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Western Digital recently introduced here in the Philippines the My Book Live Duo, a personal cloud storage system that combines the benefits of shared storage and remote access with double-safe backup or increased capacity of a dual-drive system with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology. My Book Live Duo continuously maintains a second copy of all your files for real-time data backup in mirrored mode (RAID 1). In spanning mode the two-drive system combines both drives into one large volume acting as one drive for maximum storage capacity, while its built-in 800 MHz CPU delivers the power and performance needed for today’s most demanding applications.
As with WD’s My Book Live personal cloud storage solution, My Book Live Duo connects to the home network to create shared storage that users can access within the home or anywhere in the world through secure remote access.
Additionally, the My Book Live Duo system’s built-in media server streams movies, photos and music to any DLNA-certified multimedia device such as a WD TV Live streaming media player, Blu-ray Disc player, PlayStation 3, as well as Xbox 360s and smart TVs.
My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage is available at select retailers and is distributed by Iontech Technologies Inc. Un solo archivio doppiamente sicuro per tutti i tuoi file e contenuti multimedialiCollegati al router wireless per avere un archivio condiviso tra tutti i tuoi computer.
Muscoli e cervello per tutte le tue applicazioni.Una CPU potentissima incorporata ti offre tutta la potenza che ti serve per le applicazioni piu complesse.

I tuoi multimediali e i file sultuo personal cloud.Crea il tuo cloud personale, senza canoni mensili e senza misteri su dove si trovano i tuoi dati. Backup doppiamente sicuro con la tecnologia RAID 1Configura il sistema in modalita protezione dati (nota anche come modalita con mirroring o RAID 1); la capacita sara dimezzata. Vi bruger cookies til at forbedre oplevelsen og funktionaliteten af vores side, ved at forts?tte pa denne side acceptere du vores brug af cookies. WD’s My Guide Reside Duo non-public cloud Garage supplies twin-force shared Garage on your house community that’s wirelessly obtainable from computer systems, pills, smartphones, and attached gadgets. WDa€™s My Guide Reside Duo non-public cloud Garage supplies twin-force shared Garage on your house community thata€™s wirelessly obtainable from computer systems, pills, smartphones, and attached gadgets.
Designed around the most recent advances in Ethernet chip technology, My Book Live Duo personal cloud delivers best-in-class read speeds faster than traditional USB 2.0 drives. Users can also stream movies, photos and music to their tablet or smartphone directly from My Book Live Duo through the WD 2go mobile application. La tecnologia di mirroring RAID conserva costantemente una seconda copia di tutti i tuoi file, per un backup dei dati in tempo reale.

Lo streaming multimediale seamless e il trasferimento dei file sono semplicemente perfetti. Salva multimediali e file sul disco e aprili in tutta sicurezza su Internet, usando qualsiasi PC o computer Mac.Oppure, utilizza le app mobili di WD per un accesso facile con il tablet o lo smartphone. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, data is protected because it's duplicated on the other drive. For automatic backup Windows users can use the included WD SmartWare software and Mac users can utilize all the features of Apple Time Machine backup software to protect their data.

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