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New romantic-comedy murder mystery My Secret Hotel is headed to tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays in about a month, and the first teaser is out along with stills of the cast gathered for the first script read. The teaser is frustratingly unhelpful at answering the question, but it does tell us that the hotel where the story takes place is the height of luxury where they’ll plan your perfect wedding with kind service. The major disaster is a murder at the hotel, which will be the central mystery involving all of our characters.
Rooting for Yi-han and glad Yoo Inna doesn’t have the botox, shiny face look she has been sporting for the last 2 years. TVN has earned their place as the place for watchable dramas, so I will give the drama a chance.
Yep, that teaser really teased me…I thought I was going to see our leads already…but not! From what I could get from the previous posts, Yi Han is the lead and Namgoong Min is firmly stuck in second lead territry. I liked his role in Unemployed Romance though, but I agree that I want to seem him in a GOOD drama as the lead.
I actually thought it would be a nice twist if Yoo Inna’s character was the killer (even if she killed them just by accident). But then … I guess we wouldn’t have the imminent danger of a killer on the loose in the hotel to add spice and urgency to the romance! This is only slightly related to this post, but were the English words at the end of the trailer, “killing hotel,” intentionally spoken in English with a Korean accent or are they English words that have been added to the Korean language with the pronunciation tweaked a bit to fit within the language?
As a corollary, it also often confuses me when a drama has an English name but it’s written in Hangul. Jung-eun intercepts a message meant for Shi-chan, where a drunken and depressed Hae-young asks him to come to the nearby bar.
After a night of sorting out her emotions while sitting in front of the cold and abandoned dinner in Hae-young’s apartment, Sang-hyo decides to pack some fresh clothes for him, and waits eagerly for him at the office.
Sang-hyo scurries to hide, and overhears Shi-chan fuss over him like a worried hen, asking where (and with whom) Hae-young slept last night.
A stunned Sang-hyo sits down on a bench and fights back tears as she remembers how she had decided seven years ago to use the plane ticket to New York that Hae-young had left her. But instead she was surprised by Jung-eun, answering the door in nothing but Hae-young’s dress shirt.
Shi-chan pouts as he does his work, and a hungover Hae-young cuts to the heart of the matter: Shi-chan likes Jung-eun, doesn’t he? The detectives have dug up some interesting information about Team Leader Cha: he apparently killed one of his classmates when he was younger, and that classmate was none other than the nephew of GM Lee.
Speak of the devil: Team Leader Cha meets privately with Sung-gyum, letting him know that he never intended to harm Sang-hyo — it was supposed to be a warning for Sung-gyum to leave the hotel.
Instead of warning GM Lee, Team Leader Cha calls Kyung-hee, asking her to promise that no matter what she hears about him, to ignore it.
The hotel staff is abuzz with this surprising new development, but Sang-hyo is still unaware as she calls to let her staff know she won’t be in today. But Sung-gyum is not backing down, warning him that ugly secrets are going to be revealed, including the secret behind his father’s death.
She isn’t — and he sadly wanders the empty apartment, remembering their few happy moments together. At the hotel the next morning, a worried Eun-joo rushes to the wedding department, asking after Sang-hyo.
They meet with Detective Kim, who is happy to inform them that everything has been resolved since Cha confessed to killing Hwang, Young-mi, and attempting to kill Sang-hyo. Shi-chan gets more details about the situation, and reassures Hae-young that they caught the perpetrator, and Sang-hyo is fine. She is, and as Sung-gyum drives her to Hae-young’s apartment, both are quietly lost in their thoughts. Sang-hyo nervously enters the apartment, and she turns around to find Hae-young waiting for her with outstretched arms, promising he won’t let her be scared any more.
As she watches Hae-young sleep, Sang-hyo realizes that as difficult as everything was for her during the day, this moment is the hardest for her.
Sung-gyum’s headed to his room in the hotel when he happens to meet GM Lee in the hallway, and Sung-gyum brashly accuses him of putting all the blame on Cha. But Sung-gyum realizes why GM Lee is still at the hotel this late, and knocks on the door of his mother’s suite.
She desperately calls out to him, letting him know that if the truth is revealed, both he and Sang-hyo will be hurt. Sang-hyo makes Hae-young breakfast and asks if it’s uncomfortable for her to stay here.
But he still walked her down the aisle, and saw how she looked at Hae-young — she didn’t agree to go through with the marriage to just save the hotel.
Sung-gyum barges in, grabbing GM Lee by the lapels and leaning him over the balcony of the lobby.
Back in the present, she explains to Sung-gyum that GM Lee had covered up for her, and they had spent the past thirty years being blackmailed by Hwang since he knew that she had killed her husband, and held onto her necklace as evidence.
A shell-shocked Sung-gyum slowly releases his grip on GM Lee, dazedly asking if it’s true.
After the past few weeks where the plot seemed to go around in circles, suddenly it feels like everything was squashed into this penultimate episode. Now we only have one episode left for Sung-gyum to deal with the fall-out of realizing that all the time he’s spent pursuing revenge and trying to prove GM Lee killed his father was a waste of time.
Which would be depressing if I dared to look too closely at this show, because instead of a cute and fun romp through a stylized rom-com murder mystery, it would prove to me that this show has only turned into a flailing hot mess that relies on melodramatic cliches to see it through. If the show wants to redeem itself at all, it’d better return to some of that original magic that made it so fun and intriguing at first. But at least there’s only one episode left, and everything will be resolved and answered soon. Since I never lost interest in the characters, unlike several dramas for me this year (especially FTLY and DOR, even MND in the last few episodes), I enjoyed this one to the end, even if it wasn’t much of a mystery. In both the romance and the mystery department, I feel as a viewer that I have been let down, betrayed, left in ignorance and made to feel stupid.
