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Although it is much easier to just give up and swim with the tide to avoid resistance, this choice can be detrimental in the long run. Often, swimming against the tide is the only way to get out of a rut, create or take advantage of an opportunity and build the life that you want and deserve.
Although it is true that we need to listen to our gut, we should never let the lack of reason keep us from what we want.
Sometimes you are your own worst obstacle, so try something new, go past your comfort zone. We will never know what the future holds but we can prepare for it, and we can mold our future so that we are ready for it. We do not have to see the future in order to be assured that what we are doing now will result in things that will bring joy, peace and happiness in our lives.
If you take a step forward now, you will have taken one step farther away from the place and time where you felt unwanted, unsuccessful and unhappy. Michael LosierBe warned: when you wish for something, you better be sure you thought long and hard about it because they just might come true. Choose what is good for you and while you will have to face the things that you fear, hate, doubt and even loathe, you will learn how to manage and overcome them. By doing so, you build your own strength and avoid the pitfalls of dwelling too much on the things that have hurt and scarred you. Reading positive thinking books and affirming with words are excellent ways to absorb these good influences and reiterate them over and over in your mind. Charles HannelWhatever you do, keep your thoughts clear of negativity and make sure everything comes from a place of love.
The law of attraction is all about creating positive vibrations because these are the forces that bring in wonderful changes in your life. If you want a brighter future, you need to be able to envision one for yourself that promotes a happy, progressive atmosphere.
The most important takeaway from these positive quotes of the day is that you have a choice right now as to how your day will progress.
Realize that the universe will take care of you once you lose your fear and gain faith that your intentions will steer you towards a rewarding experience.
Disclaimer: This site is not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. When you order through this website, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff. If I asked you to describe your perfect real estate deal to me, would you be able to give me five things that HAD to be in the deal to make it “ideal”?

If I asked you the same question about your perfect real estate agent or mortgage broker or investment partner, would you be able to give me the 5 most important qualities of each off the top of your head?
When Michael Losier, author of Law of Attraction, asked me to describe my perfect joint venture partner, I froze!
And the most beautiful part of this whole story is that it only took Michael about 5 minutes to help all of us on the call describe our perfect joint venture partner. I’m now sitting down to create a contrast and clarity sheet for every aspect of our real estate investing business. Oh, and if you want to listen to the call to learn all the tools and read the transcript, you can order a copy here.
When an author self-publishes a self-help book, expect to find it hidden at the back of the bookshop among the forgotten reference tomes and the primary school-standard debut novels. People are often saying that they are not fulfilled at home, at work or in their relationships. El autor del libro “Ley de la Atraccion: La ciencia de atraer mas de lo que quieres y menos de lo que no quieres”, la publicacion de auto ayuda numero uno en Estados Unidos, Asia y otros paises, Michael Losier, llega por primera y unica vez a Lima, para el evento “Un encuentro de 4 mentes maestras”. Salgsstatistikk er hentet fra folgende bedrifter: Ark Bokhandel (86 butikker), Libris (100 av 136 butikker), Notabene (124 butikker), Norli (68 butikker), Fri Bokhandel (19 av 147 butikker), Tanum Karl Johan, og Haugen Bok. For many of us, picking up the pieces is disheartening, especially with the knowledge that the reason why you are doing what you are doing now is because you were not able to meet your goals.
It does not distinguish between what is truly dangerous and what is just assumed dangerous.
Because fear overcomes his reason, he does not realize that the road may lead to a better life, the room may be a new opportunity and that new person may be the perfect life partner.
Martin Luther King Jr.Many people are confused by faith, so much so that they think it is blind allegiance to a system of belief. You have the choice to take that first step with the belief in your heart that you are doing the right thing and going where you are supposed to go.
Taking the time to complete good market research, carrying out careful due diligence, and using a little creativity are all important. Figure out where you want to go, then make a plan to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be. This one single tool (and he gave us many tools on the call to use in our lives and our investing business) has already changed my real estate investing life. Now, in the column of CONTRAST write down everything you DO NOT like or DO NOT want in a joint venture partner. I know that I will find better partners, better deals, and better team members in the future because I will know exactly what I am looking for and what is ideal!

He also has a new book coming out in June – all about improving the connections in your lives. After those four interviews I was asked to host my own show on the Oprah & Friends Talk Radio Channel. I have been delivering seminars and conference calls on this material and getting awesome results.
My fulfillment needs are: attention, influencing people in a positive way, contribution and, of course, freedom.
And we went down the list … and every time we created the specific detail about what we DID WANT, we crossed out the corresponding negative item. As real estate investors, our entire world is about connections so we’ve already preordered it!
I give those people the tools and the processes to help them stop attracting what they don’t want and start attracting what they do. Losier’s book signing is at Dymocks IFC on Friday June 29 between 1pm and 2pm, and his seminar is on June 30, between 10am and 6pm, at the Empire Hotel HK in Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai. Det er ikke usannsynlig at flere av dem som na har sikret seg et eksemplar av Losiers bok, har Rhonda Bynes «The Secret» i bokhylla fra for av. And, other things, may not be necessary at all when you first start out like finding a high powered courtroom attorney and a full time book keeper.
But, as we sat down with Michael Losier, author of Law of Attraction it became obvious that we hadn’t taken this step quite far enough yet. Due to word-of-mouth, since its release in 2003, it’s sold more than a million copies across the globe, been translated into 28 languages and has stood atop many a bestseller list. My book is in 28 languages and copies of Law of Attraction are selling every eight to 10 minutes.
How do I know what I am looking for if I can’t clearly describe my ideal joint venture partner? The 50-year-old tells us ahead of time about his next offering which hits the bookshelves later in the year.

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