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Now I know this was a pretty narrow viewpoint to have.  It took some deep soul searching, forgiveness work and mindset changes for me to actually believe that I could experience a miracle too. The interesting thing is, miracles were happening in my life all the time, I just didn’t believe they could happen to me, therefore, I couldn’t even be aware of them. Take a few minutes and sit in silence and ask yourself, your guides and God what question would you most like an answer to right now on this topic.  Have that question firmly in your mind before you read any further!  If you are not guided to read further, that is OK to.  Always follow your guidance, it is your best GPS that you have! Thank you for sharing with your friends by posting this on your Facebook wall, tweeting it and leaving me a comment on how it spoke to you today! When I asked and listened I heard well you are a miracle and you have a story to share that support this, it’s time to trust and allow the words to flow. You are a miracle Suzie and it is true, when you expect miracles to occur, the universe does open the floodgates of love to shower down upon you! I love Synchronicity – miracles have been on my mind for the past 24+ hours and now I read your amazing blog and you provide more insights regarding miracles. What Our Clients are Saying…If you are wondering which direction to head with your life or maybe you have some question about WHY you think and act the way you do…. Miracles show up in all kinds of way.  Release your expectation of how you want it to show up and it will appear in ways that are greater than anything you could have imagined.  They is an unlimited supply of miracles!  Welcome them into your life with joy! I find it absolutely amazing how two people can have the same experiences and one see the miracles and the other not. It’s funny that since I spoke to you recently, I can hear your voice as I read your words. After resting under the heavy curses of sin for almost 6,000 years, the incredible beauty of God's handiwork continues to amaze and enthrall. Even though many naturalists stand in awe of the creature, few seem to recognize and honour the Creator.
They are only a tiny fragment of finite humanity, whose very existence, breath by breath, depends upon the operation of laws over which they have no control.
Almost every plant and animal exhibits amazing adaptations that can only be described as miraculous. Every law of science on the subject decrees that undirected, random nature tends toward deterioration rather than order.
The Genesis account of the Bible has been completely vindicated by all the findings of true science. How did Moses know that all these various bodies of water would be connected and would rest in only one bed?
It is a scientific, geographical fact that all the oceans of the world are joined together, and they do all rest in a common bed. Taken up into the clouds, the water is sweet and soft, perfectly adapted to irrigate the earth.
The water that is lifted up is still hanging over the ocean, which doesn't need any more water. And so there is a constant movement of water going up from the ocean in vapor form, carried as clouds over the land, and brought down again as rain, which forms rivulets that find their way back to the sea. Certain fish that exist in the very bottom of the ocean are especially engineered by God to withstand this tremendous pressure. The atmosphere around us is made up of two main ingredientsa€”nitrogen and oxygena€”whose mixture is always the same, whether at the highest mountaintops or in the deepest caves.
If that proportion prevailed, and an electrical reaction caused the elements to combine, do you realize that the whole world would be turned into laughing maniacs? Did some blind happenstance of nature produce this exact mixture that is necessary for life support? They still don't understand all the deep, underwater cataclysmic actions that affect the tides and wave patterns.
As a result of the titanic collision of these two giants, the polar stream is forced to dive down thousands of feet, where it continues its southward course, coming up finally in the West Indies during their hottest season, thus cooling down the terrible tropical heat. We tend to think it's a wonderful accomplishment when the oculist manufactures special goggles for divers that compensate for refraction in the water, yet God did it for fish long before. I can find no stronger evidence of design in nature than with the Ousel, a very friendly little bird that lives near mountain streams.
Because this worm is down at the very bottom of its hole, the bird must go down to get the worm out.
If He so loves the little birds and provides the things to make their existence comfortable, don't you think He's willing to provide everything that we might need?
In Evolution Goes to Pieces on a Bee's Knee, the author first reviewed the evolutionist's teaching that when the need for a certain organ develops in any creature, the organ is produced in response to that need. This biologist noted that if it were true that these insects develop special equipment in response to a need, the very first bee to exist did not have those brushes on its knees. When we thank God for our blessings, we should never forget to mention these incomparable natural wonders that add so much meaning to every moment of our lives.
