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Yapt?g? muzik o kadar sakin, yavas ve huzur doludur ki cobain’in aray?s?n?n simgesi olmustur.
A March 16, 1988 video interview with Leonard Cohen conducted by Jean-Louis Sbille for the Belgian Rock On TV! Credit Due Department: I was alerted to this video by a Facebook message posted by Marina Wimmer.

This entry was posted in *Leonard Cohen, Interview, Video, Words By Leonard Cohen and tagged In My Secret Life by DrHGuy. Leonard Cohen’s Passionate Version Of “So Long, Marianne” Leonard Cohen has performed many versions of "So Long, Marianne." The 1993 Oslo concert rendition includes not only a radically different arrangement but also two verses not found on any album.
All locations referenced in songs written or covered by Leonard Cohen with song lyrics, titles, albums, and link to videos.

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