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If you’re of a certain age, you remember a time when Pyrex was practical but beautiful, with vibrant colors, multiple shapes, and many sizes. The hunt continues, but I have a method to my madness, a method that keeps my Pyrex collection manageable (truly, it is!) and prevents my spending all my pennies. I have a little collection of small frogs, and friends bring me tiny vessels from their travels, and every year I add a snowflake (or two or three) to our Christmas ornament collection, but my love, my collection, is Pyrex.
I know that I can go buy brand-spanking new Pyrex at a local big-box store for a few dollars, but new Pyrex is clear, and it’s blah.
I always remember her serving it in the Pyrex casserole to the right, the perfect size for a family of four.
It still has a scrap of masking tape on it that has survived and become one with the plate through multiple washings.

Only the green survived through raising children and grandchildren, but it’s still beautiful.
This pie plate would travel to family over the holidays and to the bereaved after a funeral.
If you look at a Pyrex collection book or website, you’ll see that many patterns were available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors.
With beautiful colors, interesting shapes, and bright white interiors, the Pyrex of yesterday is a prize. This rule means I will never want to have every single piece of every single design in every single color. It was out of my range at $26, but I kept walking around the store and kept coming back to rethink it.

I really like the restaurant dishes, and because I use them so much, I did break that rule to buy two plates.
Well, Mom (who is supposed to talk me OUT of frivolous purchases) was laying down some heavy Pyrex Peer Pressure to buy. I also love the teacups with a turquoise band, and the local antique store had a set of 3 for $10, so I purchased them all. I love hubby, but I grew weary of seeing him pick up Granny’s yellow bowl with greasy popcorn fingers.

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