I was hugely disappointed with the last two eps of this show, all that meandering and dragging out of story lines only to have them shoved together in the last two eps.
I really liked the drama, unfortunately the writer passed away and somehow the new one couldn’t catch up.
I see Sang Hyo growing up and absorbing the failed lessons of her first marriage but Hae Young hasn’t.
Sung Gyum recharges himself via a kiss from Sang Hyo and they slowly break apart after the kiss. Sang Hyo sits down on her sofa and remembers Hae Young telling her that he really married her for real.
Sang Hyo curls up in bed and sees Hae Young sitting across from her and orders him to leave her alone. Sang Hyo deposits a drunken passed out Hae Young on the sofa and sits down to stare at his sleeping face for a long time. Sung Gyum asks Simon where the necklace is and slams his hand angrily on the desk when Simon reports that he couldn’t find it. Sang Hyo finally learns from Eun Joo that Young Mi died and connects her memory of finding Young Mi dead in the tub the night of the wedding.
Hae Young discovers the villainstache which makes him smile in glee that Sang Hyo would take the time to draw on his face.
Hae Young takes the opportunity to look around Sang Hyo’s apartment, taking note that she still likes detective novels.
Hae Young arrives and hears this so he slaps his male employees on the butt as a good morning greeting.
Shi Chan ventures up to Hae Young’s office and finds him admiring his villainstache in a mirror.
The event planning team settle down to work while Sang Hyo remembers Young Mi settling down happily at her new desk when she first arrive. Gi Chul chases after Gyung Hee and warns her to keep her distance from Guard Cha otherwise she could end up dead.
The two detectives arrive to continue their investigation and walk by Gyung Hee crying to Guard Cha and wonder what is going on. Detective Kim sits down with Sung Gyum and reveals that the dead Manager Hwang used to work with Sung Gyum’s dad and even called his mom right before he died.
Detective Kim questions GM Lee on whether he knew that Jo Sung Gyum is the son of his former colleague who died 30 years ago? Jung Eun calls Soo Ah out and asks her to reveal the truth of Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s sham marriage.
Sung Gyum calls his mom and tells her that he doesn’t believe his dad died in an accident. Sung Gyum goes to the same florist that Hae Young just visited and asks for the best selling flower recently. Sang Hyo is annoyed that Hae Young didn’t clean up after himself when he left earlier.
They engage in a game of chase and grab as Hae Young keeps trying to avoid getting dragged out.
Sung Gyum happily arrives at Sang Hyo’s apartment and is about to ring her doorbell when the door opens and Hae Young stumbles out. Sung Gyum reluctantly goes inside and places his bouquet on the table next to Hae Young’s bouquet before plopping down on a bean bag chair. Sang Hyo keeps trying to explain that Hae Young came by drunk and she drew the stache because she doesn’t like him. The detectives have created a case investigation board and Detective Kim places pictures of all the people involved in the case. Soo Ah is worried that Jung Eun is a stalker who won’t leave Hae Young alone but Hae Young is more worried about his impasse with Sang Hyo.
Eun Joo wonders if something is wrong with Hae Young’s ability since he looks fine on the outside.
The Secret Hotel event planning department sit down to dinner and Eun Joo tries to delay Sung Gyum’s big announcement a few times to allow Hae Young to come on stage and rock out a performance dedicated to Sang Hyo. I know this is just fanservice to give Jin Yi Han an excuse to sing, but damn is he hot and sexy and everything perfect.
Hae Young ends his performance pointing his finger at Sang Hyo before taking the mic and thanking everyone here.
Sung Gyum tentatively begins to sing directly at Sang Hyo while a lone pianist plays a soft accompaniment.
MSH may be full of plenty of flaws but it’s all insignificant asides to me compared to how much this drama works as a whole.
I dont mind where we are now at this point of the drama, but I demand more SH & HY’s scenes together!
KOALAAAA I know this is taken out of context: BUT OMOOOOOOO JO IN SUNG AND KIM MIN HEE BROKEN UP!!
After a frustrating previous week, this satisfying episode delivers some decisive moments for several characters, both on the mystery front and (mostly) the romance, as well as bringing in, perhaps, the final key figure for the former. Sang-hyo tells Hae-young she came back to live with him until the rumors about them quiet down.
Sang-hyo can’t bring herself to knock at his door, but after a moment, lets herself in.
A knock interrupts his contemplations, and Sung-gyum opens the door to Gi-chul, who has something to tell the director. Sung-gyum broods on Gi-chul’s information that Team Leader Cha killed Hwang, and that GM Lee is in league with him. He shows GM Lee the letter Young-mi sent him, and says he didn’t kill her, so the culprit would have to be GM Lee.
Sang-hyo gets a call from her hubby, telling her about the evening’s plans and she gets worried. Poor soused Hae-young is so out of it he has no idea what’s going on, and the team weepily drink up sympathy and beer, adoring Sang-hyo for understanding.
Elsewhere, Sung-gyum’s mom has a sharp phone conversation with someone — GM Lee?
They look at an apartment together, and since she likes it, Sung-gyum says he’ll take it. He signs the contract with Sang-hyo beside him, and asks her to dinner with him, promising it won’t take long.
Sung-gyum remarks that it feels unfair that Hae-young gets the chance to do his best, while he can’t do anything but wait for her answer.
When both of them have left, we finally see that Sung-gyum has been concealing a more serious injury.
Worn out, he asks her again to look at her heart, and find out who’s really in it: him, or Sung-gyum?
