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February 23, 2012To highlight the 40th anniversary of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, this Thursday, NOAA Fisheries is hosting a live chat on Twitter with NOAA marine mammal biologist Dave Withrow.
I just about fell out of my chair last night when a commercial for the new Drew Barrymore movie Big Miracle came on the TV. It was without a doubt one of the craziest adventures during my life as a wire service photographer. That worked until our biggest client in the world, a Japanese news service, simply demanded we go. Fortunately, coworker Jerome Delay had worked the phones and arranged for a local resident to meet me at the airport.
As we arrived, I frantically started rubbing my right eye and it finally opened so I could shoot. As you would expect, I’m sure they took some serious liberties with what actually happened there. It comes down, explains Professor Pfaff over the course of 24 tweets, to a question of metrics. The story of the trapped whales had been going on for several weeks when I was sent in from Chicago, my base as a staff photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP). I climbed onto a dog sled pulled by a snowmobile and we headed toward the whales at a high rate of speed. I quickly realized my Nikon F3, an electronic camera, was completely dead due to the severe cold.

I ran to the end of the hole and shot single frames frantically as the Eskimo women reached out to say goodbye to the whales. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. Our mission is to create an informal community of readers who are interested in all aspects of still photography and video. While we trumpet announcements about declining prison populations, we do so while glossing over the decidedly less-rosy stats on prison admittance. Our editors in Washington didn’t believe this was a story and refused to send anyone to Alaska to cover the saga. Within a minute both my eyes were frozen shut, from what I remember it was something like 50-below zero out on the ocean.
Fortunately I also had a Nikon FM2, a fully mechanical camera when you had the motor drive turned off.
I could see the Russian icebreaker coming in from the west, hopefully to break a path of freedom to open waters for the whales. And I can’t say I saw anyone who looked remotely like Drew Barrymore learning over the ice to pet the whales. Do these reported drops in prison populations paint a complete picture of the United States’ complicated and controversial penal system?
Whales get trapped under the ice up there every year, it’s Darwinism in its purest form.

I snapped a couple of frames of the icebreaker in the distance, a couple of folks standing by the holes in the ice.
I sent three photos from the ice, including the photo above, a wire service exclusive that was published in magazines and newspapers around the world.
Two days and five flights later I landed in Barrow, one of the northernmost cities in the world. Dave Withrow, a NOAA Fisheries marine mammal biologist, participated throughout the two-week rescue. We recently caught up with Withrow, who still works for NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center, to talk about his experience, nearly 25 years ago.
Read More40 Years of Protecting WhalesThis year, the Marine Mammal Protection Act is marking its 40th anniversary.
Under the act, NOAA is responsible for responding to stranded and distressed marine mammals, including gray whales like those stranded outside of Barrow nearly 25 years ago.
Briana pointed out that both Kail and Leah Calvert got pregnant again and Teen Mom 2 returns next month for its fifth season.

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