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This "happy birthday from heaven" picture was created using the Blingee free online photo editor. Congratulations this Blingee won the Christian Blingee Clubs Icon contest for September and will be posted as the group icon for October. Parunak: Out of 35 miracles performed by the Lord in the gospels, this is the only one that is mentioned in all four.
How we usually picture this simple story is the disciples being dispatched by Jesus to search through the crowd and come up with the resources at hand = a meager 5 loaves and 2 fishes held by one young lad (John 6:9).
But first walk with me through the passage from the standpoint of the Master Shepherd training His intern shepherds and I think you will see a far expanded emphasis. Hiebert: He could have easily stimulated a popular movement against Antipas because of John’s martyrdom.
Hiebert: that is, Bethsaida-Julius, which was located on the eastern bank of the Jordan, just above its entry into the Sea of Galilee. Hiebert: portrays them as helpless, lacking nourishment, guidance, and protection, exposed to the perils of dispersion and destruction.

Hiebert: From John’s gospel, we learn that upon landing, Jesus and His disciples ascended the hillside and sat there, apparently waiting until the whole multitude had assembled. Not only was everyone fed, but there were twelve baskets of crumbs left, one for each apostle, to show that they really hadn’t lost anything in sharing their lunch! The Disciples must share their picnic lunch, but it is returned to them many-fold in the twelve baskets. Hiebert: In form these loaves were flat cakes or biscuits, not like our modern loaves of bread.
Edwards: Not surprisingly, the early church saw a parallel between the feeding of the five thousand and the Last Supper, both accounts of which contain the sequence of “taking bread . Create great digital art on your favorite topics from celebrities to anime, emo, goth, fantasy, vintage, and more! But sometimes as we learned in the beginning verses of chapter 6, familiarity can breed contempt.
Jesus then demonstrates His power to provide physical bread (that which nourishes physical life) for the entire crowd – that physical bread being symbolic of the spiritual life He can both provide and sustain.

The Jewish priesthood and the rabbis should have been their shepherds, but we have seen already their hardness to the things of God, a problem that had been evident to Ezekiel (ch 34) 600 years earlier. He corrects them by calling attention to the food they already have: five loaves and two fishes. But that would presume that the disciples either have none, which is unlikely, or hoard it, also unlikely. Clinging selfishly to our blessings will result in our inability to enjoy them, while sharing them with others will bring God’s blessing.
The two fishes were either dried or salted fish, and were commonly eaten with the bread as a relish. We will reflect on insights focused on that central application at the end of our message as we look at the teaching of Jesus in John 6 about this miracle.

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