At the police station, Detective Lee confirms Simon had an alibi that put him in a nearby teahouse at the time of Young-mi’s death, eliminating him as a suspect.
He notes that to commit murder in a busy hotel, it would have to be someone who knew everyone’s comings and goings, and could manipulate CCTV footage at will. When Sang-hyo gets back to their apartment, she finds it just as Hae-young left it: dinner ready with candles still burning, and the bottle of wine smashed on the floor.
Sang-hyo imagines the scene of his receiving the news about the accident and running out fearing the worst. I haven’t let go of the idea that there are at least two murderers running around (because I like my crimes complex!
Why doesn’t she make me feel that she is capable of being cut and dry about one of these 2 men?
If I was SG, I’d have left her alone many eps ago, to let her deal with her issues and feelings for HY. Eun-joo’s as awesome as ever and I liked how he was sorta subtly cracking up on the side. Sang-hyo grabbing her beloved hotel and the two of them rowing into the sunset would be fine with me. I really wondered how she could not have felt in earlier episodes that he might have been sincere. In hindsight, it was not only Hae Young who left, but Sang Hyo as well, or maybe it was only Sang Hyo who actually did the leaving.
On the subject of Sang Hyo, I re-watched parts of episodes that had her speaking to Hae Young and what I gathered was that she was very consistent in what she said, and I think that the writer wanted to make her actions consistent with her spoken intentions. In the episodes leading up to Ep 14, she acted seemingly without ever believing that Hae Young actually cared for her and without the realization that she was hurting him badly. Now at last when she accepts that Hae Young meant what he said all along, will her actions follow her heart or will her heart be irritatingly consistent in going back to the hotel? Her struggles are shown as merely selfish ie only between what she felt for Hae Young and taking the easier route by starting fresh with Sung Gyum, when what I was hoping for was a struggle between taking the risk with Hae Young and hurting Sung Gyum. Yes, I’d still like to see the sincere but immature love of Hae Young and Sang Hyo blossom ultimately. Saya, whenever I read your comments, I feel like its all out and I have nothing left to say, then I end up saying even more LOL.
With one minute to go, she starts to confess something to Sung-gyum but is cut off when a car speeds by, and Sung-gyum quickly pulls her in to avoid it. Hae-young is now sitting outside her apartment, thinking about her, while up above, Sang-hyo nurses a coffee on her balcony, thinking of him. At the station, the gamblers admit to the detectives that they were at the hotel, until Team Leader Cha threw them out.
Another detective brings Kim some new evidence: Unusual CCTV footage shows that the video for July 23rd is identical to August 23rd (the day of the incident), proving someone has tampered with them.
The next morning, everyone at the hotel is congratulating Sang-hyo for securing Hae-young and Soo-ah’s wedding. In his office, Hae-young is brooding on Sang-hyo being with Sung-gyum while his co-workers discuss his… performance issues. Disappointed Jung-eun promises to really leave him alone now, but in exchange (and her eyes travel south)… he should see a doctor. Team Leader Cha takes Detective Kim to the security office where he explains that each day’s film is moved to an archive every night. A guard (the same one from Episode 2) chimes in to tell Detective Kim that on the wedding day, he saw Slimy Manager emerging from the archive room while everyone else was at the wedding hall.
Based on the new evidence, Detective Kim escorts Slimy Manager to the station, while Kyung-hee and Sang-hyo look on. In the car park, Soo-ah gets upset with Chauffeur Kim (whose name is Ki-ho) and cries that it’s all his fault.
Hae-young and Sang-hyo are surprised to find Soo-ah gone when they arrive at the fitting suite. Detective Kim is still putting pressure on Slimy Manager (by playing copycat to his whining, ha) about the swapped tapes. Team Leader Cha reports to GM Lee about Slimy Manager’s arrest and what happened to the CCTV footage from that day. Sang-hyo tries to get Hae-young to choose a theme for his wedding, but he is listless and tells her to choose whatever she likes. Alone in the office, Hae-young repeats that Sang-hyo should just choose whatever she likes, because he doesn’t care.
He tells her it’s okay, and past and present intercut as he says the same words as the first time they met.
In his apartment, Sung-gyum keeps typing and deleting a text to Sang-hyo when there’s a knock at the door. Hae-young is still waiting in his car and perks up adorably when he sees Sang-hyo… but right behind her is Sung-gyum and she gets into his car.
Hae-young calls Shi-chan to drink with him, and asks him to stay with him for the night, which causes Shi-chan to spit-take. Hae-young moons around outside Sang-hyo’s apartment, regretting not staying with Shi-chan.
In the morning, Hae-young watches her leave, telling himself it’s the last time he gets to see her like this. In their heads, they each say goodbye to the other, and carry on walking away in opposite directions. Speaking of game-changers, I’m impressed with Sung-gyum for really committing himself. Sung-gyum might be her boss, but he also sees her primarily as a successful colleague with big potential.

Uuughh this show is killin me with feels and angst, the 1st meeting between HY and SH you can feel buttterflies and glitter flying around them XD.
I think Sang Hyo and Hae Young are adorable and want them to be happy… even though how can they even remember each others names? Detective Kim is also in Surplus Princess Mermaid – his character is a riot in that drama also. The security guy and the Head Security Leader Cha were exchanging some suspicious looks though.
This hotel makes me laugh, there are no guests and the employees have daily meltdowns in what appears to be the lobby. Awwww, my fantasy is that Driver Kim will run into the ceremony shouting “SOOOOOAHHHHH!
