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In a world so stuck on racial divides a higher power shows us our mortal foolishness by bridging the gap & bringing racial unity thru the blessing of innocent untainted children. The Llama Sanctuary is funded from our own pockets, from sales made on our sister website Fibre Arts Bootcamp and from generous donations from caring people, who like us, appreciate that all creatures are our brothers and sisters.
We thank you for smiling upon this page and spreading the word about us to everyone you know.
The lambs' mother, Shirley, had shown no sign of mating with a ram and a routine ultrasound scan came back negative.

So staff at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, were surprised to find the two newborns when they turned up to work on Wednesday morning. The ram has a crayon strapped to his chest so farmers know which ewes could soon be expecting but two attempts to get Shirley pregnant appeared to have been fruitless. When a higher power speaks, we should all listen because there are signs all around giving us the answers that we seek in the path to human righteousness & consciousness. And this magic occurred too with Coco, although we carefully held the baby to prevent any sudden movements from damaging the mother, having no idea what was happening inside the womb..

I guess this finally brings it home that we are all of African descent &  as we learned in grade school Black absorbs all colors.
It’s not that the post isn’t excellent, its just that there is much more comments that actually do not make any sense?

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