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As we head into the holiday season and get set to usher in a new year, it’s all too easy to just look ahead to what we want 2014 to bring us. Yet I think we all know how valuable it is to reflect on the year that was before we go racing into the next. That’s because the hidden gems lie within the trends and patterns that shaped our 2013 and can make the New Year that much more powerful.
I find it good to drink a glass or two of bubbly when doing this and pick a time when you can be by yourself and just reflect on all that happened.
You may already have planned out your business and lifestyle goals for 2014, and if you haven’t yet then use my podcast episode No #69: New Year Planning and the Five Pillars to Achieving Success in Business and Life (plus grab your free 1 Page Business Plan which is going down a treat). At the very beginning of this year I was in Malaysia, sitting on a beach enjoying a one-week digital sabbatical where all I did was sleep, rest, exercise, read and listen to podcasts.
I also put together my Painted Picture, which was my vision for my business (and also my life) for the next three years.
Since writing this, almost 70% of my painted picture has come to fruition, and what’s more it’s been viewed over 16,600 times and cited by so many for inspiring their own vision boards, dream boards and annual plans. What I’m really trying to hammer home here is the clearer you can get on what you want out of life and business, the closer you will be to actually achieving that. I had written about my bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book back in January – TICK – it hit the No #1 spot on Amazon in Business books in the first week it went on sale. I talked about a global team of rock stars who helped me build the Suitcase Entrepreneur platform and business – tick! I spoke of incredible connections with like-minded people I admired and those friends who energized me and held me to a higher standard – TICK – you know who you are! Plus so much more, including retreats, travel experiences and adventures, all while having the most profitable year in business to date.
What worked really well in the last year that I would like to bring forward into the coming year?
What am I letting go of or forgiving myself or others for, which will set me free from the past? I’m not gonna lie, this has been one heck of a year and personally one I’m proud to say I gave my all to. I’d like to thank my curious mind, always a present supply of energy, and my all round desire to squeeze as much out of this life as I can. The biggest accomplishment was my first ever published book – including running my first ever Kickstarter campaign and getting 121% funded by super supporters, which allowed me to then write and publish an Amazon No #1 Bestseller that has 100+ 5-star reviews since August. It makes all that commitment and 70,000 plus words worthwhile. Achieving 6 figures in profit was pretty damn impressive too, considering I have traveled to no less than 14 countries this year and several of those multiple times with 7 weeks being the most consecutive time I spent in any one destination. Travel and adventure to 15 countries is an achievement in itself and I feel I personally learned even more about my tolerance for living out of a suitcase, deepening friendships and understanding cultures from an inside perspective. Completing my first quarter Ironman (and doing an extra 12km on the cycle) after training in the most random places around the world, was a personal achievement. I’m more than aware that at times I must be one of the most annoying people – always throwing out my positive statements while showing endless Instagram photos of my feet in some lovely destination enjoying the ocean, waves, sand, casinos, Frisbee fields and island paradises….yes I’m one of those people (hilarious must watch video).
So thank you for allowing me to live and breathe my values in my life, and share my journey with you (since you’re a HUGE part of it). In particular, I’m grateful for being healthy, happy and safe after being on hundreds of flights and traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers across continents. My team is my superpower – surprisingly, not doing everything yourself makes you more able to work and operate in your zone of genius.
Constant travel does get tiring. And living out of a suitcase, while convenient and easy does begin to make you question your reasons for how you live your life. Building my team and growing my support crew has worked like a miracle cream you rub into your face to reduce the wrinkles and make you look your best every day – perhaps I shouldn’t write while drinking champagne…. Focusing on what I really want to build – it took a tad longer than I expected to believe in what I have to offer and combine that into one of the most comprehensive and exclusive offerings I’ve ever delivered.
Asking too much of others I cared about like Alex, my WordPress guru who ended up quitting for those reasons, and recently Natasha, for not acknowledging all her amazing work. The parts that didn’t go so well this year were thankfully few and far between, but nonetheless important. Exercise, meditation and journaling are three gifts I’m prioritizing for myself that I know will have undeniable benefits to me personally and professionally. I’m forgiving myself for all the things I didn’t do in 2013 and the things I felt I should have. I’m forgiving all the people who think I’m selling a dream and can’t yet see why they have the complete ability and power, within their very own two hands, to build a life and business they love.