It wasn’t a disappointment for me, but more of an annoyance -him playing this annoyingly smiley character with random hand gestures. How many times can the wedding be cancelled before they realise it’s just a Plain Bad Idea? Besides, if HYactually went through with the ceremony, it’s something that would always be there, even if he never loved Soo-ah, even if he got a divorce, and HY and SH get together in the end. Totally unrelated, but it just hit me – is Head Security Leader Cha the same actor as the blind date guy from Me Too, Flower?
Frankly, if a dead body dropped into my arranged marriage ceremony, I’d take the hint. Just running in to say I am so so so happy about the second lead ship actually sailing – in a massive break from kdrama tradition, someone actually came clean about their past! Also, that striped blouse and skirt she’s wearing for most of this ep during the Eun-joo chase and kiss?
The premise sounds like it could be good campy fun, and I love both Yoo Inna and Namgoong Min from past projects (even if I wish Namgoong Min could get the heck outta the mopey second lead roles).
It sounds like a locked room mystery, haha, where they’re stuck in one place trying to figure everything out.
Taxi, ice cream, restaurant, for ex, are some words that I know have been taken into the Korean language but what about some of the words used here. I remember when I learned Hangul & realized that one of my very first dramas, Full House, was like that.
We also learn who killed Young-mi and Hwang, although the jury is still out as to whether that’s not just another cover-up for the truth. But her eagerness disappears when she sees Jung-eun’s car pull up — and Hae-young get out from the passenger side. He, too, saw Hae-young in Jung-eun’s car, and yells after him, asks how Hae-young could cheat on Sang-hyo after all he went through to get back together with her. Jung-eun invited her in, but said nothing to explain away the very suggestive circumstances. But even more interesting is the fact that GM Lee forgave him and visited him frequently while a young Cha served his jail time.
GM Lee is furious with Sung-gyum, demanding to know if he’s out to ruin the hotel, since this next round of publicity will ruin its image even more.
GM Lee points out that Sung-gyum won’t be able to do anything about it even if he does reveal who killed his father.
Mom walks in just then, and he lets go of Sung-gyum, telling her that she and her son should leave the country immediately, before its too late. Shi-chan cheerfully tries to give him tips on how to make up with Sang-hyo, even offering to be his alibi. But the sound of the door makes him perk up, and he rushes out to find that Sang-hyo has come home.
This is the first time Sang-hyo’s heard about Team Leader Cha being arrested for trying to kill her, She struggles to believe it, though, even if the rest of the hotel staff seem to (except for Kyung-hee).
They’re headed to the police station so Sang-hyo can give her side of the story, despite the fact she still finds it difficult to believe Cha tried to kill her. But he wonders at what made Hae-young keep from running out like a madman to check on Sang-hyo, like he normally would have done, and Hae-young quietly admits that he just felt like he wouldn’t be needed, since he assumed she would be with Sung-gyum. But he notices her shaking hand as she tries to unbuckle her seatbelt, and she tells him that she keeps remembering how scary it was. Except it’s just a phantom-Hae-young, and she huddles under the covers, scared and wondering where he is.
This time Shi-chul is the one to find him, thank goodness, and he asks if Hae-young hasn’t made up with Sang-hyo yet.
He notes the pair of empty teacups, confirming that GM Lee was with her, but she denies it. He knows she’s just doing it for the reporters, but it must be hard on her — and Sung-gyum. But his nonchalance is all an act, because as soon as Sang-hyo leaves, he cries into his rice bowl. He confirms what we all know — Sang-hyo is like a daughter to him, and when Sang-hyo asked him for advice about getting fake-married to Hae-young, he was originally against it. GM Lee assures Hae-young that Sang-hyo still has feelings for him, so he shouldn’t give up yet. But GM Lee’s worried everyone will find out about their relationship, so they step aside to talk privately. Furious, he accuses GM Lee of killing not just his father, but trying to kill his mother just now, too. Mom desperately reassures him that as much as she hated his father, she never meant to kill him — it was an accident.
Generally I’m pretty easy to please and am willing to overlook leaps in logic provided a show is entertaining enough, but this last episode has me perplexed — and feeling a little whiplashed. It also would have helped us understand why Jung-eun kept showing up all the time — and why she kept avoiding Sang-hyo. It said she was found wrapped in a Secret Hotel tablecloth, and if you add in the fact GM Lee was her guardian, it makes me think that there’s definitely a birth secret. If you can make Hae-young and Sang-hyo rekindle their love after seven years, then surely you can do the same for me after fifteen episodes. The magic of this drama is the very fact that it kept us from knowing the answers to the mystery until the end.
So it’s back to nothing again in the relationship department and frustration at my end.
We expect that all relevant clues, suspects and motives are revealed at the right time so that together with the detective, we can also consider all possibilities and have a fighting chance of solving the mystery. Never felt so disappointed with such a promising premise and setting for a story, that continues to go nowhere in it’s almost last episode!!! They should have a warning or a disclaimer so that exes don’t justify their stalking through this show. TVN’s romanticizing shallow love that is more of an attraction that usually goes away as a relationship grows to maturity, not wishy washy and petulant, bent on making the other suffer after 7 years. For the entertainment factor, producers often do milk the romance part without showing that this is just the beginning of a long journey of growth.
And why we realise that we have been let down by the end of the show when the characters have been left shallow and unchanged. Although our love for dramas is not as important as love for people, we can still take a leaf from this and have hope in the next drama offering.
I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at (the oval garden balcony thing above the ground floor?) but it was gorgeous. This drama requires subs to watch because the conversations are nuanced enough to reflect the complicated mind versus heart struggle that the OTP is going through.
He drowns his sorrows in drink and asks Shi Chan to keep him company tonight since he doesn’t want to be alone.
Sung Gyum was worried Sang Hyo might slap him and compliments his kissing skills for avoiding her ire.