Breathing the marvellous blend of nitrogen and oxygen that makes it possible for them to live, evolutionists refuse to acknowledge that the precise 79 percent to 21 percent mixture of gases was provided by something other than blind chance. Rejecting the divine origin of that for which they find no empirical evidence, many scientists ascribe miraculous qualities to matter itself. The writings of Moses have been found to be scientifically as well as historically accurate. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters that are under the firmament from the waters, which were above the firmament; and it was so.
In the United States alone we have three and three-quarter million square miles of dry land, and all of it has to be watered and cared for.

We know heat expands things and cold contracts them, and that water is the material most subject to expansion. God sends along winds to blow the clouds and spread them out over the dry land area where it is needed. For example, if the temperature of the cloud is lowered by 9 degrees, it will drop half its water! Even though the great naturalists felt they had made a new discovery when they found out about the cycles of clouds, they could have known it all by reading the Scriptures. If you climb a mountain, the higher you climb, the thinner the atmosphere becomes, and you feel distressed and uncomfortable. Everybody would be laughing because that would produce the laughing gas, N2O, the same kind dentists sometimes use when extracting teeth.
God says that the cloud was the garment of it and a thick darkness was a swaddling band placed around the ocean at its birth.
No naturalist on the face of the earth has figured out all the secrets of these swift tidal waves as they move to and fro in their own mysterious ways. We don't know everything about it, but we do know life in the United States would be almost impossible were it not for the fantastic influence of this great stream.
This warming influence actually makes the northern coastal regions of America and Europe inhabitable; otherwise, they would be frozen wastelands. The Gulf Stream gets deflected eastward, going up along the British Isles, making these habitable. Without that deflection of the Gulf Stream, some of those northern lands would be locked in eternal winter. They are constantly subject to attack from their enemies from abovea€”like the gulls that swoop down to make their meals off marine life. Goggles could never have come into existence by chance, yet evolutionists contend that a fish's specialized eyeballs just happened.
It so happens that, although its beak is exactly the right length to reach into the hole, the narrow hole keeps the beak squeezed shut. Nature itself, or some blind chance, supposedly comes along and produces the necessary organ to fit the creature for survival. When it went into the flower, it would have suffocated; consequently, the whole bee family would have become extinct right then and there.
Only man's bungling interference with the delicate balance of nature has brought sorrow and tragedy. If He works miracles to safeguard a clinging, contrary cocklebur, will He not guide the ways of those for whom He gave His life? Looking through eyes so delicately arranged that no combination of scientific genius can even understand, much less duplicate, their operation, unbelievers deny the miracle which makes it possible for them to see.
From the towering mountains to the vast, restless ocean and throughout the limitless universe of God, there is the throb and hum of life. He had absolutely no human way of knowing there could be more than one body of water in the entire world. In fact, if it weren't watered, there would be no vegetation and no growing grass or trees.
So God arranges for a gradual cooling process to let the rain come down in gentle to vigorous showers to provide the amounts needed to revive the earth.
We've just found that God has a process of gradual cooling that releases the water little by little as it is needed to irrigate the surface of the earth. The pressure that God put into their muscular structure is still there on the inside when they are brought up where the pressure is not exerted from the outside. Every moment we live, a pressure of 14 pounds per square inch is exerted upon our body structure, and that's pretty heavy. This world would become chaotic if this atmospheric mixture slipped out of control for just a single instant. It comes out of the Gulf of Mexico, goes along the eastern seaboard, and up into the northern sections of the world. Do you know that fish have specially constructed eyeballs enabling them to look almost instantly in any and all directions? This buoyant bird will be floating along, apparently weightless, and then suddenly sink to the bottom like a piece of lead. What a predicamenta€”to be able to see and reach a luscious worm but not be able to open his beak to pick it up! No, rather than these brushes developing slowly through the ages in response to a need, they were provided by God to meet the need and save the very first bee that was made. If God cares for the needs of the tiniest cell of the smallest plant or animal, don't you think He loves us enough to care for us? Through ears, which connect to a brain more complex than the largest computer on earth, doubters listen to lectures on humanism and evolution. From the microscopic to the immense, we can discover the fingerprints of the mighty Creator who brought all things into existence. By studying the mysteries of land and sea, we will see how wonderfully they support the biblical story of Creation. He never went around to see how many oceans were in the world, but God inspired this truth in Moses' mind. What would that mean for the three and three-quarter million square miles of land we have in these United States?