And I’m embracing non-perfectionism so that I can treasure all the little things in life, and all the many moments that it brings.
I want to feel like I can take more holidays and that a 3-4 day work week is indeed, a smart move.
To continue to build and spread freedom in business and adventure in life through ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’ endeavours so that by 2020 over 100,000 entrepreneurs can achieve this for themselves (and my team and I will continue to live and breathe this too).
To ensure the next stage of the 3-year painted picture becomes a reality as I move into putting on my big girl panties by establishing a joint venture that deals with investing into startups and aligns with my core vision and values…. On a personal note, I’m aiming to set up roots in a few countries for much longer so I can deepen my friendships and put time into meeting my equal in life and love. I found that this year I’ve given a lot of monetary support to several charities and campaigns I believe in.
To be honest, I would prefer to give my knowledge, skills and energy, so in 2014 I’m on the lookout for the right organization that I can actually align with and lend a hand to by way of volunteering my efforts.
As I said at the very beginning, you’ll find gold in these reflections and reviews that you may never have dug up had you not been panning back and forth in the first place.
Wow you are so inspiring, thanks so much for sharing and for everything your content has helped me with in 2013. Thank you Karen for being such a great part of this tribe and consistently engaging here on the blog. Congratulations on crafting such a fabulous year and thank you for all of the delightful moments you gave to me in 2013. Here’s to an amazing 2014, full of adventure, quality time with those we care about, and flaunting those big girl panties!
So happy to have had the luck to meet and spend time with you in multiple continents throughout the year.
The road trip and smashed window and stolen laptop on the book tour just added to the excitement of getting to meet this year didn’t it. Honesty is my middle name and looking at all the good and the not so good moments to get a true handle on the year. Natalie, your business and how you run and manage your life, business and travels have always inspired me.
Wasn’t sure how much to share there but it was important to me to be honest about it and look at the behaviour causing it. Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970) was an American author who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature.
Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 - December 5, 2009) was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.
Michael Phelps has become the most decorated Olympian of all time with 21 medals at the London 2012 Olympics.
The 4-Hour Work Week teaches the reader how to escape the 9-5 rat race, live anywhere, and join the new rich.
El motivo por el que lo incluyo en este Blog es porque sus ensenanzas han tenido el merito de perdurar en el tiempo, por supuesto han sido muy acertadas y como conclusion llevamos casi cien anos escuchando como hacer determinadas cosas y esto no ha sido asimilado por una parte importante de la poblacion, algunas personas dicen que llevamos mas de mil anos escuchando esto, teniendo en cuenta a Lao Tze por ejemplo. Hace unos meses que lo estuve hojeando y no me llamo la atencion, a veces las ideas llevan un proceso hasta madurar y es ahora cuando veo, una vez mas, que este mensaje es el mismo que se repite continuamente en todos los contenidos de este Blog, que dice lo mismo que otros maestros pero con distintas palabras y eso nos permite profundizar un poco mas en las ideas fundamentales, visualizarte teniendo exito en todo y despues dejarte guiar por tus intuiciones con fe inquebrantable.
La riqueza de cualquier clase es un estado de la mente, los pensamientos se materializan en cosas, cualquier persona puede hacerlo siempre que sepa que es lo que quiere, toda riqueza ganada empieza con una idea, adoptar un proposito definido y mantenerse cambia tu vida. El queria que esta informacion estuviera accesible a todo el mundo, de la misma manera que es el proposito de este Blog, las personas solo escuchamos cuando ha llegado nuestro momento, aun asi cada vez mas personas estamos diciendo lo mismo y por lo tanto cada vez mas personas escucharan. Empower Network ha pasado a formar parte de mi Camino a Una Vida Mejor, por muchos motivos, os recomiendo que tambien pase a ser parte de vuestra Abundancia. DonarAl Universo le gustan las personas agradecidas, si consideras que has obtenido informacion muy valiosa para tu vida, aqui puedes mostrar tu agradecimiento con una pequena donacion, gracias.
