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You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. What if you could wake up tomorrow and any—or EVERY—area of your life was beginning to transform? Unfortunately, I can only go back to Episode #20 on their site (Android TuneIn App) so I made my way here. I am wondering if there is a way to either to access ALL your episodes on TuneIn Radio, or alternately to set the Sound Cloud to ignore all the phone's activity. I've been using some of the tactics of the SAVER's methodology already, and I do plan to read your book too but I would like to know if the book has detailed guidelines on how to choose and do the right affirmations and visualizations?
I also felt like it was a blog post but there was some good contents in the book which I am going to implement in my life . I've read literally hundreds of personal development books over the years - as has the person who recommended it to me as "a game changer". Mary wrote: "I've read literally hundreds of personal development books over the years - as has the person who recommended it to me as "a game changer". Perrin, you are forgetting that you could do each for one minute each and have 95% percent the impact, especially if you have signed up for his newsletter, joined his Facebook group and booked his talks. Home > Thoughts > Change Your Morning Routine, Change Your Life!Change Your Morning Routine, Change Your Life!
It is early in the morning, and I am sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee, a pup on my lap, and the birds chirping in the yard.  The sun streams on the porch gently and softly, and the heat has not yet taken over the day. My day also begins with reading my Bible and saying a prayer.  A prayer that I use this gift of today in the best way possible.
Now, I’m sitting here on my porch, I’m not exercising.  But, I am up early contemplating my day, and being thankful for today. Jill, I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on how changing your morning routine affected you!

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The next chapter of YOUR life—the most extraordinary life you’ve ever imagined—is about to begin. Changing the structure of my affirmations to correspond with your method, I can immediately see the benefit of affirming commitment instead of fantasy. But what If I have too much energy already and I have so much excitement and so much energy that I feel like I can just change the entire world but my issue is that I literally don't know what to do with it all. However:The target audience of this book is someone who has never read any personal development books and views the whole genre suspiciously. I have multiple illnesses that here lately have been preventing me from doing this and I am missing it so much.
I suffer from bi-polar depression and PTSD, and have been praying for guidance and how to look for the positives in my life.rather than getting up and reading Facebook, I too need to read my Bible and pray each morning.
My mom shared it on Facebook, I’m glad that I read it, because I can definitely see value in this practice. You're absolutely welcome, and I'm grateful that the podcast and The Miracle Morning are adding value to your life!
For me, it smacked of a basic thesis, padded with a hasty potpourri of other people's ideas and coated with gushing "you can have the life of your dreams!" promises. The problem I've had is that 10 minutes of exercise isn't enough, and I can't sit down to read right after getting all sweaty. Though I probably should write my own (and may) the only part that I would really add is that the primary goal of the book appears to convince you to buy more books (for your friends and accountability partners). I also feel like the author speaks in a weirdly aggressive, judgemental tone while trying to pass it off as encouragement.
What would you change?”  Hal Elrod discusses how waking up early and spending quiet time reflecting your goals, spending time planning the day, exercising, and quiet meditation can be life changing.

I have IST, Hemiplegic Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, now it seems that my thyroid glands, adrenal glands & pituitary gland are not functioning right. I too have some medical issues that are limiting physical activities, but spending some time focusing on what I CAN do, the blessings I have in my life and setting daily goals in quiet time will be very beneficial.
I play sports and am very active but am still left with this need to just explode with the light and energy inside of me.
I found myself having to skim through basic explanations of meditation and visualization to get at what Elrod was offering as far as original thinking. I can certainly spend a little less time on pinterest and Facebook and have a more productive day, one day at a time.
I can meditate before breakfast, and visualize, but 10 minutes of writing is barely worth sitting down for as it's what I do for a living, and I don't really start producing decent work until I've been at it for a while.
I'm going to try this general idea because I don't think it is bad; I just wish I didn't have to slog through so much text for so little information.
I've bought and read the short version, the audio and got so much from it already I decided to read the book and am delighted I am! Wondering what I'd avoided - and missed- now I'm finding out!I'm now on day 51 of following this system. The main problem is that I often just run out of time before I need to leave the house, despite getting up at dawn.Glad you are enjoying your mornings though!

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