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Renee George is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who is also an experienced lighting professional in Hollywood. RG: Just after Stella said yes, I met with Sarah Demeestere, my lead actress, in Cannes, though she was not yet my lead actress at that time. In a twist of fate, after shooting my film in Paris I was in the Charles DeGaulle airport waiting to board my flight when I saw a familiar man carrying an instrument case on his back.
RG: I started out studying photography and then film at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. RG: Be certain that you are passionate about doing it for a living because it is a very difficult business to be in, with no guarantees of future work and a lot of uncertainty. She studied photography and film and holds a BFA in Media Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and attended the Graduate Film program at New York University.
I had met her before leaving Los Angeles at a movie screening from a French Conversational meetup group. Knowing I didn’t have time to do a proper casting with only one week of pre-production, I asked her if she knew any male actors for the lead role. After wracking my brain, I realized who it was – none other than Gautier Capucon, the famous French cellist and international concert soloist standing in line to board the same plane! Both Jim and Joseph are incredibly talented Gaffers (Chief Lighting Technicians) and I learned so much from them. I felt like the ghosts of Hollywood were there with us, supporting us, all around us all the time.

If you can live with that, because you can’t live without doing film, then you are in the right business.
It is in consideration at Edinburgh, the Los Angeles Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, CFC International Short Film Festival and the USA Film Festival with many more to follow. I have an original screenplay about Nikola Tesla and the birth of the film industry, and another for the French market, a French-language biopic about a famous French musician.
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She showed me some of her actor friends on Facebook and there was one in particular who seemed perfect – Joffrey Platel.
I am not a classically trained musician – I sang melody lines and Robert would transcribe them into sheet music.
This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me!
The dog trainer would be yelling commands and even the crew felt comfortable to talk quietly during takes. She told me to contact her once I arrived at Cannes, which I did shortly after meeting with Stella.
As far as music goes, I used to play and record in bands, Tetes Noires, who toured and recorded three albums one on Rounder Records, and Big Lucy who played locally in Los Angeles and recorded a seven inch. Onstage with Joffrey was Sebastien Pierre, another actor who seemed perfect for the role of the waiter, as his comedic talents were obvious.

I had heard a rumor that they might take the film there, and somehow I knew they would, although Michel the director wasn’t sure at that time if they would have the film finished in time to submit it. That little guy deserves all the kudos because he worked really hard and I’m telling you, that dog can act! Twenty minutes later, I was talking to Stella Libert, cinematographer extraordinaire, who agreed to work with me on my project.
After the performance there was a soiree for the cast and crew across the street and I asked Sebastien if he would play the waiter and he said yes. As I was discussing this point with Joffrey a female friend of his walked up with a little dog! Box 1560 Beverly Hills CA 90213 - 1560 - USA Tel # 310-786-7700 Fax # 310-777-5455 HEIDI KLUM Celebrity Photo Syndication of Celebrity Personalities Pop Stars Rock Icons since 1962!
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