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Theoretically, you could lose weight eating nothing but ice cream if the calories from the ice cream were less than the calories your body requires to function. However, with all the sugar and fat most ice creams and desserts contain, you wouldn’t be doing much for the health of your body. Furthermore, desserts would lack the vitamins and fiber needed to keep the human body functioning properly.
I think it would be nice if celebrities would just keep their strange fad diets to themselves. I’m sure many fans tried the ice cream diet after they heard the interview with Uma Thermon. The only good diets are ones that promote healthy eating and portion control with realistic methods that can be continued long term, becoming a new lifestyle of health. Obviously its not something to do for the rest of your life, but it works and it works fast.

Also, I would like to add, I did not start the ice cream diet trying to lose weight, I was just having weird food cravings, so I listened to what my body said it wanted to eat.
Case in point – several years ago out of the clear blue I started craving steak, medium rare, kinda bloody, still mooing. If you eat it, be prepared to work for it the next day or later in the day… I am a PFT in Michigan and I know what obese people look like and what they lack. When I eat a whole container of ben and jerry’s I feel sooo guilty and tell myself your gonna get fat or something like that so that I actually go to the gym and train ridiculously hard. Irrelevant of muscle mass- she can have alot of muscle, but 150 lbs for a 5’5 frame is extremely high, even if she is on steroids. I could never maintain my ideal weight, as the only way I could loose weight was be doing low-carb diets or starving myself. Also if she is craving calcium instead of skim milk which is disgusting or low fat products that are always high in sugar it would have made more sence to recommend her to take calcium supplements rather then what you recommended.

My clients have seen spectacular results, I’m working with a girl right now that was at 233 and now thanks to her drive and her crazy PFT ?? haha, she is now at 133. An ideal weight for a woman at 5’5 with plenty of lean muscle would be about 110 at most. Its taken a little over 5 months but You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. You may initially loose weight, but you metabolism is badly affected and once you start eating normally, you will out all the weight back. I am a big chocolate and ice cream lover and at some point, accidentally, I started eating only ice cream and chocolate and nothing else.

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