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View beautiful and inspiring images that include Bible verses, Christian phrases and poems. Living Connections Ministries are pleased to be able to share personal testimonies, miracle stories, parables and teachings. If you are feeling a little lonely, having some tough times or having happy times, please know that we care for you. We feel it is important that you can read testimonies, parables and miracle stories, and access relevant teachings and resources that people have shared about their life experiences – people who have come from places just like you. Additional testimonies, miracle stories and teachings will be added on a regular basis and will cover a greater range a topics, so please bookmark this website and visit us again. This is the standard answer that many gurus give to this difficult question in order to avoid real confrontation with the troublesome fact that if there was anything beyond the senses, we should have witnessed something paranormal (such as miracles) that supports this claim but we don't and this is problematic, to say the least. Miracles may help tremendously in the spiritual growth if the seeker is making a serious use of this experience.
In fact you better be careful when you put your heart asking for God to send you a sign… Yes readers, I was quite depressed with the world and asked him to send me ANY sign and he did!
Following the dust storm it rained heavily and the next day while watering my trees, I was attracted to a very shiny golden deposit in my back yard. I realized the Arizona desert still has tons of dust very fine gold particle that is easily picked up by the powerful wind during a sand storm then, because gold is much heavier, it falls down faster while the dust is carried away in the big dark clouds.
While God usually display his will with nature devastative forces to destroy homes, livelihood and human lives he showered us with gold! Now will this REAL MIRACLE go viral or do you think it normal for gold to pore on top of your house?
I guess this is how God wants it to be and all I did last few years was to work my ass off trying to shove down your throats a rare wisdom the majority of you is not ready to assimilate nor appreciate. As you know, if you are a long standing VIP everywhere we go, everything we do, every pictures and videos are shared with you because you, as a VIP travel with us.

Not just the miraculous ten plagues, but also direct continuous supernatural help for 40 years. It is our conclusion, that the Bible describes Israel as being "out of Egypt" in three senses: 1. In the "final" sense, Joshua confirms they hadn't fully made the transition out of Egypt until after they crossed the Jordan.
From a "theological" point of view, the Bible clearly states that it was precisely at the crossing of the Red Sea that God delivered Israel from Egypt. Even though there is not any direct evidence that Israel traveled at 3-4 days at a time without sleep en-route to the Red Sea crossing point, there are examples of this in the Bible.
It may be that God performed a similar miracle to assist Israel in their exodus out of Egypt. When you reach your "Ethan" (boxed in with nowhere to go) and are under the devil's Migdol (military watchtower) fear not.
The testimonies in particular (some of you might think of these as very weird stories) include topics such as drug addictions, gambling problems, sex, rejection, depression, loneliness, rape, adultery and much more. You will get a personal response as this ministry truly believes that every individual counts and is, therefore, worth the effort. But the real miracle is when our thoughts turn from the worst to the best, when lack of will turns to positive will, when doubts turn into hope and negativity turns into faith and trust. They eliminate the deep-rooted old conditioning of skepticism that blocks connection with other realms. Mean time even with the rational explanations on how gold ended up in my house, let me ask again any skeptics out there if this is a normal recurrent event…and if its not (and it is not) then its a miracle or the answer only God can provide! I will be 64 years old in 5 months and one thing I know, my rare wisdom is priceless and like gold can not be disregarded. I came in the privacy of your home for years, months or may be only a few days asking you to become a cosmic coder, to join my VIP’s and reward me but unless I stop the cosmic fluid coming to you for free, you will never join.

Like attracts like, a magnet will not attract a piece of gold and if my VIP’s do not voice their frustration with me its because they know I own a huge heart and gave much too much away. I know they love us, I know they enjoy our work and commitment and I am getting tired to go against God’s will.
Christ, the cloud and pillar of fire, went led them like a shepherd who guided, fed and protected them. In other words, the Gentiles saw the Red Sea as when Israel left Egypt and was totally free. More likely it says that while in Egypt proper (Goshen), then later after they left the suburbs of Egypt at the Red Sea, they did not believe.
If you send us a prayer request, we can also assist by praying for the person or about the situation. Becoming famous means contracting myself to an incredible crazy busy time and losing myself  and my freedom by committing to the public. Even the Gentiles viewed that from the "practical" human perspective, the Red Sea was the specific point at which Israel formally escaped Egypt's control. Instead, the focus is on a recognition of problems people have faced and managed to move past.
The testimonies are stories of facing great challenges and finding the light on the other side of the tunnel. They are my babies but we can not travel as much as we anticipate with them and their lives is changing too! We hope you will be inspired by or learn from these testimonies and find strategies and strength to overcome your personal challenges, big or small.

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