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Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Napoleon hill quotes come from a man who was taught the lessons of success from Andrew Carnegie (a self made multi-billionaire by today’s standards) and dedicated his life to sharing these lessons with the world. So let us look at some of the Napoleon Hill quotes which are filled with infinite wisdom on what it takes to accomplish your goals in life. We all have dreams, but not everyone takes the time to write their dreams down and turn it into a goal with a deadline. In my article Why You Should Put Down That Book I argue that you need to take action to get things done.
Did you know it was once thought that a “heavier then air machines” could not fly thanks to the laws of physics? If you wait for everything to be just right before you start then you will never get started. That is why people who follow one path and get rich slowly tend to stay rich while those who get rich quick tend to lose it all just as quick as they got it.
Fighting for your dreams gives your life a sense of purpose and makes things a lot more entertaining. The greatest achievers say that in a lifetime of setbacks and comebacks, the truest sense of accomplishment is not found in the realization of the goal, but rather in the will to continue when failure breeds doubt. An assassination attempt in July 1926 had failed, but the fear it had instilled in him had been all encompassing, paralyzing him both physically and mentally. Nap, as he was called, was 10 when his mother passed away, leaving his father to care for him and his brother.
But James Hill soon remarried, and his new wife Martha quickly established herself as a force in the two-room log cabin. At 15, he landed a position as a freelance reporter for a group of rural newspapers, followed a few years later by a job with Bob Taylor’s Magazine, a popular periodical that offered advice on achieving power and wealth. Hill intently listened as Carnegie recounted his extraordinary accomplishments and proffered his theories on personal achievement. What the world needed, Carnegie suggested, was a philosophy of achievement, a compilation of success principles from the country’s greatest businessmen and leaders to show the commonality of their stories, and serve as inspiration and enlightenment to those wanting more in life.
He issued a challenge to Hill: Commit the next 20 years, without compensation, to documenting and recording such a philosophy of success, and he would introduce him to the wealthiest and most successful men of the time. And so, for the next two decades, between numerous business ventures and starting a family, Hill went about fulfilling the pledge. Carnegie believed that “definiteness of purpose” was the starting point for all success—that “the man who knows exactly what he wants… has no difficulty in believing in his own ability to succeed.” The concept became the foundation for Hill’s later writing and professional focus. In Chicago, he worked as an advertising writer, candy store owner and teacher of a correspondence course in salesmanship. Unfortunately, his colleagues became embroiled in a bad business venture, which led to repercussions for the magazine. About this time, however, Mellet learned that local police were turning a blind eye to Prohibition gangsters distributing narcotics and bootleg liquor to area schoolchildren. Before the end of that year, however, the Great Depression brought Hill’s glory days to a crashing end; the fat royalty checks dried up, the home in Catskills was gone and so was the dream of a success school.
In the next two years, Napoleon eked out a living in Washington as he fulfilled his obligation to FDR’s administration.
The true impact of the book was in the immediate call to action it offered millions of Americans devastated by the economic and agricultural disasters of the early ’30s.
Trying again to start over, Hill went to South Carolina at the request of college president and publisher William Plumer Jacobs, who asked him to create a self-improvement course. For most of his life, Hill had lived with the conviction that every failure carried with it the seed of an equivalent advantage. One lecture took him back to Chicago, where the president of Combined Insurance Company of America was anxious to meet Hill.
After their serendipitous meeting in Chicago, Stone thanked Hill for his work and the pair developed a friendship. Stone and Hill also co-authored Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, which in 1960 became an instant best seller. Some six decades earlier, Carnegie had issued this challenge to Hill: “I want you to write very slowly and take down this formula,” Carnegie had said. This is a short documentary on best-selling author Napoleon Hill and the Foundation he started before his death.
So I have written this 2013 Annual Review and, as always, tied it in with tips and strategies for you to apply to your own personal situation.
Thankfully, friends and community seem to have noticed this and always take time to point out that they’re not sure how I create so much content, launch products and show up and do the work while traveling like a woman on a mission. Now I get daily emails and messages that detail the impact it’s making and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is to be a part of.
I mean, seriously, it blows me away that a corporate girl could build the life of her dreams and make it a business.
Also, if I set a goal for myself, I will move heaven and earth to achieve it – like my book, like my book tour, like so much of what I got done this year to be honest – very handy technique!