But then she honestly tells Sung Gyum that she doesn’t have any intention of starting over with Hae Young. She gets under the covers and then hears Hae Young loudly screaming her name over and over.
She lies that she doesn’t want to wake her neighbors which makes him laugh since each time they talk on the phone she makes him laugh. She stares at his face and complains that his hair is curly and dyed and his nose too straight. He rubs his eyes a few times in shock to see Sang Hyo before him and is even more shocked to hear that he’s in her apartment.
The new employee Yoon Sung Min is introduced by Eun Joo to take over for Young Mi’s position.
She’s angry Eun Joo hid it from her and Eun Joo says even if Sang Hyo knew it still changes nothing.
Everyone is shocked to hear that Hae Young spent the first night in a tent with a man named Ki Ho and the second night also in the same room with another man.
He saunters up to his office as the guys wonder if the butt slap is a homosexual secret code greeting.
Detective Kim wonders what Manager Hwang’s relationship is with Sung Gyum’s mom?
The florist wonders what the occasion is for and hears that his girlfriend just invited him to her home for the first time. He angrily slams the horn multiple times in rage while Sung Gyum stares at him through the window.
The people trying to keep a secret and the people killed because of the secret has left two people dead.
She storms to the event planning department to confront Sang Hyo and finds Sung Gyum there. Eun Joo arrives to yell at Hae Young for why he married Sang Hyo but he can’t close the deal! He’s passionate and impetuous, daring to publicly profess his romantic pursuit and put a ring on it. Sang Hyo isn’t dumb enough not to appreciate how much effort and understanding Sung Gyum is giving her. His songs and his protestations and drunken yelling and rolling around on her bed–jeez, what a little boy. Comparing both performance , one is fancy, sexy and immature and the other, heartfelt, sincere and romantic , which one will the girl choose?
I wish HY and SH will be locked inside a room and talk things over without any distruption. It turns out that madcap and nonsensical plans have their uses, and sometimes it only takes small moments to turn accepted truths on their heads, especially in matters of the heart.
When he asked if she was really being shaken up by Hae-young, she replied that she didn’t know.
When she argues that sometimes she has to, he magnanimously allows it but adds the condition that she has to let him know, extracting another grumpy agreement.
She accuses her of trying to steal her mother-in-law, and the outburst takes Sang-hyo aback.
On the way, she asks her if Sang-hyo is close to her son, and Eun-joo, bless her, says not at all — in fact, Sang-hyo is already married. They’ll engineer a spin-the-bottle drinking game to get her tipsy, then talk their boss up to her, and finish it off with a round of egging them to kiss.
Lee says that as long as she and Sung-gyum are in the same hotel, the rumors will persist, and so for his sake, she should go.
He puts his work aside and is about to leave when Shi-chan pops in and suggests going for a drink.
His efforts at chopping potatoes are clumsy and sincere, and he even gets a burn from hot oil.
Finished at last, he congratulates himself and thinks that all that’s missing is Sang-hyo.
Noticing her restiveness, Sung-gyum lightly suggests that tea could be better than a meal, and she agrees, with notable relief. He tells her that he wanted to show her for the last time, how sincere his feelings are for her — but his words are interrupted by Hae-young phoning her. He asks her to remember that he’ll be waiting, hoping that the three-month divorce rumor turns out to be true. He tries her phone again, but someone from a hospital answers instead, telling him there’s been a car accident. Sang-hyo leaves first, and Hae-young acknowledges Sung-gyum, expressing the hope that they don’t meet again.
A flashback to the accident shows us that Sung-gyum had gotten Sang-hyo out of the way of the car in the nick of time, but landed on a glass bottle. With their rock-solid alibis (the GM at the wedding and Sung-gyum at the resort), Detective Lee wonders how it could be either. I was worried after he let her back in that he would relapse, but he calls her out on taking advantage of his feelings this whole time — including in their past. But it’s against the backdrop of her pouting and whining that we see Hae-young really bloom.
Even using the hotel’s cause as a front, we all knew the real reason was to address her regrets, so it was churlish and contradictory to agree to the charade but not play along. I was actually moved by his real fear for her in the accident, and his stoicism in hiding his injury. While yes, he had painstakingly prepared that dinner from scratch but hey, someone else is genuinely injured and lying there on a hospital bed because of a scary accident involving someone you supposedly love.
First, SG learning he passionately kissed his half sister not just once and having romantic feelings for her is makjang.
If they make him the murderer (or her half-brother), I think both those choices would be cop-outs.
Even when it was just in her imagination, those two words held so much warmth and depth of feeling when he said them.
All along, after seeing what he did, and hearing what he said, plus hearing how he said her name, how could she never have considered that Hae Young really cared for her. All along it was her job and the hotel that was the real impetus for her actions with regards to Hae Young. It upsets me because I really thought this could be good with leads that have such explosive chemistry. The focus of this hour skewed almost entirely to the romance, with about 6.5% to the mystery.
When he catches them, they all laugh it off as innocent talk about building strong structures…so they stand tall and straight — oh no, please, stop, the subtext is killing me.
She spreads herself out on Hae-young’s desk, all legs and scary pout and wants to know if Hae-young feels anything. Young-mi passes on the message that something urgent came up (blackmail…) and the groom should take care of the rest.
Gi-chul is uncomfortable with the detectives coming round and blusters when Young-mi asks if he did something wrong. Slimy extracts a promise that the hotel won’t hear about it before admitting he switched them to hide the elevator harassment incident that Sang-hyo witnessed.
