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If you like what you read, check out our children’s book, Hooked on the Book, on this website.  It is great for parents and kids because it provides the Big Story of God’s miraculous plan for His children in all 66 books in the Bible including colorful illustrations, rhymes and a surprise on every page. This entry was posted in Bible Miracles, Parents, Teachers and tagged BIBLE, bible miracles, Elijah, God.
I found an interesting truth: Whenever the Lord said He would be with someone, it meant he had just been given an impossible assignment. Note from Steve: By the way, to have daily, encouraging prophetic emails from The Elijah List sent to your inbox, just CLICK HERE. Your support for the Elijah List helps to pay the cost to deliver daily Words from the Lord to you for FREE. Many times throughout the Bible, the Lord spoke to His servants saying He would be with them. This verse gives us a synopsis of what is already revealed throughout the Gospels: Jesus healed and delivered all who came to Him. Often when I see 10:38 on a clock, I stop and direct my heart to God and give Him thanks for the revelation of the nature and promise of God found in the life of Jesus. Help me to become more aware of Your presence upon me as the hope of my calling into the impossible. Elisha the ProphetAfter Elijah was taken away in a fiery chariot, Elisha carried out the mission of Elijah.
Liz loves to draw silly drawings, write crazy poems, walk her dog down the block, talk to her kids on Skype, and eat taco salad. It was connected to his assignment to lead Israel out of Egypt and out of the cruel control of Pharaoh into the Promised Land. Interestingly, while writing on this quote, I looked at the clock on my phone, and it is 10:38.

Help me to see my assignment as being impossible, so that I do not become confident in my abilities instead of Yours. Elisha cured a commander of the Syrian army named Naaman, of leprosy.Elisha was a nonwriting prophet of the northern kingdom. A similar word was given to Joshua, the one who took over when Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land. I am thankful for this Scripture that will ignite the hearts of many to invade the impossible in His Name and for His glory—for God is truly with us!
It was to bring freedom to people, and it was because of the presence of the Spirit of God upon Him. Let this be a day of great breakthrough as I discover the wonder of being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Joshua was assigned to lead them into their inheritance, in spite of giants and other fearful enemies. When God is with someone, he is expected and enabled to invade the impossible. This helps us to connect with our God-given assignment by realizing and discovering His presence upon us, which makes the impossible possible. The same promise was given to Gideon, who was then to deliver a weak and humiliated Israel from the powerfully oppressive hand of the Midianites. Perhaps this is part of what the apostle Paul wanted us to see when he asked God to show us the hope of our calling (see Ephesians 1:18–19). And again the same was given to the 11 remaining disciples in the Great Commission in Matthew 28. The implications of the promised presence are staggering. God's presence requires something from us—the invasion into the impossible. HE NOW again drowns many of His enemy, as "i" prophesy months back, and since He has drown many in Tonga, and crushed many in Haiti!
As when "i" called for a storm Haiti in 2004, and even gave the date, the first time "i" ever asked for a certain day, and 2 months later storm rolled across Haiti on May 26th, the day "i" prophesy.

Drowning more than 3000 devil worshiping beings, and on the very date "i" called for it,this is the season of our gathering for His Glory, and our Destiny.A A A 8. Floods of biblical proportions from america, too australia, with great droughts in between.
Sun soon again shoots flare's through its center as prophesy back in 2008, and since the sun has shot flares from its surface greater than any before. He now shakes the earth to and fro so too prepare the earth for the Mighty quake of Destiny, too israel, making a great valley where once stood a blasphemous dome on His rock.
Earthquakes the black sea as He foretold to me in a Dream, and "i" prophesy and since the volcanoe's beneath the black sea have began to shake, as prophesy by me HIS and your smallest prophet, and gathering Call. These along with many individual signs "i" have spoken to men and wo-men around earth that now come, and are coming!
Merely tossed boats onto the shore with His quaking hand, the same in Australia, it had been years since australia had had a tidal wave. Due to Him, having me speak Ezekiel 13:11, and Ezekiel 13:13, Yea, and O'GREAT HAIL STONE'S SHALL FALL ACROSS THE EARTH IN MANY OF THE SEVEN NATIONS IN WHICH "i" CALL AND GATHER! Hurricane houston Texas, as the Hurricane i prophesy too all last year and 2004, they touched the Bible, after GODS MESSIAH PROCLAIMED , TOUCH MY WORD, AND I WILL MAKE THIS LAND A WASTE LAND!" Isaiah28:2 4.
For fear of hitlers wrath, if they refused!" Now this man, JOSEF SCHEUNGRABER ESQ; 90 year old German Hero!" Has been chased and caught and accused of not stopping hitler!" Always during these tribunals, they say, well they could have stopped hitler from killing jews, or any, while knowing the jews themselves did nothing to stop hitler, he said walk to these trains and they did so!" Horrible, but not Josef's Fault!" Josef knew just like the jew, if he said NO, he died!" "So this day, when AMERICAN BUILDING'S ARE BLOWN up with 1000's of innocent, and then even presidents try too get the murders freed, and protecting them!" And while in scotland a murderer who killed 100's on Pam am flight 103, who killed 270 people, innocent people, was freed after 5 years!" And as stated those who have been freed of the muslim, {{ FREED FROM Guamtonimo prison }}that were killing and beheading our soldiers, and then went right back to war against us!"WHILETHIS GERMAN MAN, WHO DID WHAT HIS LEADERS told him to do, and was proved to be near where a massacretook place in Italy, of some men who had killed german soldiers, now receive's the Life sentence he did not deserve!" Why?

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