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NLP CoachingA couple of weeks ago, we were running Your Future By Design which is one of our popular weekend Seminars. At Mind Training Systems, we have a specific NLP Coaching Certification Programme that means that you can use these techniques with other people as an Expert NLP Coach. Mind Training Systems NLP Coaching Certification Training means that you will be able to easily learn step by step so that upon completion of this exciting programme you will be able to use the techniques that you have learnt for yourself and also with other people.  You will be safe in the knowledge that you have full, expert, professional support from Mind Training Systems  In House Coaching team.
So with our advanced skills in rapport and also advanced skills in observing people, the next thing we are going to teach you is exactly how to communicate with them. Our next point of focus in your NLP Coaching Training is the learn the basics of motivation and also decision making strategies and submodalities.
We are also going to teach you some other important communication skills at our NLP Coaching Training.  Would you like to be more decisive in some certain situations? In our NLP Coaching Certification Training package we also include all the anchoring techniques and how to use a specific stimulus to be able to control your state.
If you take an NLP Coaching Training with someone else, you might think that you are probably getting the same training!!??!!
In our 7 Day NLP Coaching Certification Training we provide you with the FULL CERTIFICATION for Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner – we are Master Trainers of Time Line Therapy™ and that is the reason you would want to train with us as we have all the latest developments. Along with all the NLP Practitioner and NLP Coaching material, we will also train you in Hypnotherapy and certify you as a Hypnotherapist at the Practitioner level. With our NLP Coaching Training there is a double benefit for you as you can come to our Training and  you can work on a real issue in your life. We guarantee you not only a life changing training experience but you get a lifetime of support from our In House Coaching  team for FREE, whether it’s for personal development, career advancement or a springboard into the coaching and therapy profession.  We are big on support. If you want to take charge in your life we have more to share with you, come and join us at the next NLP Coaching  Certification Training.
From past interactions, we are focused on delivering these three short courses in NLP, each workshop lasts 3 hours for practical examples and display of NLP application of each technique. How well do you know of your internal resources and a master of them?  Do you often let the meeting and goals and other “external” resources rule the outcome of the meeting?
Are you a victim of your thoughts, running into a vicious cycle when you are stucked with a pattern or situation? Learn techniques to catch your sabotaging beliefs and reframe your experience and re-program your subconscious mind to motivate the change in you. Learn how you subconsciously sabotage your goals through how you live your life in a  timeline.  Through this session you become more aware and know how you can plan things taking into consideration what is comfortable for you to live and incorporate goals into your life. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful body of information about how the human mind works, and has been built up since the 1970s.  At its core is a wide range of methods and models that aim to create an understanding of thought process, behaviour and change. NLP can provide the skills to define and achieve your outcomes or goals and a heightened awareness of your five senses, how you you can better communicate within yourself through your senses, allowing you to remain flexible, on track and maintain rapport with those around you. NLP is about bringing the unconscious to awareness; having clients notice how they feel as a result of what and how they speak to themselves and how that colours their experience, how they limit themselves and their idea of what is possible. This is the course outline for our NLP Practitioner training in Manchester as at March 2006.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like an emotional smart bomb…It’s true!  NLP will go straight to work on the subconscious to eliminate problems like addiction, negative patterns, habits and other things that hold people back from achieving the success they deserve. Let’s take the issue of weight loss for instance.  Before I was fortunate enough to discover NLP I had already begun to realize that many clients get stuck trying to lose weight because of their thoughts. NLP can actually retrain your subconscious mind to give you more willpower to change the habits that keep you stuck in life.
Or let’s take relationships for another example.  Let’s say you end up in dead end or damaging and hurtful relationships over and over again, NLP can give you the self-image improvements you need to expect more and make lasting positive changes.
The fact is, when we realize that most of our decisions are driven from our subconscious mind and we use NLP to bring our thoughts both subconscious and conscious together, we are able to find success. Whether you need to lose weight, quit smoking, approve athletic performance, increase your financial earnings or find the right relationship, Neuro- Linguistic Programming could be the answer you’re looking for.  But only if you take action. FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP AND EDUCATIONAL FORUMI have started a public forum designed to support current Nutritional Balancing Clients and educate those interested in starting a program.
Now a NEW report that can help serious Nutritional Balancing clients take their programs to a new level.

ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY UPDATES!I am excited to announce that Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) has recently updated their lab booklets to include more educational information. HOLISTIC WELLNESS FROM WITHIN WELCOMES ERIC JOHNSONI would like to welcome Eric Johnson to Holistic Wellness From Within.
Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing ProgramsA Hair Mineral Analysis can help identify the root cause of most health challenges such as: Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid Issues, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Fatigue and more. HO’OPONOPONO HEALINGHo’oponopono is a very powerful, ancient Hawaiian healing method that facilitates forgiveness within you. THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALING Let’s suppose you were considering buying an old house that been vacant and abandoned for a long time.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly effective coaching methodology for creating personal change work. The bespoke sports coaching caters for anyone looking to improve their sports performance in training and competition, regardless of your level of experience or field of practise. If you are eager to pick up exercise to promote a healthier lifestyle or want to break your personal best, a cognitive training regime will ensure you adapt the right strategies for effective and effortless performance at any given time or situation. Do you feel yourself getting caught up in thoughts and feelings about past events, decisions made and the uncertainty the future can behold?
Or do you see yourself traveling through life in a fast forward spin, unable to find the pause button to assess who you truly are and what you truly want out of this life? Develop an effective leadership style that serves both individual and organisational needs to promote value alignment. Form strategies to focus on objectives as team leader or manager yet attain when to lead, manage or coach with great people skills. During the Seminar we got to share some really powerful techniques with a wonderful group of people.
This ensures that you reach the expert level far quicker than if you tried to do it all on your own.
It starts with an investment that you make and an investment that pays itself back very quickly.
Have you ever had trouble getting into rapport with someone?  It is a very common experience and it doesn’t matter what you do, they just don’t seem to relate to you. Would you like to know how do you fit inside someone else’s decision making process and as importantly, how do you fit inside your own decision making process?  These are very advanced communication tools. Think about this for a moment – often when you communication something to someone, they will have an objection to the message youa re communicating. Have you ever thought to useful that you would benefit from being able to control your emotional state and your state of mind? Time Line Therapy™ is an incredibly effective way of letting go of negative emotions and limiting decisions as you will discover.
This is the complete package that you will need, no gaps, no vital parts missing, no secrets held back, it is all included in this exciting 7 day programme. Richard Bandler, who is in my regards, one of the most transformational person I’ve met and being trained under.  One can truly immersed in the belief of infinite potential under his influence, and it is my aspiration to spread this belief – fully unleash the abundance of our potential, and live life the way we want it, no excuse! Remember phone consultations and Skype sessions are available for my friends outside of the Tri-state area. You will spend valuable time choosing gifts that are quickly forgotten once the novelty has passed.
Coached by a NLP practitioner you master how to uncover learned behaviour that has become unresourceful and may restrain you from achieving personal success. Create a thriving business culture by recognising talents and encouraging individual growth. Over the course of the weekend we had a number of people come and chat to us and they said, “this is really great stuff and we really want to go and use this with other people right away!” So we shared with them useful information about  NLP Coaching and our NLP Practitioner Certification Training and because the feedback that they gave us was that it was such a useful talk, we have completed a write up here for you too.
That is our intention – to support you in becoming an expert in consistently achieving all your goals. The question is, how do you get yourself more motivated and how do you get someone else to be more motivated?  What is the specific process that occurs which causes you to get motivated in the first place?  What we will share with you at the NLP Coaching Certification Training is extremely useful for motivating other people as well as yourself.
So at our NLP Coaching Training, we will share with you how to easily and effectively answer those objections by using a process called “Reframing”.

When you complete our 7 day NLP Coaching Training you will hold 4 Internationally recognised certifications, set you apart from the rest by giving you the complete process. So what you have to do is to help us out by you listening to 20 CDS which make up the Pre study and also the Post study for this training.
Simply because all the theories on the planet are not worth anything, unless you know how to apply them practically. The second benefit is that you’ll learn how to deal with a completely different, new person so that you can use any of these tools and techniques, with other people, anytime in the future.
We also have email support plus the massive benefit that all our graduates and students enjoy. By developing mental strategies you can remove blocks and recognise choices, that will make you thrive for the results and success you want. This will allow you to get a feeling for why you should book your place on our NLP Coaching Certification Training and the benefits this programme has for you and other people around you. Because lots of people make minute changes from moment to moment which you can become aware of when you look across at them.
From my own personal experience, before I knew all about NLP, most of the time I would communicate using the way that I think.
Learning and utilising these advanced skills for changing the communication is a massive plus point for you. AND if you want to take what you learn into business, by training with us you’ll be able to use Creating Your Future™ Coaching Techniques to describe Time Line Therapy™ which is a massive plus for you, as Coaching is the buzz word in the Corporate World instead of Therapy. We recommend that you listen to several times before you take the training and that you also review the material after attending the NLP Coaching Training. Just think about how much transformation you can have from taking this training and that level of support.
We are talking about changes in their skin colour, the tone of their skin and also their pupil dilation. For this reason, you need to be able to understand the way they do it, because the way you do it probably will not be as effective. What we are into, is what works to create change and we teach you how to utilise the techniques to get results. Have you ever been in a situation where you talked to someone and you thought, they were getting what you were saying only to get to the end of the conversation and realise that actually they didn’t get it?!
Because when you have rapport, it means whatever you are communicating to the other person (or group of people), the message will be accepted by them uncritically, regardless of the content. So we will teach you how to figure out how they get motivated and then utilise it and that’s what gets results. Have you ever attending a seminar or a training or a lecture where the people had different levels of knowledge?
So during our NLP Coaching Certification Training we will teach you some extremely advanced skills in communication that utilises the language of the brain. The great thing about our NLP Coaching Certification Training is that whether you have done any of this before or not, everyone comes into the Training at the same level.
You’ll know how that person thinks inside their own brain – this is related to Internal Representations. We teach an advanced level of observation which is extremely useful in management, in sales and also in relationships……it’s especially in relationships. It is incredibly influential because you will be able to fit your communication inside how that person processes that communication inside their head so that it matches. Everyone is capable of understanding the material and the techniques and they provide the theory so you can review it whenever you want to.

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