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We are a national Microsoft course provider and can deliver training at your own premises throughout the UK.
Our range of courses covers the full Microsoft Office suite and we can deliver training from Foundation right up to Advanced levels, including VBA.
No special facilities are required for onsite training, we bring all the training equipment needed and can also supply laptops if necessary. Our onsite daily rates include personal training manuals and a course completion certificate.
We act as trusted partners for some of the biggest public course providers in the UK and can secure big discounts on prices.
As part of our continuing expansion, we are looking for further Microsoft trainers to join our team. OneNote was designed by Microsoft as a handy tool for note taking, information gathering and multi-user collaboration. OneNote is essentially an electronic notebook where you can write down notes, thoughts, ideas, scribbles, reminders and all kinds of other information. For further information on OneNote training courses delivered at your own offices anywhere in the UK, please use the quick contact form at the top of the page. MS Project remains the application of choice for most project managers, however successive versions have not made the software any easier to learn.
One frequent mistake made by new users is that of inserting Start and Finish dates into the Task Sheet.
Our onsite Microsoft Project training courses start conveniently at 10am and finish around 4pm.
Microsoft Excel has become the most trusted and effective spreadsheet application in use across the globe today, being used by companies for everything from basic data processing to applying complex mathematical formulas. Many people have a rudimentary understanding of what Excel can do, though their knowledge is often self-learnt and only scratches the surface of Excel’s capabilities. Our Excel training can be tailor-made for any size of group and level of ability, and will be delivered onsite in your own office. All equipment required to deliver your training course, including laptops if required, is supplied by us, making our onsite training flexible and simple to facilitate, wherever your office is located. For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Liverpool, call free on 0800 2922842 or use the enquiry form located at the top right of this page. Microsoft have released their latest version of the Office suite of applications and on first inspection it would appear that little of any major significance has changed. One new tool which is sure to become popular is the shortcut for attaching recently opened documents to emails. Another potentially handy feature is the ability to search the Internet directly from inside of a Word document, email or even Excel spreadsheet. In conclusion, whilst there is nothing of major significance in this latest version of Microsoft Office which would cause users any issues, there are a number of productivity enhancing tools which do deserve closer inspection. The Microsoft Office suite is the world’s most widely used collection of applications for producing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, yet without specific training in each individual discipline, the full capability of the software can often go undiscovered. Microsoft Excel is the first choice for businesses across the globe when a spreadsheet application is required, whether it is used to perform simple calculations or to create a database, or for more sophisticated uses such as performing complex mathematical formulas. We specialise in providing in-house training which can open up Excel and help your staff to use the software to its full potential.
Onsite training is a cost effective way of developing your employees’ skills, saving time by eliminating the need to travel to remote training centres. We offer in-house training throughout Oxfordshire, in all aspects of Microsoft Excel at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels, from as little as ?55 per person. Employers today have an expectation that their employees are not just computer literate, but also well versed in the Microsoft Office suite of programmes. We specialise in tailor-made training for individuals or groups, delivered by very experienced professionals in your company’s own offices. Many Excel users know only what they have been shown to do for a specific task or role, without realising the programme’s potential to do much more. Due to the appointment of further trainers, we are now delivering Microsoft Office training right across Cornwall. If you would like assistance in choosing the correct level for your employees, we can provide you with a free Training Needs Analysis. We make it as easy as possible to arrange a Microsoft Excel or Word training course on your own premises.
For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Cornwall please call 0800 2922842 or use our Quick Enquiry Form at the top of this page. To get the most out of Microsoft Project a properly structured training course can be invaluable.
A classic example of this is the practise which some project managers adopt of entering start and finish dates for tasks. Observing a proper sequence in Microsoft Project when scheduling the plan will also pay dividends. A 1 day Foundation Microsoft Project course delivered at your own offices in London can cost as little as ?55 per delegate (based upon 10 people in a group). Microsoft’s flagship Cloud based subscription service has become the choice for many organisations, however migration can be an issue. For professionals we offer a number of IT technical courses designed to get your technicians up to speed as quickly as possible. For the end user we find the best approach to be onsite group training, delivered at your own offices.
Through our extensive network of tutors we can deliver Microsoft Office 365 training onsite at your offices anywhere in the UK. For further details regarding Microsoft Office 365 training courses please use our Quick Enquiry form at the top of the page or call 0800 2922842. This course is currently accredited by MICT SETA and is intended for people who need to create and edit spreadsheets using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career needing this competency, like the ICT industry. At DataSafeXL, we are the leading provider of Microsoft ® Excel security training and consultancy services on a global scale. We develop bespoke security solutions for our clients based on our award-winning Microsoft ® Excel platforms, XLSafe CORE and VBASafe.