GM Lee receives something on his phone which makes him sigh that he thought getting rid of Hwang would be the end of it, but he’s still haunted by the dead man. She says he should tell her what type of wedding he wants so he won’t regret it later. She gets up for coffee, but her hands are shaking so badly that she doesn’t see Hae-young coming up behind her and spills hot coffee all over him.
This episode doesn’t add anything new to the central mystery, although there are lots of new side-developments that could add up to some kind of motive.
We seem to be circling around the perimeter of the real meat of the mystery, which is somewhere between the dead Hwang, GM Lee (with Team Leader Cha), Sung-gyum, and the mysterious US connection. I’m also waiting for some earlier connection between him and Sang-hyo to emerge, because I think the US connection somehow includes both of them. I liked that little moment where he couldn’t decide what to text SH, because it showed some vulnerability and uncertainty. I am watching several shows, and I was surprised to find that this one turned out to be my favorite. Personally, I thought Fated to Love You got really draggy after the first 10 episodes and couldn’t make it to the end.
The show has found the perfect balance between romance, comedy and mystery therefore constantly keeping us on our toes.
Then I would feel more passionate about her relationship with Ki-Ho, the working class man that is in love with the princess but their social classes keeping them apart FOREVEEEEER!!! He specializes in this dry, wry, imperturbable, unflappable Manager character who still likes to stir up the s**t. Shocked, Sang-hyo told her not to tell Hae-young she was there, and she returned to Las Vegas, brokenhearted. Just in time, too, because Detective Kim is there to arrest him for the attempted murder of Sang-hyo. But Sung-gyum is determined to eventually reveal what kind of person GM Lee truly is, even if it means taking down the hotel with him.
She keeps her composure long enough to go to the spare bedroom, where she fights back her tears, telling herself that she won’t cry over him again. He apologizes profusely for being more focused on his agenda, not thinking about how it would affect her.
He’s totally blitzed by the end of the night, though, so Shi-chul drags him inside his apartment, reassuring Sang-hyo that, just like tonight, Hae-young was with him the last time he stayed out late, too. This makes him remember when he went back to the apartment in Las Vegas to find out she’d left. She threatens to confess everything, and he grabs her shoulders, reminding her that everything will be ruined if she does. Dad taunts Lee about his relationship with his wife, and threatens to smash the bottle on Lee’s head instead. We might not have liked Jung-eun any better, but at least she would have had some clearer and more defining purpose. Heck, I’d even welcome back Soo-ah for a few minutes of screen time if it means her ditzy charms will distract me from the tears and melodrama. Characters who are super passive, dwindling around the same problems that could have been resolved if only they could just TALK to each other. The aftermath of what they did in this show will come out in the years following this, when their studio fails.

Ideally and responsibly, each romance should also show how couples overcome their own selfishness and faults (not just the usual drama tropes thrown at them) and become better persons, and more committed as a couple in spite of them or more because of their effort.
Either that or we’ve reached the point where my dislike of his character is slowly corroding my attraction to the actor…nooooo! Unlike the other currently airing exes drama Discovery of Love (where Eric is a billion percent awesome but everything else makes me want to throw things at the screen), this one I actually like the two leads as characters in all their full flawed glory. No one doubts he loves her, heck Sang Hyo probably accepts that he loves her and also knows that she also loves him.
He admits he needed courage to ask her this question “Nam Sang Hyo-shhi, did you really get married just for the hotel?
Sang Hyo suddenly sees Hae Young all around her, grabbing her hand when she gets up from the sofa or when she grabs a drink of water. Sang Hyo thinks it’s her imagination again but the screaming gets more loud and insistent. She’s starting to be moved so she tells herself not to be affected by this face again!
Sang Hyo chides him for coming to her place after getting drunk since her place doesn’t welcome him. Hae Young just smiles lovingly as Sang Hyo complains about how much hard work goes into making ramyun. Gi Chul offer the newbie a choice of seats between someone who died a few days ago or someone who died a few weeks ago. Sung Gyum loses his temper and yells that he’s not in the position because it’s pleasant! He admires the villainstache in the mirror a few more times before declaring that he looks handsome. Hae Young pushes Shi Chan against the window and teases him for liking him before pretend grinding him against the window while the rest of the employees freak out below. Sang Hyo hands a wedding proposal for Gyung Hee to pass along to Guard Cha with respect to the security arrangement for actress Lee Young Eun’s upcoming wedding. Detective Kim asks who took over as GM at the hotel when Sung Gyum’s dad died 30 years ago? Soo Ah isn’t interested since Hae Young and Sang Hyo is true love and she is happy to step aside. Sang Hyo thinks he’s brooding because of her situation but Sung Gyum laughs that she clearly has the princess syndrome so she thinks everything is about her.
She smiles when a bouquet is thrust in her face but the smile vanishes when she sees it’s Hae Young holding the bouquet.
Sang Hyo orders Hae Young to leave but Hae Young refuses since he slept here last night and Sang Hyo drew the villainstache on his face.
Hae Young declares that he married Sang Hyo so the rude person is Sung Gyum who retorts that the real marriage was 7 years ago and this one was just for show to save the hotel. Hae Young finally drives off and Sung Gyum tells Sang Hyo that he’s headed home now since neither of them are in the mood for dinner.
Hae Young stares at his wedding ring and thinks back to Sung Gyum declaring that Sang Hyo has agreed to date him. But if she’s sincere about not getting back with Hae Young then Sung Gyum will help her.
Sang Hyo remembers Sung Gyum telling her that he can’t sing and when he tries his throat closes up. Goes to show good acting can cover a lot of flaws and sell me on characters even if the depth hasn’t been plumbed in the narrative development. The problem is that it’s impossible to trust him when his track record with Sang Hyo involves loving AND leaving. Sure he may be doing it because he wants to win her beyond simple love, but for now he is the mature choice. She complains how much courage it took to come back, and he says she should take that courage and leave.
