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I was fascinated and bought 30 berries (the minimum) at $3 a pop from Miracle Fruit Man in Florida. At home, my boyfriend and I split one berry and each sucked on our half for a minute or two.
So, the miracle fruit, at least in our experience, just reverses the sensation of sour (to sweet)–the sourer the taste, the sweeter it becomes. For the flavor-tripping party, I’ll have lemons, limes, maybe some grapefruit (although the chief taste with them is bitterness), and different types of vinegar. What Europeans think of each other - 865 comments10 things you probably didn't know about the Dutch and the Netherlands - 501 commentsWhat Americans think of Europeans - 183 commentsIs 'retarded' an offensive word?

I got my berries less than 2 weeks later (not bad, considering the flood of orders that must have come in around that time). Tasted like sauerkraut packed in light syrup; the only sourness was picked up by the nose and throat.
You first suck on a miracle berry for about a minute; a natural ingredient in the miracle berry temporarily alters your taste buds to perceive sour as sweet. It tasted like a sweet liquid (like simple syrup, or a thin boysenberry syrup) right on the tongue, but the moment it hit your throat – ACID. Also goats cheese or cottage cheese, they taste so creamy and rish and sweet like a filling in a cake.

The key is dripping it right on the tongue, where it doesn’t burn and where it tastes sweet and surprisingly mild.

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