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I've traveled to the remote South American town of Abadiania, Brazil, with the belief that it is possible. Hundreds of people, all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, from varying religions, and from all around the world draw in closely to get a glimpse of this notorious yet controversial Guru. I approach the blue and white open-air buildings called the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola -- John of God's healing center.
Here in Abadiania, there is no desperation; there is only hope as it pumps through our veins while we search for our miracle.
Up until today, many of us have been sleep walking through life, letting fear rule our universe. We are let in through the first healing room, which is the room where we are "spiritually cleansed." At least 70 people with their eyes closed are meditating in silence for our soon to be healing. John of God is a medium who is incarnate in a physical body as he channels spirits, famous saints, surgeons and historic medical doctors through his body to help humans in need. My translator shares my intentions in Portuguese to the guru, "Amore Proprio y Evoluir Espiritual." To love myself and evolve my spiritual connection with God. He mumbles as my translator quickly brushes me to the side and says to me the Medium said, "You have to come back to Brazil three more times." Before I can make sense of my "next steps," I am pushed into the blessing room, and then abruptly spit out into the healing center's main garden area. Heather Cumming's my guide who is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and the right hand assistant to the Guru, later tells me, that the Entities have work to do on me, and it will take time in between my trips to Brazil to heal. My entire life I have been an impatient "magic bullet girl." Jumping from one trend to the next, always looking for instant results. I thought I was coming for self-love, but what I really needed was to see that there is nothing wrong with me, or with any of us.
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These short 11 verses are packed with amazing meaning; during the next few days there will be additional posts of several of the amazing aspects of the Wedding at Cana.
Jesus directed the servants to fill 6 purification the stone water jars with water (John 2:6-7). As we move towards Valentine’s Day, our thoughts here at ComicsAlliance naturally turn to Superman.
At the time, Action was a Superman team-up title that reintroduced the Man of Steel to the recently rebuilt DC Universe in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
She gives chase, but unfortunately for her, she ends up running right into the sewer domain of the villain of the piece, Sleez, a little green dude in a trenchcoat with the power summon fleshy tentacles from (mercifully) unknown locations.
According to the origin story that comes through in this issue, Sleez was exiled from Apokolips for having tastes so depraved that even a guy who keeps a dedicated immortal torturer on staff thought he was too creepy. Which, in Barda’s case, involves heavy makeup, a boombox, and an outfit that somehow manages to be over 99% tassel. My absolute favorite part of this entire story is that the crazed hobos have a blowtorch on standby for just such an occasion. Despite the fact that it’s pretty low-tech, it is a pretty serious deathtrap, only made more threatening by the fact that Byrne slams it into his story in only two pages, adding another layer to it in every single panel. Before Mister Miracle goes through a firsthand re-enactment of La Blue Girl, however, Barda saves him by dragging the tentacle monster off and shoving her fist down its throat until she gets to the right spot to kill it. In the end, Sleez blows himself (wait for it) up in an explosion in the sewer, leaving Superman to come back alone and try to explain the whole thing to a very disgruntled Mister Miracle.
So while he came perilously close to capturing Best Male Newcomer at the 1987 AVN Awards, Superman didn’t actually end up starring in a porn video. Giant-Sized 100 X-Men: How Do Marvel Girl, Captain Britain, Wolfsbane, Archangel, Psylocke And Many More Rate As Great X-Men? When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. All the above comics, characters, stories, artwork, etc., are copyright their respective holders. I have arrived in this dusty, petite town, to pour my desperation into the man some arguably call the world's best healer. The center is founded on faith, hope and an unshakable core belief that there is a power greater than ours.
Being here is much different though; the pain and illnesses that caused us to come seem to lesson their hold in this bubble of the world.
Two tall orders, but I believe in miracles, especially when I am holding hands with an angel.
I guess asking to fall in love with myself and be closer to God will take more than a miracle.
He has, after all, been at the center of one of the greatest romances in the history of comics. In this case, the special guest stars were Big Barda and Mister Miracle, two characters that have a pretty good shot at being the single greatest romance in the history of DC Comics.
So when Barda takes a wrong turn while she’s out and about in the big city of Metropolis, she ends up on a side of town so wrong that it looks like a deleted scene from the Warriors.

To that end, he has the power to psychically corrupt people, bending their will to his own skeevy purposes.
For one thing, it starts out with the the idea that Scott Free, the greatest escape artist in the universe, doesn’t use a key to open his door. Arriving in Brazil 50 pounds overweight, and succumbing to the disappearing act of self-esteem, I am praying for a miracle. The rest of the group is buzzing with anticipation as well while we dress in our cleanest whites.
Everyone who arrives at the Casa, is dedicated and determined to live their lives differently. The pain has caused such dis-ease that it has pushed us into a greater understanding of life. It is not everyday that I get a chance to look a man in the eye and see an angel looking back at me. It can only come with patience, dedication and a surrender to accessing an even deeper hope within.
His love for Lois Lane is beautiful on so many levels, centered on the idea that that the most powerful person in the universe falls in love with someone defined by her wit and determination. Their origins in Jack Kirby’s epic Fourth World Saga are a little complicated, but all you really need to know is that Mr. Presumably it was too soon after the reboot for Superman to have cleaned up the entire town, so it has a whole double-page spread of hookers, hobos, a pimp with an honest-to-New-Gods oversized hat with a feather in it, and one purse snatcher who makes the incredibly poor life choice of stealing Barda’s handbag. He’s a guy that will go to your house, sit in your chair, drink your liquor, hand you a VHS tape with your wife in a porn movie filmed in a sewer, tell you you should probably do something about that, and then go back to plotting to conquer the galaxy. I am unapologetically ready to meet my new Guru and join forces with the future me; the healthier, happier version of me. People from so many countries around the world, with all kinds of ailments ranging from physical, emotional, to spiritual have made it to the source.
Many of the people waiting to see Medium John of God have similar stories; somewhere along their journey, a doctor diagnosed them with a deadly disease and they said, "NO, that is not how my story ends, I am going to heal!
Miracle was imprisoned on the purely evil planet of Apokolips, and Barda was trained from birth to be an unquestioning soldier in that planet’s army, but they fell in love, and escaped to Earth, and beat everybody that tried to come between them.
It’s a pretty amazing bit of character, and it only gets better once he solves it, and enters his own home to find Darkseid himself sitting in his armchair. Cancer patients walk out tumor-less; people who have been blind for their entire life, suddenly see the light of the world, and others who are wheelchair bound, instantly stand up and walk.
Although he was born to a Catholic family, today he practices a different source of faith; he simply believes in God, and his religion is love. It suddenly becomes clear to me that John of God is a miracle man, not because he performs healing of a profound nature, but because he teaches us all how to believe. I leave Brazil with the greatest gift of all; the realization that the journey is the reward, and there is no destination.

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