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Yoo In Na stars as Nam Sang Hyo, the manager of the wedding planning department at The Secret Hotel. Sang Hyo maintains the secret of her short-lived Las Vegas marriage to Gu Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) while planning his wedding to Jung Soo Ah (Ha Yeon Joo).
Yoo In Na provided her opinion of the characters Hae Young and Seung Gyeom, during a recent on-set interview. The mystery takes a backseat as we focus on Sang-hyo and Hae-young’s relationship, particularly what happened between them in Las Vegas. When he arrives home, Hae-young practically jumps out of his skin to find Sang-hyo waiting for him outside the apartment building. Any thought Hae-young had of reconsidering disappears as soon as he hears Sung-gyum’s name. But she takes it all back as she follows him to his apartment, begging him to reconsider as she hangs on the door to prevent him from shutting it in her face. Soo-ah’s eyes blink in bewilderment, and Hae-young is taken aback to see his fiancee at the door instead of Sang-hyo. She immediately leaps to the conclusion that he must be impotent, and reassures him that they’ll find the best doctors and medicines to find a cure. Chauffeur Kim arrives and Hae-young sees them off (with Soo-ah still suggesting various natural remedies for impotence, ha).
Detective Kim is in his office, lost in thought as he recollects Hae-young’s statement. The sushi chef recalls that Sung-gyum’s father fell over a railing on the second floor lobby of the hotel and died.
The next morning, Hae-young peers around all the bushes and crouches beside his car, expecting to see Sang-hyo leap out.
Sang-hyo is contemplating her resignation letter when the rest of the wedding staff arrive at the office. Sung-gyum has it in his hand, and as he rounds the corner of the garden, he sees the general manager and Sang-hyo together. Shi-chan tries to soothe things over after Hae-young leaves the room, telling her that his boss is just frustrated because of all the phone calls they received when the article was released. It’s from Soo-ah, telling him that doctors can treat him, but he needs a complete physical first. Hae-young wonders why his staff is huddled around the conference table, and pokes his head between them, only to discover Shi-chan cheerfully reading off the rest of Soo-ah’s messages. He sighs in gratitude as he watches her leave the office — and then realizes, to his horror, that everyone had been reading his text messages.
As Soo-ah gets a pedicure, Sang-hyo tries to give her a sales pitch as to why she should rebook their wedding at The Secret Hotel. Sang-hyo endures Soo-ah’s rude treatment of her, cheerfully assisting her as she goes shopping. Fighting against her pride, Sang-hyo kneels down in front of Soo-ah, quietly begging for one more chance. Soo-ah is furious at being left behind, and Chauffeur Kim is left to pick up the shopping bags. In a flashback, we see a happy Hae-young with a bouquet of flowers, ready to surprise Sang-hyo at the casino where she works as a waitress, only to find her being accosted by a customer for sexual favors. Furious, he asks if her dream job includes dealing with drunken men and apologizing even if they physically accost her and drag her to their rooms.
Venting his anger, he kicks over a chair and knocks down a wall-hanging with happy pictures of the two of them.
Soo-ah is totally won over by Sung-gyum’s charms, and promises to try and convince Hae-young to rethink their wedding plans. Hae-young stops at Soo-ah’s (and she practically falls out of her shoes running to meet him outside the gate, ha). As Sang-hyo arrives at work the next day, Eun-joo asks her if she was able to resolve the wedding issue. Young-mi is busy showing Gi-chul pictures on her phone, proving that she went to Hong Kong on vacation last month.
But Young-mi gives her a sidelong glance, because as she was scrolling through her photos, she just discovered that Soo-ah was in Hong Kong at the same time she was. Sang-hyo rushes in at that moment, breathless to report that Soo-ah’s wedding is back on!
He gives her until he reaches the bottom of the stairs for her to figure out what kind of food he wants. Later, as Sung-gyum walks Sang-hyo home after their meal, she chides him for not eating most of his dinner. This is the first episode with the new writer, Kim Do-hyun, who took over when the original writer, Kim Ye-ri, passed away in March. It does make me wonder, though, if the fact that the characters seem to be growing so much more in depth and personality was intentional from the start, or if it has something to do with the new writer.
Then again, it would be almost poetic justice, considering how he had belittled her career, and now he’s willing to sacrifice his future happiness so she can keep her job.
