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The nice thing about happiness, though, is that when you are genuinely happy then more things for you to be happy about will enter your life. Of course, you'll learn tricks along the way to maintain that happiness and to be happy effortlessly in the face of anything.
Yes, there are people that will come into your life that are "mean" or situations that happen that are unfavourable, but do these things have to affect your happiness?
In stressful situations, it is up to you to say "try me!" instead of "why me?" and look for what the problem has come to teach you. If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop.
Team 7, more commonly known as Team Kakashi, was a Konohagakure team formed under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake. Despite strong showings from all three, particularly Naruto and Sasuke, none succeed in becoming chunin. Although the team is successful in infiltrating one of Orochimaru's hideouts and meeting with Sasuke, his growth over the last few years is more than any of them can compete with and they can do nothing but let him escape. The Eight Man Squad is unsuccessful in stopping Sasuke from falling into the clutches of the Akatsuki.
Despite the nature of their prior meeting, all the members of Team 7 emerge on the same side during the Fourth Shinobi World War, with not even Sasuke wanting the world to fall victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
For his contributions during the war, Sasuke is pardoned for his previous crimes on the good words of Naruto and Kakashi.
Per Naruto's request for a more challenging mission, Team 7 was assigned to escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves.[4] Along the way, they discovered that Tazuna had assassins after him and needed protection while he finished building a bridge.
In the anime OVA special, Team 7 had to search for a villager from the Inaho Village, Genmai, who was kidnapped by a group of missing-nin and their leader, Kajika. In the anime, Team 7 are assigned to take a runaway ostrich to his home despite a misadventure at a village. In the anime, Team 7 was assigned to retrieve a golden statue of a feudal princess that was taken by a band of thieves from a Feudal Princess.
When Team 7 returned from the Land of Waves, they were given a number of uneventful assignments. During the Konoha Crush in Part I, Kakashi assigned Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun to find Sasuke and Gaara. In the anime, Team 7 are sent on a mission with Gaara, having become a new person since his defeat by Naruto, to stop a group of bandits located between Konoha and Suna, resulting in the first time that two villages work together after the Konoha Crush. Naruto and Sakura are assigned to escort a relative of the Fire Daimyo named Naho to Shizume village.
In the movie, Team 7 was assigned to act as escorts for the Land of the Moon's princes, Michiru and his son Hikaru Tsuki, after the previous escorts resigned from being treated badly. At the start of Part II, Team Kakashi was sent to help Sunagakure rescue Gaara from Akatsuki. Using information gained from Sasori, the new Team Kakashi (led by Yamato) went to Kusagakure to meet with a spy in Orochimaru's ranks.[6] Although hoping it would give them a clue regarding Sasuke's location, Sai had a secret mission to assassinate Sasuke. In the anime, Team Kakashi and temporary member Sora were assigned to find and stop thieves robbing the tombs of former Twelve Guardian Ninja.
As part of an Eight Man Squad, Team Kakashi started a mission to capture the missing-nin Itachi Uchiha.
In the anime, Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to assist the near-extinct Tsuchigumo clan protect its destructive and forbidden technique from bandits as per a peace agreement made between the clan and the Third Hokage.
In the anime, Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to find out the reasons and guarantors behind the massacre of the Tonika Village. After the entire world was caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Team 7 was left to battle a revived Kaguya. Kakashi notes that the original members of Team 7 share group dynamics similar to that of Team Minato.
Aside from Kakashi, each original member of Team 7 was trained by one of the Sannin during the timeskip: Naruto was trained by Jiraiya, Sasuke was trained by Orochimaru, and Sakura was trained by Tsunade. Melania Trump: YAROK serum, it gives back nutrients to my hair that other products have taken away.
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Those thoughts are products of your own imagination and, at the end of the day, are just excuses or places to put the blame. When you start relying on yourself for happiness, everything else seems to flow more smoothly and consistently with joy.
I've talked before about taking responsibility for your own life, taking responsibility for your own happiness is the next step in this.

