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Formal communication methods are like official notes that a teacher sends home to your parents. Formal communication methods allow a sender to prove that information was sent to the intended receiver. The sender sends a formal communication that requires the sender to advise that they have received it, in writing or by verbal advice.
The sender may issue a formal communication that requires the sender to do something, such as pay a bill, fill out a form, follow a new procedure, or sign and return a statement. Certified letter is a letter delivered by the postal carrier that the recipient must sign for to receive.
RSVP means that the receiver must reply (in writing or verbally) to the sender of a communication.
Formal oral communication is communicating by talking in official situations such as a business meeting, or over the telephone about a formal matter. After identifying the goal of the communication strategy and the main issue of concern, the target audience and the key messages, the next step is to identify and rank the most effective methods of communication.
Posted signage is a common tool used to communicate about management activities and regulations. Cost-effectiveness of communication method: The overall cost-effectiveness of each potential method must be evaluated.

Method of delivery: Understanding how most people in the target audience receive news and information will help you decide the most appropriate delivery method. Level of understanding: The level of understanding that the audience has about coral reef ecosystems will help determine if it is necessary to help the target audience connect the problems they perceive to the underlying drivers that are allowing these problems to persist or grow. Does the audience consider the person or agency acting as the messenger a trustworthy source of information? Is there a local “champion” or “ambassador” (people who are respected and connected to the target audience) who would be effective at communicating this message? The tabs below provide examples of effective methods of communication for key target audiences and tips for successful implementation.
For example, a finance company uses formal communication methods to advise a lender about the terms of a loan. His roles included Head of School (Business and IT) and as the senior Business Advisor at Southbank Institute of Technology. To determine the most effective method of communication, identify what the communication strategy aims to achieve, the message to be communicated, and the profile of the target audience. For example, a TV advertisement may reach a large number of people, but could be very expensive (and time-consuming) to produce. If members of the target audience don’t receive a daily newspaper, holding a community meeting or a direct exchange with community leaders should be considered.

It is important to select a variety of methods that will engage the target audience multiple times and in multiple places, as change cannot be expected as a result of a one-time effort. Formal communications are very common in educational settings, workplace settings and business settings. If the lender does not make repayments, the company has proof of the loan in copies of formal communications.
RSVP is usually included on formal invitations to events like conferences, so that planners know how much food, drink, and accommodation are needed for the event. When choosing the communication activities, it is critical to remember that an audience’s perspective may be very different from a coral reef manager’s perspective. Formal communication methods are a way to ensure that information is sent to and received by all intended parties.

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