I’m blessed to have formed a small global team of talented, smart and amazing people who believe in my vision and want to help it come true. My coach Ray Williams repeatedly tells me I’m too hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit for what I do. As a solo traveler with no home and nothing constant, having a community of people who appreciate what I do means the world to me. Especially when you leave close friends behind again, or a place you’ve enjoyed exploring even if for just a week or two. The result meant I gave a ton of energy and time to interviews, meetups, summits and other peoples’ endeavors than I did to my own mental health and energy levels. I, like many other artists, took their comments to heart more than I should have for their opinion (misguided, intentionally rude or not) is their opinion. I’ve identified where I work best and that isn’t analyzing statistics, and working on systems and conversion optimization.
Showing up, being there for others, and giving and giving and giving some more really does come back to you in droves when you least expect it. One that I’m so proud to stand behind and believe every established entrepreneur could benefit greatly from – The Highflyer Club. Aligned with the 5 pillars of success that make up the Highflyer Club, I believe coaching targeted training and retreats is something I was born to do. I guess when you push that hard and travel so much and are constantly giving and on the go, something has to suffer, and it was my health and well-being. I didn’t enjoy my brief stint with burnout, and I made a promise to myself not to experience that again.
I think I usually do a pretty good job of this but there are times when I don’t put myself in others’ people shoes enough or show I care.
Sometimes they’re too high and demanding and I need to be more aware of that, and show more compassion to not only myself but to them too.
To the moments I missed because I was too busy working instead of playing, and to the moments I relished because I was so busy playing but felt guilty for not working. Love these questions will be going through them myself, just need to get the bubbly ready ?? All the best for 2014. I will say that 2013 has been a great year for me as it allowed me to meet great people like you and launched my online radio show.
I may not agree with everything you did or said but I respect how you run your life and business on your own terms. Glad I’m not alone in this, high standards are a blessing and sometimes a curse but I’d prefer to have them!
If you ever get a chance to read his legendary book, “Think and Grow Rich” it will really open your eyes and give you a stepping stone to success in the world. He struggled to shake off the “living death” that had enveloped him for more than a year and left him wondering whether to fall quietly into the abyss or rise again. He had met disappointment and failure before and brushed them aside, racing furiously after the rainbow that he was certain would lead him to untold success. James Hill was ill-equipped as a single parent and had difficulty in taming his son’s increasingly wild nature. His first major interview was with the then richest man in America—73-year-old Pittsburgh steel magnate Andrew Carnegie—and that interview changed his life.

Yet, by late 1912, the growing belief that his fame and fortune still lay out there led Hill to move to Chicago, leaving his family behind. When the United States entered World War I, he wrote to President Woodrow Wilson offering his services. He went to Chicago printer George Williams and pitched the idea for a magazine dedicated to a philosophy of success: Hill’s Golden Rule would be a blend of biblical psalms, gospel teachings and the lessons he had learned from his research. However, rifts in his business relationships led Williams to seize control of the magazine. He moved to Ohio and purchased and operated a business college offering courses in journalism, advertising and public speaking.
Mellet exposed the goings-on in his paper; Hill went to the governor of Ohio and asked for an investigation.
Although he had come back from failure throughout his life, this time he struggled for more than a year to find his way. Re-energized, he set off for Philadelphia in search of a publisher for the book he had long hoped to write.
Florence and the boys finally joined him in a Catskill Mountains mansion he had purchased along with 600 acres where he planned to build a success school. He was passionate about spreading a “gospel of hope.” When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked Hill to join the staff of his National Recovery Administration to help inspire public confidence, he accepted. He finally agreed to publish it, with one condition—that the title be changed to Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle. Here was the American Dream—their American Dream—elegantly wrapped in ribbons of wisdom and circulated as a currency of hope. The man who had spent the better part of his life chasing an elusive rainbow had finally found his pot of gold. That belief developed after the death of his mother, when his stepmother entered his life; it was sustained throughout his business career by the opportunities that opened up after his failures.
Annie Lou Norman, 47, lived with her sister and nephew in the house where Hill was staying. But if the effects of his messages of inspiration were tallied in gold, he did indeed pass him at the grandstand.
This is followed closely by the never-ending support, grace and generosity of my friends and community online and offline. Every podcast, every blog post, every video, every product and every moment spent working on helping people achieve freedom in business and adventure in life is done for them – for you. The Page serves as a space where small business owners can access educational resources, read success stories from other business owners, engage with peers, and find tips to help businesses run more efficiently.