Until you can accept this, you will struggle with the ups and downs of life because you won't accept that only You are in charge of your happiness. Kakashi is selected to lead them in order to keep an eye on Naruto, Nine-Tails' jinchuriki and, in the anime, to help Sasuke cope with life after the Uchiha Clan Downfall. He is able to pressure the Third Hokage into giving them a C-rank mission: escorting Tazuna to the Land of Waves. In the anime, they go on a few additional missions, but events during and after the Chunin Exams lead Sasuke to believe that his membership in the team is preventing him from achieving his goal of killing his brother, Itachi. As the team's first mission, they are sent to Sunagakure to rescue the Fifth Kazekage from Akatsuki, for which task they are reorganised into the Kazekage Rescue Team upon arrival in Suna. From the mission, however, Sai becomes a trusted and lasting member of the team and Yamato takes on a recurring role as leader and advisor to Team 7's members, especially as Kakashi increasingly commits himself to other tasks. When, following Pain's Assault, recent news of Sasuke's criminal activity with Akatsuki reaches Konoha, Naruto tries to secure a pardon for him from the Raikage, who refuses. They join forces first against the Ten-Tails, then its jinchuriki Obito Uchiha, and then Madara Uchiha, but through various setbacks and despite various successes the world is enslaved by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Tazuna did not have enough money to pay for bodyguard services, and so lied to Team 7 that he only needed escorts. Upon reaching their destination, Shibuki extended their mission to also include cleaning lake beneath the waterfall for garbage.
Kakashi gets trapped in a sealing technique with Genmai after finding him and Kajika and his group kidnap Sakura after a little scuffle with Naruto and Sasuke.
Though Naruto and Sasuke retrieve the statue, Sakura gets taken hostage as her team-mates got their hands stuck. This mission was meant for Sasuke Uchiha when Itachi Uchiha assigned Sasuke a small game to get all the ninja cat paw prints. Though Naho wanted him to escort her, Sasuke went with Kakashi to investigate an international criminal named Sadai, who kidnapped Naho and defeated Naruto and Sakura. Tsunade claimed that she would normally have gave this bodyguard mission to jonin and assigned Rock Lee to replace Sasuke, who defected at the time. Sasori, one of the Akatsuki members, was killed during the course of the mission, and Gaara was saved. Upon infiltrating the hideout to retrieve Sasuke, fight ensues and Sasuke leaves with Kabuto and Orochimaru.
The culprit is very fast identified as Kabuto Yakushi using a forbidden reanimation technique. Kakashi rallied his former students and gave them details on what would most likely be their last mission as a team.
As a result, they can also summon their respective master's signature creatures: Naruto can summon toads, Sasuke can summon snakes, and Sakura can summon slugs. In this interview Melania shares with us some of her best beauty secrets, which celebrity she finds most beautiful, and one or two things you probably didn’t know about her. I'm not saying you should "grow a pair" and never feel emotion, it's very healthy to feel emotion (see this article on that) and you should absolutely be in touch with those emotions. As with all the previous genin teams he was put in charge of, Kakashi gives them a bell test in order to determine if they give the proper importance to teamwork. After starting the mission they discover that Tazuna lied about the mission details and that the mission is actually A-rank, far above the skills of genin. During the course of the mission, they learn of an opportunity to reunite with Sasuke, but Kakashi overexerts himself and needs extended bed-rest when they return to Konoha. When a Kakashi-led Team 10 struggles in another confrontation with Akatsuki, Yamato leads Team 7 in providing backup. Meanwhile, Sasuke's former classmates decide that they should be the ones to personally kill him for what he's done and to prevent the chaos his actions could bring. Sasuke is able to protect Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's effects, leaving them the only ones to face a new and final threat: Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki.
At the same time, Kakashi becomes Hokage and Naruto, Sai and Sakura become busy with their own personal matters, effectively dissolving Team 7 on good terms.
Despite the difficulty of this assignment, Team 7 stayed by Tazuna's side until the bridge was completed, successfully protecting him from Gato and his men.
This led them to have a prolonged visit, which enabled them to prevent Suien's invasion plans.
Though Naruto and Sasuke defeat the bandits in their condition, dismay of being stuck together for a few more days, the mission success despite the statue being damaged.
