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The Story Blind, deaf and mostly mute, six-year-old Helen Keller was pitied and coddled by her family, so spoiled that she terrorized the household with tantrums and tricks. Olivia Jane Prosser and Hannah Ryan performed the role of Helen at alternating performances of The Miracle Worker.
Note: Cast and production staff information is reproduced here as title page credited in the opening night production program. The Production History Database contains a full record of 544 productions staged by The Rep since 1966 including, where available, performance dates, credited cast and production staff and other information. You may search the database by using the field below or choose a season from the Quick List of The Rep's history.
Enter a name or the title of a play then press Return or click the button to search the database. Then Anne Sullivan arrived, barely 20 years old, holding the key that would unlock the door between Helen and the world. While viewing photos, you may use your keyboard's arrow keys or the links on the photos to move through the gallery. This Tony Award-winning play is a lyrical, profoundly moving story of courage and communication, and a testament to the powerful influence of dedicated teachers. The Rep was honored each year with multiple nominations and awards from the Professional Theatre Awards Council, recognizing excellence in local professional theatre. To back this up, Dawkins cites a 1998 study which found that only 7% of the members of the National Academy of the Sciences believe in a personal God.For the record, I can agree with his assertion up to a certain point, but Dawkins and I do not exactly see eye-to-eye on this matter.
I am much more persuaded than he is that intelligence is compartmental, and I have what I would call a much deeper appreciation for the human ability to protect the things we want to believe even in the face of overwhelmingly contrary scientific evidence.

But then he wants to claim for his own team a category of belief which rules out any God who communicates with human beings.
He wants to claim for his team scientists who don’t believe in anything that resembles evangelical Christianity, forgetting once again that his tradition (Evangelical Protestantism) leads the way in resisting modern shifts in scientific paradigms. Note in the chart below that barely a quarter of white evangelical Protestants today accept the notion of evolution:Evangelicals clearly have a problem with accepting scientific concepts that challenge their beliefs.
On the other hand, those who excel in science the most in this country seem to come from families that were either non-religious, or at least non-evangelical (For more on this, see the discussion in the endnote).Unintelligent Design and the Evolution of the SpeciesSo why does it matter that so many of our elite scientists don’t believe in a personal God? Not only does evolution not need to be guided in any way, but any conscious, sentient guide would have to be a monster of the most sadistic type: for evolution is not pretty, is not gentle, is not kind, is not compassionate, is not loving. It is not an aspiration or a blueprint to live up to (we have to create those for ourselves): it is simply what happens, the blind, inexorable forces of nature at work. An omnipotent deity who chose evolution by natural selection as the means by which to bring about the array of living creatures that populate the Earth today would be many things – but loving would not be one of them. Evolution produces some wondrously beautiful results; but it happens at the cost of unimaginable suffering on the part of countless billions of individuals and, indeed, whole species, 99 percent of which have so far become extinct. You would have to ignore all the births that never even happened because the mother’s body naturally aborted the already fertilized zygote before it could ever implant (somewhere around 50% of all fertilizations end this way). But his acceptance of evolution is conspicuously noncommittal, and ultimately self-contradictory.
His primary point here is to say that he will allow for the concept of gradual development of the species from one to another over a long period of time so long as you make sure to insist that there are gaps in there which only God could fill through some kind of intelligent guidance and miraculous intervention.A couple of years later he went into a bit more detail (see the paper that he wrote for Biologos here), arguing that whatever you conclude about the origins of the species, you have to see Adam and Eve as an actual, literal, historical couple. Furthermore, he does so before he has even created vegetation, with the notable exception of a magic garden with special trees in it which will make you wise, but then will kill you in the process, somehow.

What they found was that after controlling for confounding variables, neither field showed a significant difference in religiosity. What did make a difference, however, was how the scientists were raised as children.Our results indicate that people from certain backgrounds (the non-religious, for example) disproportionately self-select into scientific professions.
In contrast, being raised a Protestant and in a home where religion was very important, for example, leads to a greater likelihood that a scientist will remain relatively religious. Scientists, like non-scientists, are very affected by the beliefs and attitudes of the people from whom they want respect. In McGrath’s experience, most of his atheist colleagues brought their assumptions about God to their science rather than basing them on their science.
It means that neither the atheists nor the theists can really benefit all that much from finding their own kind among the elite minds in academia. The idea that scientists simply drop their religious identities upon professional training, whether due to an inherent conflict between science and faith or institutional pressure, is not strongly supported by these data.
If this was the case, then religious upbringing would have little effect on religion among scientists, with even those scientists who were raised in religious homes losing religion once they entered the academy or received scientific training.

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