Due to high client demand worldwide we have developed bespoke training courses specializing on the security aspects of Microsoft ® Excel files. Our advanced courses are designed for corporate clients who wish to obtain a thorough understanding of the security environment in Microsoft ® Excel as well as providing impartial tailor-made advice on the solutions and tools available to them. For more information and to obtain a syllabus for our courses please feel free to e-mail our sales team. We specialize in developing bespoke security solutions for Microsoft Excel ® as part of our consulting services for corporate clients.

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Delhi are conducted on weekends it become more and more convenient for working persons to join this course. Would you like to attend this module as part of the Certificate in Google Ad-sense and Blogging? Our quality on-site Microsoft PowerPoint training courses are the correct solution to ensuring your employees fulfil their true potential in being able to present effectively. Your staff will be taught from one of our qualified and skilled trainer while you benefit from the savings of both time and money. Additionally, the on-site Microsoft PowerPoint training courses will keep all of your staff studying the identical material for the best possible results afterwards.
Remember constant review of the Microsoft PowerPoint course material and daily practice of the functions taught in the Microsoft PowerPoint course will help solidify your knowledge with the maximum amount of retention.
The Microsoft PowerPoint class appeals to employees who find winging it just won’t do the trick. With our on-site Microsoft PowerPoint course, your workforce don't need to travel or stay in distant cities overnight. The run of the mill Microsoft PowerPoint user only efficiently uses about 27% of Microsoft PowerPoint functions.
The Microsoft PowerPoint course is taught by our facilitator with the purpose of combining lectures with practical components so that your team will be trained and get hands-on experience.
Gain Microsoft Office skills needed to express your ideas, solve problems, and connect with people.
We'll get you up to speed in the Microsoft Office suite of applications in next to no time!
In as little as one day, we will have you up-to-speed with all the "need to know" topics and have you performing like a pro. We are able to offer standard, customised and transitional training in any of the versions below, so call your Training Advisor today!
Our tutors are all fully qualified and have many years of industry experience of both teaching and using Microsoft Office in business. We can also supply a free Training Needs Analysis service to help you choose the correct level for your staff and we’re always very happy to customise a course to suit your particular needs.
Daily, open Microsoft training events are regularly conducted at all the major cities in the UK. This consists of live, online training with a tutor and can be employed for up to 3 delegates. We welcome enquiries from all over the UK, but particularly the South West, Wales and Scotland. Yet despite the versatility of the application, relatively few people are using it regularly. Unlike traditional document page formats, OneNote offers a free-form canvas where you can type, write or draw notes in the form of text graphics and images, wherever and however you want them. For extra space on a page, simply click the Insert Extra Writing Space button to extend the page. If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our advisers, please call 0800 2922842.
To get the best from Microsoft Project it’s necessary to understand a few basic principles on which the software is based.
One would be forgiven for doing this as the layout of the interface suggests that this is what is required. We can supply laptops if required with MS project pre-installed and our trainers carry projectors and screens, so that virtually any office can be used as a training room. Did you know, for example, that in Microsoft Excel 2010, PowerPivot enables you to import countless rows of data from numerous data sources into one Excel workbook? We employ highly experienced tutors, whose expertise has been gained after years of practical, first-hand involvement in all aspects of using Excel in the work place. There are some cosmetic differences which are quickly apparent and anyone who subscribes to the Office 365 service may see similarities between Office 2016 and the current online applications. Situated on the Home tab of the Ribbon menu, simply type an instruction into the search box and a list of options will be presented. An understanding of the basic concepts of Excel is often all a user has, either from being shown how to produce a table or graph and then simply repeating the process, or through the trial and error of teaching oneself. Working with any level of ability, our highly-experienced tutors can help beginners learn how to input data and carry out basic functions, while more competent Excel users can benefit from understanding macros and creating and using pivot tables. For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses throughout the county & UK, call free on 0800 2922842 or email using the quick form at the top of the page.
More and more businesses expect staff to have a level of competency which will ensure the efficient operation of their enterprise, and key to this is a well-trained and motivated work force.  Companies invest heavily in software licenses and in order to receive a good return on that investment, it is essential that staff take full advantage of the software’s functions. Our tutors will identify the level of training required for each individual and will teach them the skills they need to maximise Excel’s effectiveness, whether users have only a rudimentary understanding of what Excel can offer, or have a higher level of competence. From simple calculations and spreadsheet creation to using pivot tables and performing complex mathematical procedures, there are more than 400 functions in Excel which, when properly utilised, can make your business more efficient.
Our competitive group rates mean that you can now increase your employees’ Excel and Word skills from as little as ?55 per person.
Each level is a 1 day course and focuses on the essential skills needed to become proficient in a wide range of office tasks. This consists of a simple tick-box form which we email to you and takes just a few minutes to complete. Trying to teach one’s self how to use the application is fraught with difficulties as the interface can be misleading.