I initially thought it was the characters he was playing, but I now feel that Namgung min’s acting is the issue. YoungMi seems to have a huge amount of money at hand, making me think she might be our wallet thief. And last but not least a question about Hwangs murder timeline: So, according to the police he was killed between 10 pm and midnight. I thought Soo Ah would be a harmless, all-aegyo type of girl, but she got on my nerves in this episode. It’s amazing, she covers up a lot on this show and yet she looks hotter than most actresses do with their miniskirts.

I hope the writer won’t try too hard in giving too many stories to all the characters. Also, unlike a lot of rom-coms (especially the recent Married Not Dating), the secondary characters hold some interest.
Does anyone know the title of the rap song that plays around the 35th minute in the episode (where SH is crying in HY’s car)? I find this show quite a refreshing telling of the reunited lovers theme in that we have two people who clearly loved and still pine for each other very much. I also find the reason they split credible and a workable problem they can get over and be happy if they reunite. The problem is I like her relationship with both men (as opposed to Discovery of Romance in which I neither like the heroine nor her relationship with either man). I don’t find Soo-ah to be an obstacle to the main romance at all because of her thing on the side with the chauffeur but I wonder how the show will deal with Sung-gyum.
Honest truth though after the flash back in this episode I’m more rooting for Sang-hyo to be by herself at the end.
This is a romantic mystery drama that will depict a murder and a romance story taking place in a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, Jo Sung Gyum (Nam Goong Min) is the management director of the hotel and Sang Hyo’s boss. But can the past be put aside in order for Sang-hyo to find a way to save the reputation of The Secret Hotel — and her job?
She promises to take care of his and Soo-ah’s wedding, but he questions whether she can totally be neutral in helping him marry another woman. But as soon as he’s in his car driving home, his cool facade drops as he frets about the way she said she had no feelings for him anymore. Soo-ah is ready to spend the night, and Sang-hyo (who’d hidden around the corner) gives a kick to the door as she takes her leave, overhearing what she assumes are the two of them preparing for some sexy times. As Hae-young walks back to his apartment, he keeps checking to verify that Sang-hyo isn’t lurking around.
Hae-young told him about the phone conversation he overheard the night he visited the hotel, as well as finding Kyung-hee crying alone. But Detective Kim is more focused on the content of the conversation: who is the son that Hwang threatened to tell? He asks the chef if he knows anything about his father’s death, and when the chef hesitates, Sung-gyum slides over an envelope of money.
Disappointed to realize she wasn’t lying in wait for him, he gets into the car and imagines all the ways she had suddenly showed up before in all her crazy disguises. She excuses herself, and Kyung-hee worries for her, realizing that Sang-hyo wasn’t able to get Hae-young and Soo-ah to agree to redo the wedding after all.
He invites her to join him, and says that even though it must be hard for her to try and resolve the wedding situation, he still believes in her and knows she’ll do her best. His smile fades as he recalls the sushi chef’s words about his father having enemies in the hotel. She had found out that she has cancer, and the doctors told her that she has one year to live. Kyung-hee apologizes for lying, and begs the detective not to tell anyone why she was there. She defends her work, coolly pointing out that she used his initials to keep his identity a secret. Speaking of phone calls, Hae-young’s phone chirps with a message, and Jung-eun picks it up. Shi-chan snatches the phone from her, suddenly worried about the health of his boss and fearing a fatal disease. She keeps trying to persuade Soo-ah to listen to her as she explains all the ways they will make her wedding the best experience ever, but Soo-ah continues to ignore her. At an empty stretch along the river, he pulls over and steps outside to let her cry in private. She refuses the customer’s advances, and when he grabs her, Hae-young runs forward to punch him in the face. Both are shell-shocked after their fight, and he leans dazedly against the kitchen table while she cries on the bed. Quietly, she thanks him, and he offers to give her a ride home, but she says she’s fine and turns to leave. He’s prepared to authoritatively insist they get married at The Secret Hotel no matter what, but she surprises him by instantly agreeing. He jumps to attention when Sang-hyo arrives, and she tells them it’ll be difficult resolving the wedding situation.
When she insists that they wouldn’t get divorced, he tells her the only reason to marry is for love (and not just to save the hotel).
But as she shouts out types of food, he dismisses all of her suggestions (and slowly descends the last few steps) until she lands on the correct one: ramyun. Plus, the switch from rom-com to mystery feels somehow more cohesive than it did in the first few episodes. Such as why Sang-hyo and Hae-young have such a tumultuous relationship, and why he can’t seem to stay out of her present life.
I want less crying Sang-hyo (as amazing as Yoo Inna is at acting out her gut-wrenching tears) and lots more sassy and smiling Sang-hyo. I adore his flirty way with SH but still something is weird, maybe it’s look like calculated and planed ?
