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As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) I am jubilant and very grateful to God for creating a miracle for Mary Jane Veloso and her family.
Part of me is anxious and sad for the unfortunate plight of many other OFWs who are on death row in other countries. An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) leaves homes, family and friends to seek for work and give a better life for their loved ones in the Philippines.
Sometimes it makes me wonder if the agencies where first time OFWs and non-first time OFWs alike will be more vigilant to the welfare of their applicants, maybe, there will be less and less cases like Mary Jane Veloso and some others too. During this journey in my faith, I have been able to experience a unique joy - the joy of being a witness of God’s interventions in our daily activities. SubscribeLet’s be email friends.It’ll be like your own exhale, some real relief.(Having trouble subscribing? They still do happen, miracles, a bit like a flash in the sky. Coming up the backside of things, coming up from the other way. I told him that nah, that he was all turned around, that we’d never come this way before.
Kids who last July didn’t have a sponsor and we shared their names with you most amazing grace-struck people.

You were made be an Esther, to give your life away for forever things, and anything less will give you grief.
When someone just begins with one — believing lightning always strikes wherever we love.
Dorance in her Dorothy Red Ruby Slippers looks up, looking for someone, looking like there’s no place like home.
Because there really is no place like Home — Home in the people of God, the care of Christ, us His hands and feet. Americans be a home here, and Canadians here — Kai, Levi and Shalom, they are praying that you and yours will be a sponsor for Dorance and Myrtil and Djvouens today.
Maybe you’d like to wander a bit in the quiet — — or just have the relief of some Soul Multivitamins? But many of them face difficulties like unfair labor practice, bad working and living conditions, maltreatment and worst, rape. For those who are convicted with murder, they may have acted in self-defense or a moment of psychological imbalance, confusion what you may call it.
My name’s plain & simple Ann, without even the fanciful ‘e.’ I’m a farmer’s wife & we’ve got ourselves a happy mess of 6 kids.

In fact, I felt that God had decided not to do miracles anymore and let things go according to absolute natural laws. I scratch out amazing grace stories for you here in this journal & sometimes real books but, look, could I just get you a glass of cold water right now and the relief of some easy words we call Soul Multivitamins?
It was as though through the centuries he just wore out.If we look at the Old and New Testaments, we can observe peaks and valleys in terms of mystical activities. We go from extraordinary feats during Abraham, Noah and Moses to some slow level of activity that climbs back up during the prophets’ times slowing down again and reaching a peak during Jesus’ times. Following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, there was also a significant amount of mystical activities through the apostles or witnessed by them.  So how come we don’t see God’s intervention on a daily basis? If yes, why don’t we see them?Some humans don’t believe in miracles, others want to see one as a proof of God’s existence.
In all miracles there is a component of powerful faith, which is paramount for the occurrence of a miracle.

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