One glance at the task sheet would indeed suggest that this is what is required, however doing so actually removes much of the software’s flexibility should it become necessary to reschedule tasks. In our 1 day Foundation Microsoft Project training course we show you how the software was designed to be used. For a start, there appears to be confusion over the roles and differences between One Drive (formerly SkyDrive) and SharePoint services. These include installing & configuring SharePoint, One Drive and the Office 2013 software suite. This method is more cost effective and enables groups of employees to be trained in the use of Office 365 more quickly than attending public courses individually.

2KO International delivers full-time computer courses all around Africa; as well as providing online IT training 24x7 over the internet, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure the best training possible. We work closely with Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Dynamics Partners, ISVs and Microsoft clients all over the world.
By choosing the on-site Microsoft PowerPoint training course, you can get each person on top of things immediately without having to send your staff to a remote training facility. As the on-site Microsoft PowerPoint training course takes place at your premises, your team are at all times close by. Prices vary depending upon the training required and it is always worth asking us for a quote before booking a course. Training takes place via our online centre and the experience is very similar to one-to-one training where the tutor would be in the same room.
You will need a suitable adult teaching qualification such C&G 7303 or higher and Microsoft accreditation in you chosen field.
This is perhaps down to a misunderstanding of the software and our new OneNote course has been designed to make it easy to get get the most from this useful business application.
You may be wondering why you need to bother with another program when you can take perfectly adequate notes in Word, Outlook, even Notepad — or on paper. However, in order to get the most out of the software’s ability to reschedule tasks, we should never do this. In just one day, we can show you how to set up your project plan correctly in order to gain the most from the software’s time-saving features.
Please call free on 0800 2922842 to discuss your requirements, or alternatively use the Quick Form at the top of this page. From here, you can construct PivotTables and PivotCharts, enabling you to carry out further analysis of your data, so that you can easily make important decisions about your business without seeking outside IT support. This gives them a unique insight into how to get the best out of Excel and your staff, and inspire and encourage your employees to develop their own skills.
This is a very handy time-saving feature and already we’re wondering how we ever did without it! In Excel for instance, typing in the word Functions enables direct access to the functions menu, including shortcuts to the most recently used. At the same time, employees feel valued if a company invests time and money in training its staff to perform to their best ability. By conducting our training sessions in your own premises, valuable time can be saved by our tutors bringing any equipment required and planning the training sessions around your normal working day.
To find out more about onsite Excel training in Northamptonshire, call free on 0800 2922842 or use the Quick Enquiry Form at the top of the page.
Our Foundation course is ideal for individuals who have either never used Excel before, or only  refer to data provided by other users.
We will then analyse the results and advice on the most appropriate course for your Company needs. When the plan is correctly scheduled in MS Project, subsequent changes will be easy to apply – at least as far as the software is concerned! Then there is the Microsoft Office 2013 software itself, designed specifically to work with the Office 365 subscription service.
Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. Microsoft PowerPoint training facilitators are available to assist you should a crisis arise. Again, no specialist equipment is needed and all that is required is a laptop or PC equipped with speakers and a microphone.
We need trainers to deliver Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project and Word. But imagine the convenience of having all your notes together in one place, with no need to remember file names or locations — and of being able to create a task in Outlook directly from your notes.
Instead, the task start and finish dates are usually arrived at by creating task linkages (or dependencies). We will visit you at your own premises and can train up to 10 staff members together, maximising your time and investment. Another useful but under-utilised tool allows you to select unique records only, such as specific names or numbers, from a large quantity of data. As a result, you will benefit by having a better informed and more motivated work-force who will appreciate the investment you make in their professional development.
Perhaps a downside to this feature is that it unsurprisingly uses Microsoft’s own search engine Bing, which  might not yield as comprehensive a search as perhaps using Google would.
The Intermediate course is aimed at employees who use Excel regularly, but who need to develop their skills with formulas and functions. During the courses of the day on our Foundation course, delegates build a working  project together with the trainer.
Getting to grips with this new system can be a challenge both for IT professionals and end users alike.
If you would like to join our team, please use the contact page in the first instance detailing your specialties and preferred working location. When set-up correctly, the project plan can be updated much more easily should there be any variance in the future.
And there are many, many more tips and shortcuts which can make your use of Excel more efficient, more cost effective and deliver quantifiable improvements to your business. This is our most popular course and can greatly increase productivity in the office, due to the wide range of topics covered during the day. Staring from basics, we cover all of the vital skills necessary for delegates to be able to schedule any project of their own.
The cost is significantly less than that of a public training course and certainly more convenient.
The Advanced course is aimed at individuals who know their way around the more popular Excel functions, but wish to improve their knowledge further by increasing their range.
All you need is a quiet place in the office, or even at home and you can take advantage of personal tutor-led Microsoft training.

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