You accomplished more in one year than most people do in a decade, a true testament to your determination and courage.
My regret was not keeping my word to you on the alotted time that you have given me on your appearance on the show and not being sensitive enough to your schedule and making it more convenient for you. Been so great getting to meet up on 4 continents in this year – well at least 3 and looking forward to the big girl panties being firmly in place in 2014!
This helps provide me with some great ideas for 2014, and also just formulate my thoughts where I haven’t necessarily been able to do so up until now.
I love how you do these open, honest, transparent posts, allowing us to learn so much from you, that we in turn use to improve our businesses and lives. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich (1937), is one of the best-selling books of all time (at the time of Hill's death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold 20 million copies).
But this time, the man who had been in constant motion all his life found himself at a complete standstill.
For young Napoleon, the wealthy industrialists he came to admire in later years were far removed from this primitive land where poverty, illiteracy and superstition reigned. Napoleon was enamored with the outlaw Jesse James, carried a six-shooter on his hip and went about the county terrorizing its citizens. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, King Gillette and other contemporary giants. Upon meeting Hill, Florence Elizabeth Hornor decided she wanted to marry him and, in June 1910, she did.
Hill had interviewed him years earlier as part of his Carnegie research project when Wilson was president of Princeton University. The magazine, written and edited by Hill, was an instant hit, and he began to receive the fame he had long sought. As would become the hallmark of his career, Hill picked up the pieces and moved to New York.
Then he met Don Mellet, publisher of the Canton Daily News, who persuaded him to write a book on the principles of success he had been compiling over the years. His thoughts wandered back to that promise made to Carnegie and the book he had started with Mellet’s encouragement. They married a few months later and she labored with him on his next manuscript, a work he tentatively called The Thirteen Steps to Riches.
How that title came to be changed again is not known, but apparently wisdom prevailed and the new book went to press as Think and Grow Rich!, which became Hill’s greatest work.
Now, on the heels of his latest disappointment, he met a woman who would help him in business matters and be a companion through the end of his days. Clement Stone had been struggling through the Depression when he had picked up a copy of Think and Grow Rich!
Together, they produced a host of books, courses, lectures and radio and television programs. His enormous wealth lay in the millions of people he helped find themselves, believe in themselves and live the lives they never thought possible.
Every month, the Page will introduce a new theme that will focus on a topic important to a small business owner’s success.
Congratulations on a very accomplished 2013 and best wishes for 2014 to be your best year ever! Hill's works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success.
She told him he wasn’t a bad boy, and that he just needed to direct his energy toward accomplishing something worthwhile.
After hearing of Mellet’s murder and receiving an anonymous warning to get out of town, Hill fled to West Virginia. Hill’s eight-volume Law of Success debuted on March 26, 1928, offering the collective wisdom of the greatest achievers of the previous 50 years.
After months of editing and rewriting, he showed the completed manuscript to his publisher, Andrew Pelton, who initially balked, saying it too closely resembled Law of Success.
Today, it is considered the greatest self-improvement book of all time, with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.
In 1954 they published Success Unlimited, the predecessor to SUCCESS magazine, offering inspirational messages similar to those Hill had distributed through Hill’s Golden Rule and Napoleon Hill’s Magazine. Stone had lived by Hill’s principles and stood as a shining example of his success philosophy. In a short time, his company and coffers grew exponentially, and Stone went on to amass a fortune. Now he would be charged to lead the effort of ensuring that Hill’s writings would continue to be shared with future generations around the world. For me, my goals for 2014 is to be financially independent and to take my business, freelance career and radio show to another level and be location independent.
How achievement actually occurs, and a formula for it that puts success in reach of the average person, were the focal points of Hill's books.Hill considered the turning point in his life to have occurred in the year 1908 with his assignment, as part of a series of articles about famous and successful men, to interview the industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Hill discovered that Carnegie believed that the process of success could be outlined in a simple formula that anyone would be able to understand and achieve. Impressed with Hill, Carnegie asked him if he was up to the task of putting together this information, to interview or analyse over 500 successful men and women, many of them millionaires, in order to discover and publish this formula for success.

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