Is it important that we have this exact mixture of nitrogen and oxygen?" Yes, I can assure you it is most important.

We would see one of the most tremendous of all explosions, because nitrogen is the basic component of gunpowder; and oxygen, of course, makes for rapid combustion. Maybe God is going to change just very, very slightly the present proportion of nitrogen and oxygen, causing this great conflagration to take place. It is like a river, flowing through the midst of the sea, and can be seen distinctly from high above because of its different colour. They see behind, below, above and on the sides; furthermore, their eyes are designed to take into account the refraction of light. It must have good far vision, but since it feeds on the microscopic larvae that abound in the water, it must have very good near vision as well. When bees crawl into pollen-filled blossoms, their breathing apparatus gets all stopped up with pollen. He loves us even more than He loves that little bird out on the West Coast, and He wants to save us. Tonight when you kneel to pray, remember to thank God for the landscape of beauty that always lies beyond the manmade mess of human obstruction. The Creator Himself was not only a lover of beauty; He loved His creatures so much that He wanted them to be happy, too. Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this?" Job says if you want to know how God operated in the work of creation, ask these various forms of life, ask the earth, and the earth will explain how mightily God has wrought in these things. Part of it would be over here and another big, discrete mass of it would be in another location.
But God simply sends down the warming rays of the sun, turning the water into a vapour that is 900 times lighter than water. Cold will contract, of course, so when the clouds pass over the mountain peaks, the cold air reaches up and begins to cool those clouds, turning the vapor into a condensation of moisture.
Of course, some of it rains back into the ocean, but it is needed there to provide the necessary amount of oxygen for fish living in salty ocean beds. You see, God has built in a certain amount of pressure that balances that on the outside at sea level. And do you know the Creator provided a little membrane that comes halfway up on its eyes, giving it bifocal vision?
After taking his fill, he goes over to the bank, shakes himself, and mysteriously sets himself afloat again like a wisp of smoke. He wants to take us at last to a place where nature will be in perfect balance again and where all of the curse of sin will be forever removed. The other seed waits till the second year to start growing in order to perpetuate two seasons of growth. That's why He draped the earth with a half-million varieties of contrasting blossoms and leaves.
Wea€™ll find out just what purpose it serves in a moment, but at one time that water was resting right here upon the earth. But concerning the waters, he said it would all be in one place, and yet it would be divided into oceans. But on the other hand, if half the present land were added to the ocean, there would be four times as much rainfall as there is now, and the entire United States would be turned into a vast marshland where human life would be almost impossible. Yet, every single form of life in this world, whether it's a 90-pound woman or a burly man, has a constant pressure of over 15 tons at sea level pushing and pressing upon them from every direction.
If you went high enough, you would be just as stressed as the fish brought up from the ocean depths. That little fish can look up and see the gulls coming or look down and see those nearby bits of life that it can feed on! With this special organ the bird can pick up the worm, back out of the hole, and gobble it down! But if something happens to the first seed so that it does not grow and produce, the second seed begins to grow immediately instead of waiting for the next year.
And hidden inside each tiny bud, God placed secrets that would challenge the genius of earth's greatest scientists. I think it's tremendous that the Bible is so scientifically accurate as to reveal these things. Now suppose that mankind had to water this entire three and three-quarter million square miles of land. So this vapour is easily lifted up out of the ocean, carried into the skya€”perhaps miles into the aira€”and formed into great cloud masses. How wonderful that God has designed each living creature to be perfectly comfortable in its own environment. What built-in wisdom of God communicates to that waiting seed that it should begin to grow when the first seed is destroyed? No evolutionist has been able to harmonize miracles like this with their theories of naturalism and chance. That little gnat, so light and frail that it seems anything could crush it, is built by God to withstand the weight of the atmosphere. Water is 800 times the weight of the atmosphere, presenting the challenge of how to transport and disperse it.

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