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Law Women Mentorship Program: Broad-based and widely considered one of the more popular mentor-matching programs on campus. This list is on its own incomplete, and also represents only *formal* mentoring programs at the school.
At my 1L orientation, for example, I had the unique pleasure of staring down a room of 450 people I did not know in a city of 8.3 million strangers in which I had lived for just over 48 hours.
Within a couple weeks of orientation, I had several upperclassmen I could reach out to for life advice, class advice, general advice…and, yes, eventually outlines. OUTLaw provides mentoring and networking with NYU Law colleagues who similarly identify, and organizes several cross-school networking events throughout the year.

It’s a much more general program designed to provide an outlet for people who are interested in voicing questions and concerns about living in New York, living through law school, and retaining at least most of your sanity along the way. Beyond organizations that ask for sign-ups and make matches, small TA groups, Lawyering groups, study groups, and social student organizations all stand by to fill your 1L year with accessible social networks, fertile ground for friendships, and a stable source for advice.
I had yet to learn the word “bodega,” the subway scared me, and I had declined to go out at night because I was absolutely convinced I would be mugged.
There’s a huge number of organizations and programs pairing 1Ls with upperclassmen at NYU; here’s an incomplete list, to give you a sense.
You can survive the shellshock of 1L Fall; NYU’s focus on mentoring helps ensure you survive with your sanity intact.

He is Editor-in-Chief of the NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy, an education policy nerd, and a future very junior litigation associate in a very large New York law firm. And on top of that, I knew precisely zero about this “law school” thing I’d just committed three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to. He spends his free time eating food he probably can't afford, reading books he probably doesn't have time to read, and writing for this blog.

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