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I asked my childhood friend and official book junkie Jen for recommendations for the summer and thought I’d share her response with you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the book!  It was probably one of the best stories I’ve read in the last 2 years.  I read this in one day flat- simply because it was that good!  Then, I read it a second time- because I couldn’t stop thinking about the story. It has everything a great book should have- great characters, comedy, tragedy, excitement, and my favorite- romance!   I have not read a lot of James Patterson books, but now I will definitely seek them out.  This newer release- and one you will want to own if you’re a book lover.  It’s been about a month since I read this, and just recalling the story- I am tempted to read it again this weekend! Everyone is talking about this book.  It was hard for me to get in to, but at about 100 pages, you’re hooked! My first thought when I saw this list was also that you have quite a few YA books on the list.
This book follows John, a retired Army Colonel and history professor, during the aftermath of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). A comet slams into Earth resulting in catastrophic natural disasters, the beginning of a new Ice Age, and the end of civilization. This is a real-world story of a man making the transition from another sheep of society, to a prepared individual with his eyes open to what’s going on in the world around him.
Life in Chester’s Mill is pretty normal until all of a sudden an invisible force surrounds the town in a huge dome.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I saw The Fault in Our Stars on the list and had just finished it, so I figured I’d see what else you had. I too have fallen prey to the post-college reading exhaustion and am trying to get back into reading. Extremely well written, Forstchen touches on some very real problems one would face during such an event.
The story follows several survivors as they journey across a landscape ravaged by a weaponized strain of influenza. A family man named Morgan, breaks down over 200 miles from home, during which the country’s power grid completely crashes.

What if it was a plan to wipe out the majority of the population, so that a new era could be born, resulting in The Renaissance? This is another first in a series, but this one in particular resonates very well with any people new to prepping. Closing the citizens off from the outside world, the town’s people must work together to figure out what exactly is going on. An extremely bleak look into a post-collapse world, McCarthy does a great job of setting the pace and environment for a grueling tale of life on the road. He wakes up to find that most of the population has died, due to the same disease that had him down. You'll find *simple* activities here that elevate everyday moments into family traditions and memorable adventures. Also great reads, though not fiction necessarily, are The Most Dangerous Animal of All and I Am Malala. They deal with diverse and difficult themes of death and love lost and moving on in tough situations, but it’s important to realize the protagonists are young and that young people also feel incredibly deeply.
I have a terrible habit of always going back to old favorites and passing over new reads so I’m excited to check out some reader-approved titles! Lock-in by John Scalzi is also fantastic, especially from the point of view of a severely disabled narrator living in a future world. This book was so well received and thought provoking that it was actually referred to, during a meeting with congress, about the threat of an EMP attack on the United States. It gives a frightening look at life where 99% of the population is dead and the rest are left to fend for themselves. The world is thrown in complete disarray, leading to political issues that change mankind forever. Take the title literally, this book is all about a man’s journey into becoming prepared for a post-collapse scenario. Without knowing how long they will be trapped inside the dome, eventually egos start to clash, supplies starts to dwindle, and people start acting strange.

I Am Malala makes you want to weep and The Most Dangerous Animal of All makes you wonder if we ever really know what type of people we’re related to. I think these books should definitely be read by adults, but I also think the YA subcategory often gets marginalized–TFiOS, If I Stay, and Where She Went are just a few that show the depth and talent in YA and should therefore get that credit.
Anyone that is interested in survival and the apocalypse, would certainly want to check this one out. Written by a prepper, for preppers, this book(and the rest in the series) will certainly grab ahold of you and leave you wanting more. JD Dutra has written an excellent story that makes your mind wander, and makes you look at survival from a whole different view.
Some very violent and unsettling topics are touched upon, which in the world that’s left over, not much more is to be expected. It touches on some very real hurdles one faces with their family, friends, and jobs, when it comes to a prepping lifestyle. This story does a great job in showing how people can go from friendly neighbor, to someone you need to keep your eye on, in an instant. An eye-opening look at the struggle society would face, in trying to come back from an event of that nature. With relatable characters, and a story some may see as not far from non-fiction, this is a great read for any prepper.
This is a great look at what happens when someone takes the initiative to rebuild, and the consequences that come along with that daunting task.

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