Although she likes Sung-gyum, whenever she’s with Hae-young, she keeps going back to her feelings from seven years ago, no matter what she tells herself. Sang-hyo sputters that she wouldn’t call him that even if they were married for real. The woman introduces herself as Sung-gyum’s mother and asks for his office, and Sang-hyo leads the way. Mom hurries past him to her son’s office, while GM Lee throws a dazed look back at her.
Sang-hyo tells him that he got hurt saving her from the accident, which makes him turn back to the injured director and offer a formal thanks. Angry, she calls him stubborn and accuses him of having had no thought of coming back, but he returns that she shouldn’t be stubborn either. It’s significant that he knew it, so his anguish is justified when he points out she never did anything for his sake. For someone who’s spent most of the show taking refuge in immaturity, his constancy reveals a strength of character his flashes of gravitas already hinted at. But what is great about the current reversal is that she now has to earn back Hae-young’s good grace, and working for it will force her to grow, and maybe even gain a new appreciation for him. My unimaginative speculation is an affair, and if we really want to make it makjang, Sang-hyo can be their biological daughter. Secondly, giving a reason to go back to HY because SH’s first choice turns out to be her half brother is worst. Just be over all ready is all I have to say since I can’t manage enough care to analyze anymore. SH sadly has turned from a strong woman and professional to something else entirely (the whole twist with the fake marriage to save the hotel's reputation is just WTF to me). The times when she did something not for herself or the hotel was for Hae Young’s father and only on condition that the parents were present. My frustration is not so much that she was indecisive, because in real life people can be selfish and can be like that, but that her character was never given the gradual realization-of-being-loved and growing-to-understand- Hae Young curve which would have impacted her decisions with Sung Gyum. She was never ready to face the idea that maybe she was also at fault, maybe she was also a part of the reason why they are what they are today. He harasses and threatens the woman, playing on her fears about losing her job if she doesn’t go along.
Only four people have access to that archive, Cha says: GM Lee, Jo Sung-gyum, Slimy (Vice General) Manager, and himself.
Sang-hyo hasn’t decided yet and Eun-joo insists she should tell him no right away, because she likes him.
Young-mi confirms it was last month in Hong Kong, and passes her a sheaf of the original photos. Young-mi delivers a speech about how people ought to live their lives right, which makes Kyung-hee smile weirdly at her. He insists he had nothing to do with Hwang’s incident, but Detective Kim keeps him locked up to check his alibi first. He tells her that he also had a first love, so he doesn’t have a problem with her past. Hae-young looks up at where the broken skylight used to be, and wishes for another body to fall. When it broke, I actually screamed out loud (= relief) and then had to have a sugary snack and a long break. It will give her a better perspective on herself, her flaws and her strengths, and also, I think it will also restore some much-needed faith. He can be cool in the head while Hae-young bleeds his soul out of his eyes, strategize while Hae-young reacts. In addition to the suspiciousness of Young-mi coming into sudden wealth, she has now turned blackmailer on Soo-ah.
The more I think about it, the more it seems like Sung-gyum is the fulcrum around which the mystery revolves.
That said, while it seems like he genuinely cares for her, I also feel like he has other motives. Jin Yi-han plays the architect ex-hubby who reappears in her life after seven years, and their fates get twisted together again and again with one disaster after another. Her landlord had told him that she’d left with a new guy who loved her more than he had.
Mom rushes forward to protect Lee, accidentally shoving Sung-gyum’s father off the railing, where he falls to death in the lobby below. After all, it seems clear that Mom and GM Lee had a thing going on — she could be Sung-gyum’s half sister! Maybe the original writer didn’t leave behind an outline and that would explain why it feels like the last half has just been someone throwing spitballs at a list of plot devices. At this point no one really gives a damn about the murders anymore, the same could be said for the romance.
The pace is also working for me and I don’t understand the rush to get Sang Hyo to give Hae Young a chance since the drama is just at episode 10 and there is 6 more episodes left. But love isn’t enough between them to restart so her logical decision to NOT restart things with Hae Young is both sensible and really commendable. Do you really have no more feelings for Gu Hae Young?” He reminds her that he once told her that if she loved a man and he fell off the cliff, then he will climb back up the cliff to find her. Sang Hyo shakes him off and doesn’t want him to rattle her anymore nor does she wanted to be fooled by him again. She gets an idea and grabs her eyeliner pencil and opens it with a devious smile on her face. She tells him to eat some ramyun after drinking so much last time and Hae Young smiles to see a bowl of prepared ramyun waiting for him on the table. She reveals there is another interested party in the necklace and she’ll be in touch with the terms of the deal.
Soo Ah smiles and announces to Jung Eun that she has no chance with Hae Young so give up already! Sang Hyo quickly says no and Sung Gyum calls her on having her mind in the gutter since she’s blushing. The smile is wiped off Hae Young’s face as the bouquet in his hand drops by his side.
Sung Gyum stares out his hotel room window remembering Hae Young declaring that Nam Sang Hyo is the woman who married him. Sang Hyo confirms that is what she wants and Sung Gyum smiles and says they can start today by going public.
Eun Joo demands to know why Hae Young hasn’t made his move and reveals that Sung Gyum has organized a dinner tonight to announce something big. Sure Sang Hyo, Hae Young, and Sung Gyum are all rather limited personalities depends on how the writer has chosen to showcase them to us, but the great acting from Jin Yi Han, Yoo In Na, and Namgong Min bring the characters to life and I feel their emotions. As much as SG is swoonworthy, I still found him suspicious and doubt his true intention of liking SY.
