnourished.
Instead, they operated on him in the emergency room, leaving him in a vegetative state for nearly three weeks.
She snapped her back, punctured both lungs and broke her neck, her pelvis, her left leg and several ribs. The procedure, performed fewer than 50 times before in Britain, uses the segment of tooth as a holder for a new lens grafted from his skin.He lost his sight after a tub of white hot aluminium exploded in his face at work in a scrapyard.
Doctors at Swedish Medical Center had diagnosed Gimbel's twins with Twin-To-Twin Syndrome, or TTTS. But I do know that she got much, much better far faster than I was expecting after prayers were lifted to our heavenly father.
But he fell, and as he did so, his left thumb got caught in the ladder, ripping the digit from the bone and taking nerves and tendons with it. At 307 pounds, she was tormented by nearly constant feelings of humiliation that were fueling depression and even suicidal thoughts. In May 2012, after months of research and preparation, Ferrante went ahead with the surgery. Her mother rushed her to the ER at the first of several hospitals where she would eventually seek help.
Spinal-tap results seemed to support his educated guess: It was a rare form of encephalitis (anti NMDA receptor encephalitis).

Doctors said that without an operation to separate them, Lakshmi would not live to adulthood. Surgeons at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, said that without surgery to help the bones to fuse, her spinal injuries in particular could deteriorate, risking death.Doctors inserted a rod from her hip to her knee in her left leg the day after she was admitted to hospital.
Word about what happened to Jordan spread to the family's church and others churches across the country.
And on the rare occurrence that we did, it would be tenuous at best and didn’t work for more than a few hours. But the way the thumb had been torn, not cut, from the hand made things more difficult, and it came down to saving the patient or the digit. Over the ensuing weeks, additional surgeries would improve the motion, dexterity, and appearance of the reconstructed toe-turned-thumb.
And after a couple hours of surgery, and six weeks of recuperation, Ferrante discovered a new world. They all worked a bit, but the final thing we tried was something akin to chemotherapy, administering a specific antibody for eight weeks that attacks white blood cells—and then we saw dramatic improvement.” It was at that point she could be moved to Mt.
Less than a month later, he was discharged with the expectation that he would walk again within a year's time.
Finally, on October 29, D'Zhana received another heart transplant, and it was so successful that she had a kidney transplant the very next day. I remember one day I wanted to drive my car under a truck.”It was a crowning moment of utter humiliation that led her to drastic measures. As the days passed, however, the symptoms got more distressing: “She was barely able to talk or walk at this point, but she was sent home by one of the several hospitals on the second visit there with them thinking it was conversion disorder, a psychological illness,” recalls Betterson, who works in specialty pharmaceutical sales. Considering that the death rate from even a four-story fall is about 50%, Moreno's survival, thanks in part to some fortunate circumstances, is astounding.
Left untreated, there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that one or both will die.Shannon and Mike were struggling with the suggestion to terminate the weaker baby when their physician at Swedish, Dr. Roberts reconnected Jordan's head to his neck with a metal plate, screws and titanium rods. We weaned her off oxygen, and I told the family that if she remained looking this well, she could go home the next day. All Rights Reserved.Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices A Double Medical Miracle Doctors saved one brother who was born premature. They sliced open her back and inserted six more horizontal rods up the length of her back to support her spine.
At first specialists in Nottingham tried to save his sight using stem cells from a donor but the attempt failed.It was only when a revolutionary new operation was pioneered at the Sussex Eye Clinic in Brighton that he was given a chance to have his sight back. They separated the two spines, removed the parasitic twin's kidney and transplanted it into Lakshmi. A week after that, they inserted a titanium screw to the top of her spine to support the break in her fragile neck. During the procedure, a minute section of a patient's tooth is removed, reshaped and chiselled through to grip the man-made lens which is then placed in its core. Only day after the last operation she was able to take her first steps.Astonishingly, five months on from the crash, the teenager has recovered to the point where she no longer even needs painkillers. It is implanted under an eyelid where it becomes covered in tissue.The process requires a living tooth as an implant because doctors suggest there are chances the eye would reject a plastic equivalent.
Finally, doctors removed the extra arms and legs.Three months after the groundbreaking surgery, Dr. So a canine - which is the best option due to its shape and size - was taken out of Mr Jones' mouth.
A patch of skin is then taken from the inside of the cheek and placed in the eye for two months, where it gradually acquires its own blood supply. The Utah surgeons teamed with those at Swedish to perform laser surgery in the womb to cauterize the blood vessels that were connecting, and slowly killing, the twins.Shannon says she remembers holding her breath as a nurse used an ultrasound to listen for heartbeats after the surgery. The flap of grafted skin is then partially lifted from the eye and placed over its new sturdy base.Mr Jones, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was able to see for the first time his wife Gill, 50, whom he had married four years ago.
Oz they still need to fix Lakshmi's club feet and perform orthopedic procedures to fix her hip. She'll probably even be able to have kids, which is really remarkable, a testament to the great job they did."Lakshmi's surgery took an incredibly coordinated effort by medical professionals with different specialities.

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