However, it was revealed that Itachi wanted Nekomata to test Sasuke when he's older if he's strong enough. However, when Sasuke appears and takes his insults of being weak and of his clan personal, he beats Sadai to an inch of his life before Kakashi restrains him.
Upon reaching the kingdom, Team 7 had to protect the two princes from the throne's usurper, Minister Shabadaba, and the three Wandering Ninja Clan.

However, upon seeing Deidara's suicide explosion, the team regrouped, with Kiba finding Sasuke's scent. After the team sends out for reinforcement, the rest of the Konoha 11, as well as Might Guy and Kakashi come to their aid, leading the mission to a success since the culprits either flee or are killed during the confrontation. You are the decider, the chooser, the mind behind the feeling of contentment and the choice to smile. You don't need a big house, a partner, material things, or anything else, all you need is You and you will always have You. You are responsible for learning and growing and transforming into the highest, truest, Self you can be.
What I'm saying is that you don't have to let those people or situations drag you down with them. It's not the crappy waiter, your partner not listening to you, the bad news, or anything else. Despite this, Team 7 sticks with the mission and is able to see it through to its completion. Sakura tries to convince him not to, Naruto is unable to stop him, and by the time Kakashi learns of what Sasuke has done, it was already too late. Because they have only a limited amount of time to make to use of the intel, an Anbu codenamed Yamato is assigned as Kakashi's replacement. Shortly afterwards, when they come up with a plan to find Sasuke by first finding Itachi, a Yamato-led Team 7 combines with a Kakashi-led Team 8 into the Eight Man Squad. Sakura accepts the responsibility, yet plots to kill him on her own, but ultimately can't bring herself to do so, and nearly lost her life. After a prolonged fight, Kakashi is able to create an opening with assistance from Obito, Sakura is able to block Kaguya's escape, and Naruto and Sasuke are able to seal her, ending the war. Upon success, the team stayed in the kingdom for two weeks for Kakashi to recuperate from overusing the Sharingan. With Sasuke so close, the squad's primary mission of finding Itachi was replaced with finding Sasuke instead.
Working together with Kakashi and Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke finally makes contact with Kaguya in order to seal her, using the power they received from Hagoromo Otsutsuki. You are responsible for the choice to be happy, the choice to let things affect you, the choice to be who you want to be at all times. Look at it this way; people usually go through plenty of relationships in their lives, whether it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend, pet, family member, etc. When they return to Konoha they resume their menial, D-rank assignments, but from their performance, Kakashi believes they are qualified to participate in the Chunin Exams. In the aftermath, Naruto leaves the village to train with Jiraiya and Sakura becomes the disciple of Tsunade, in effect disbanding Team 7.
To provide additional manpower to the team, Sai of Root is added to the team as Sasuke's replacement. Kakashi, on learning of her plans and believing the crisis to be his responsibility, offers to do it himself as Sasuke's former teacher. While being stalled by Akatsuki member Tobi, the team learned that Itachi had died in battle with Sasuke.
Likewise, nothing can make you feel happy without your consent, nothing can make you smile without your consent, nothing can make you feel good without your consent.
The relationships change, people leave your life and new people enter your life, but your happiness is always there, left for you to pick up whenever you please.
You are responsible for reading books, articles, or blogs that will help you to increase your depth of happiness. Naruto intervenes before anybody is able to kill anyone else, in the process reuniting all of Team 7's original members for the first time in three years.
They tried to reach Sasuke before Tobi could, but failed and were unable to rediscover Sasuke's trail. Your happiness is not dependent on these other people or possessions or things, they are dependent on You. You are responsible for meditating, being in nature, listening to positive music, and anything else that will increase your depth of happiness. Naruto and Sasuke briefly clash, but both accept they are too evenly matched and postpone a final resolution between them for another time.
If you need further proof of this, you need only look to the pessimist who has everything but does not appreciate or enjoy it, meanwhile the person who has nothing can be absolutely fulfilled with their lives. You don't have to let any of those pestering people or situations bring you down, you can still feel on top of the world!

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