SG is supercute while playing and seducing SH, but there is something missing, more passion maybe??
Some of these actors and actresses have had so much ps that their faces have about as much expression as a Noh mask.

I am really rooting for SG in this particular triangle, though I do concede that it partially might be that I’m just so tired of exes getting back together. I can understand her not wanting the wedding to be done at S Hotel again, but did she have to go as low as she did with Sang Hyo?
I don’t need to see her in skinny tight jeans, but some better fitting pants would be nice. I’m getting a relationship vibe between the security guy and the young guy at the wedding department who were drinking together on the night of the murder.
I love reading everyone’s comments, as they bring fresh perspectives and great discussion about Secret Hotel. They are both nice, principled people who are not out to get revenge or try to willfully hurt each other.
There are deep feelings between Sang-hyo and Hae-young, the scene after her kneeling in front of his fiance was very touching, but Sang-hyo is cute and playful when she’s with Sung-gyum (I imagine she was like this with Hae-young before the breakup as well).
The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related with his personal history. Sung-gyum continues to find out all he can about what happened to his father, and Soo-ah manages to be the thorn in just about everyone’s side. She reminds him that their relationship ended seven years ago — she has no feelings for him. Meanwhile, in a taxi of her own, Sang-hyo sobs furious tears as she curses Hae-young, calling him a jerk who will do anything he wants without concern for anyone else’s feelings. Sang-hyo’s humble demeanor vanishes after that brush-off, and she shouts that she’ll curse his wedding then! He pops out of his apartment every few seconds as if to suddenly catch her in the hallway, but his bright smile fades to a disappointed frown when he realizes Sang-hyo is truly gone. He sighs as he realizes that she must have come to her senses about begging to do his wedding. At his kind words, she smiles, appreciative of the fact that he’s always been supportive of her. The rookie detective barges in with some exciting news: He knows who Hwang’s killer is! And besides, there was a dead body, so it’s not like her article was completely fabricated. Hae-young is ready to yell at her for her embarrassing texts, but she just gloatingly chirps that she’ll be expecting him to pick her up at the mall later. As Sang-hyo follows after her, laden down with all of Soo-ah’s shopping bags, Soo-ah marvels at her tenacity. When she doesn’t, he bends down and pulls her to her feet, telling her not to kneel just anywhere. As she lets out gut-wrenching sobs, he leans against the car and remembers their married life back in Las Vegas. Offended that he thinks her job is only about the money, she reminds him that being a hotelier has been her lifelong dream. That brings us back to the present, as Hae-young leans against the car while Sang-hyo sobs in the passenger seat. After all, she can’t just think of herself — there so many other people relying on them to hold their wedding there. Then again, it often takes about the first four episodes for a show to start to find its rhythm — but I do hope that this show is able to maintain the spirit Kim Ye-ri intended when she first conceived the plot. Maybe because it was more in the background than the focus of the episode, but the mystery surrounding Hwang’s death still seems important, but not important enough to make it feel like the romance and relationships are in a tug-of-war of thematic cohesiveness. Hwang was not lying on the glass roof before he fell through (no shadow), but his blood was dribbling down (HOW? Sang Hyo and … Hae Young should totally get back together NOW even if dead bodies fall.
They both have seemingly good reasons to stay away from each other though I find Hae-young more honest of the two. Sung-gyum is also not so much of a stick up as I imagined him to be (much better than his character in I Need Romance 3 which I really disliked). While not deliberately evil she’s a selfish spoiled rich girl who looks down on poorer people and thinks too highly of herself.
But unbeknownst to her, the resignation letter falls from her portfolio and lands at Sung-gyum’s feet.
As he leaves for a meeting, she hurries after him until he stops and asks her if she wants her letter back. HY on the contrary has the passion for SH but does not know how to approach or ask for forgiveness…He has a lot to say and to show if he wants to get her back. Wouldn’t he have stopped bleeding by then?) Anyways, it seems like he first fell down on the glass and then directly through. He knows he still has deep feelings for his ex wife and he’s ready to act on them but is thwarted again and again.
Sang Hyo and Hae Young were in love and married 7 years ago, but they divorced less than 100 days later. A murder case in the hotel gets in the way of the wedding and throws the characters into unexpected situations.
Was he hooked up somewhere above the glass roof (Hello, Hannibal associations xD) or did he really fall through 3 stories like shown in the trailer?

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