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Read our article to find out why some training providers fail to gain confidence from large corporate customers at first sight! Negotiate effectively with a variety of people in the workplace to achieve goals and reach mutually beneficial agreements. Studies show that having good negotiation skills plays an important role in your success as a supervisor and your potential for advancement.
Being a good negotiator allows you to build, maintain, and improve important workplace relationships. Being a good negotiator helps you achieve important goals and get what you need and want for yourself, your department, and the organization.
In addition to this training course content, with TrainingToday you get a complete course, and our entire training solution that includes administrator tools, reports, and analysis. Our preference is always to discuss with you what challenges your business is facing in obtaining your business objectives. From there, we will design a very specific programme that will meet the needs of your business. A boutique training company based in Singapore, IMPACT Corporate Training was founded in 2001, and designs and delivers high impact interpersonal skills training programs around the world. Customized Payment Plans Available Following is a list of all Camp Negotiation Institute negotiation courses (both credentialed and non-credentialed), describing each course, prerequisites, certification requirements and work-load requirements.
This entry level course gets the student familiar with the founding principles and rules of the Camp System of Negotiation. Second level course 201 provides demonstrated mastery of the Camp System of Negotiation, as well as introduction to the Camp Negotiation Management System.
Section 5: Introduction to Camp Negotiation Management System of Preparation, Execution and De-briefing. Second level course 202 provides mastery of the Camp Negotiation System structure and how the structure is assembled.

The second level Course 203 provides demonstrated mastery of the Camp Negotiation Management System.
The third level Course 301 provides demonstrated mastery of the Camp Negotiation Management System, as well as qualifying the participant to lead a team of certified team members in complex negotiations involving multiple adversaries and multiple issues.
Upon course completion the Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leader Certification issued; participant qualified to enroll in Course 401.
Once Negotiation Hierarchy is in place, Camp Negotiation Institute will assign one coach to support the organization.
Put CNs To Work For YouThere is no way to guarantee you are getting the most out of every negotiation event other than having a trained negotiator on your team. Click below to learn how partnering with CNS can generate more ROI than any investment your company has ever made. Instead of spending hours arguing with people and trying to force them to do what you want, you can reach agreements, find solutions to tough problems, and keep work moving ahead more easily and with less effort if you negotiate effectively. Nagar Chennai - You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.
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Students will be able to immediately apply what they learn and demonstrate their efforts to master the system. Part I: Behaviors dives deeply into the psychological behaviors that underpin all negotiation interactions, and teaches the building of behavior goals that deliver success in negotiations. Coaching support is included for actual negotiations during course completion, and is the secret sauce to maximum performance in the most difficult negotiations.
Course participants also gain mastery of the Daily Track and its application across multiple team members.
Successful candidates will be able to assemble, evaluate and manage multiple teams and team leaders, as well as teach and coach the Camp Systems during multiple simultaneous negotiation engagements.

In fact, any time you’re communicating with another person, you will potentially be making some sort of negotiation. This non-certificate course requires approximately 5-7 hours of academic work and is a prerequisite to Course 201. Successful completion of 201 is required for enrollment in 202 and 203 (Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Member certification issued after 203).
This step-by-step preparation, execution and debriefing will take you on to great performances in any culture and any negotiation environment. Successful completion of Course 301 results in a certification as a Camp Credentialed Negotiation Team Leader and is prerequisite to enrolling in Course 401. You negotiate with other supervisors to coordinate the operation of your departments and work groups. There are also times when your negotiation skills are critical, such as when buying a house or trying to close your next big sale, and when negotiating a business contract or discussing your salary. With completion of this course the participant has mastered the Camp System of Negotiation and is qualified to participate as a qualified team member and is fully qualified to receive and execute coaching at the highest level. You negotiate many issues with your employees from performance goals to vacation schedules.
The main objective of this session is to help managers and supervisors develop and improve negotiation skills.

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