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Unfortunately, when people think about cloth diapers, they immidiately think about the amount of poop they will have to touch.
Duncan was a blowout pooper ( still is) and after staining all his 0-3 month clothes and getting so frustrated with every single brand of disposables ( because we tried them all) we switched to cloth.
My favourite poop story took place when the Mogrunt, only a few weeks old at the time was having his diaper changed late one night on the bedroom floor at the cottage. We have had our share of bedtime Poo-namis (like tsunami, but poopier) and have discovered that there is something to be said for a well-fitting diaper cover. My mom always says if she had it her way God would have mothers would grow one additional arm for every child they have! We all do, but most of us keep them to ourselves to protect the innocents (both our friends and our children.) For instance, there was this one time that both my kids decided to fill their diapers right before we were supposed to board a plane. As a work at home mom, she blogs about life at home with her husband Dan and three sons Cameron (age 5), Gavin (age 3), and Logan (age 1).
We use disposables randomly when out and about… and a few blow-outs and leaks have happened when using disposable diapers. Despite being stocked up, I ran out of wipes before the job was done and although we made it to the plane in time with two relatively clean bums, my hands did not come out of the ordeal so lucky.

It requires some rinsing and dumping for sure (but did you know that technically you’re supposed to dump before sending disposable diapers to the landfill too?).
That was actually one of those hidden surprises that I encountered when I started cloth diapering.
But you might just deal with fewer full blow-outs if you choose to go the cloth diaper route. Be sure to Like Hipkiddo on Facebook and follow on Twitter to hear about chances to save and win. When she has time, she can be found reading, writing, snapping photos, or awkwardly running. Thankfully, his Dad, who was changing him, was squatting down and the poop shot under him, missing him completely. And the mere act of disassembling a soiled cloth diaper can make it difficult to keep fingers clean. Hipkiddo provided cloth diapers for the purposes of this blog series but all opinions are my own. Laura has been recognized as one of Canada's Top 10 Mom Bloggers by multiple publications, including Reader's Digest.

Maybe poop is such a part of your daily life that you have to remind yourself not to talk about the consistency and colour of your child’s diaper. And no matter the type of diapers I choose, both hands and clothes need to be washed often. Maybe poop has lost its grossness because you deal with it every day – sometimes every few hours. These days, cleaning a bum means I have to keep four limbs plus another entire child out of the mess while I try to clean it up.
I was so scared about the blow-out monstrosities that would no doubt arise once we made the switch.

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