From the moment he met her until now, he tells her, his feelings towards her haven’t changed once.
With this fight, Hae-young finally demands that she look at him and see him, but more importantly, look at herself and read her heart. But on the opposite note, after his heroics this episode, I don’t want him to be a baddie. Sometimes with the love rival, sometimes, with someone else entirely, and sometimes, yes, really, with no one. Another big hole in this plot is why he did not call her from NY or find out that she was in hospital after she collapsed, or have any news about her through mutual friends.
So quite consistently, once the parents were gone or the threat to the hotel was no longer an issue, she returned to the position that she came from ie sans Hae Young.
Poor smitten Detective Kim tries to block Eun-joo from following, but she elbows past anyway.
Sang-hyo makes to leave without satisfying her, when she catches sight of Hae-young, who’s overheard everything.
In the background of each selca of Young-mi is a canoodling couple, one-half of which is unmistakably Soo-ah. Even before he finishes asking whether she might have any feelings towards him (Hae-young), she cuts him off with a denial.
Shi-chan reproaches him for spending the night at the office when it’s his wedding day today. Soo-ah, meanwhile, has been having an affair with Ki-ho — not a one-sided crush, but with reciprocated feelings.
After making her go through the wedding, honeymoon, and moving in with him, he’s finally ready to stop acting like an idiot trying to keep her around.
I found myself wishing at some point that SH would just break off with both guys and find someone else.
Back in the present Hae Young smiles at this fond memory and eats the ramyun Sang Hyo made for him. Eun Joo whispers to Sang Hyo not to feel too upset because Young Mi isn’t as nice of a person as she appeared.
Detective Lee wonders why Hae Young is so popular and Detective Kim tells him to rearrange his face first. Sung Gyum smiles and promises that they will just have ramyun and he’ll leave afterwards.
Sung Gyum sends Sang Hyo off since he forgot something and promises to be back in 30 minutes. Soo Ah thinks Sung Gyum is going to propose and Eun Joo demands that Hae Young needs to do something about it. Similarly the murder mystery may end up being much ado about nothing (other than two dead bodies) in that reason behind it not being monumental, but so far it continues to be nicely sprinkled throughout the central romance. But that’s not the case, all their flashbacks show us how much in love they were and how real is was to them. When he got up the courage to sing publicly for Sang Hyo, I would have cried too because that was just such a touching gesture that took a lot of courage. Thus commences several rounds of the bottle landing on Sang-hyo, and Hae-young throwing back the drinks.
The show gets away with having less content by fleshing it out with a lot of substantial character moments. To complete the triangle, we find out that Hae-young is definitely not a willing participant, and the forthcoming nuptials are the result of emotional blackmail from his father. There’s got to be more to this story, so why did they decide to introduce it so late in the game?
The only redeeming quality is the visual aspect of this show, in which scenes are beautifully created and shot. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Hae Young can be so romantic with his grand gestures and willingness to leap into the fray for love but he’s always been like that, hasn’t he? It wasn’t the look of love, it the look of a woman who knows a good thing (man) when she sees one. Sure the two detectives can be investigating at a more urgent pace but their wink wink nudge nudge investigation is unearthing nuggets of interesting material in each episode to be worth the wait. Still Hae Young left, and it doesn’t matter if he thought it was temporary and after he took care of his other important matters he would be back. In any case, I want the reality to be more complicated and subtle than an uncomfortable birth secret and possible incest. It has gotten to a point where I find her way more immature, thoughtless and selfish than Hae-young can be. But then love is messy and beyond logic so Sang Hyo may have every reason to date Sung Gyum for real but she can’t force herself to love him. He betrayed his vows to Sang Hyo and no matter how much she loved him there was no way her pride would let her wait for him. He still remembers their happy times from ramyun eating to sweet nothings, but there is a brick wall between them called abandonment that freaks the shit out of Sang Hyo. Maybe some ppl who are more advanced in their studies or native Koreans can give me some insight into this. She’s just lurking around waiting to serve whatever purpose the writer wants her to serve.
It’s wildly swoony but totally impractical, and he fails so much at the practicality of being in a committed relationship. That’s where Hae Young still has a chance if he knows what to do to prove to Sang Hyo that he deserves another chance.
I think many individuals at the hotel are shady and concealing other nefarious or misbegotten actions, such as Gi Chul’s pickpocketing, but the actual murder might be someone else. What’s important to differentiate in this romantic impasse is that neither of the three leads really doubt that the exes still have feelings for each other.
Hae Young is lucky that Soo Ah and Eun Joo want to help him, though Eun Joo seems to have given up at the end of episode 10. Nothing he’s done since meeting Sang Hyo would dispel the last thing she remembers about their marriage which was him packing up and leaving without a by your leave. It’s the Chinese idiom of ???? (never abandoning, never leaving) that is the bedrock of marriage, Hae Young will need to show to Sang Hyo that to kick his courtship beyond dedicating a love song performance to her.
It could still be Sung Gyum and perhaps one reason to keep his true intentions so close to the vest is to keep him a viable suspect.
Even Sung Gyum notices and brings it up with Sang Hyo, and she doesn’t lie to him back.
If we can see that he genuinely likes Sang Hyo without any ulterior motives then it would wash away that touch of sinister aura around him that pops up now and then, especially when he’s brooding at night. She tacitly admits it but then explains that she want to move on from Hae Young, she doesn’t want to get back together with him. Sang Hyo is clearly never going to be over him this way and all he needs to do to grow up and have an uninterrupted heart to heart with Sang Hyo.
In the end of the day her heart will lead her back to Hae Young even if they have to step over Secret Hotel dead bodies to get there.

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