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Many self help books videos and programs tell you are having a positive mined good thinking and find feelings will get you towards the law of attraction of your life. If you have a garden and the soil is infertile, all those weeds in the garden that would be an analogy the same as a human being having limiting beliefs as an undercurrent of their life. Therefore it is not exactly that there are too many NLP Practitioners or Personal Coaches, yet there are not enough quality of either!
There is a huge difference between what is called a coach or a life coach and a fully trained and accredited NLP practitioner.
An NLP Practitioner, however, would have had training in how to deal with extreme trauma memories, phobias and any other type of memory from birth till the age they are currently. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a theory of language, communication and thought together with an associated therapeutic method, which holds that people can improve the way they interact with the world by means of certain principles and techniques concerned with their use of language. I developed my understanding of the corporate environment in a range of fast-moving service industries with high profile clients. Since becoming an independent consultant, coach and facilitator over 20 years ago, I have worked with executives, and senior managers in private, public and voluntary sectors including multi-cultural organisations. I regularly work in the related areas of Leadership, Change, Performance Management, and Communication Skills, and use real scenarios in workshops whenever possible, and have worked with actors when appropriate. Since 2009 I've been an active Board Member and co-founder of the Association Of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) - a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote coaching supervision and to help coaches and others seeking supervision worldwide to find qualified supervisors easily.
Chris Stagg - for his concepts of 'choice, chance and fate' and 'The Hero's Adventure', plus workshop collaborations to create dynamic scripts, and for his superb direction of actors.
World Leaders, Senior Politicians, Business Executives, Educators, Parents, Teenagers, Young Children; all have been Coached and empowered with Neuro Linguistic Programming.
We truly believe that a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Training should be compulsory for every business owner or someone that are programmed to achieve success in their career.  The benefits of becoming a NLP Practitioner are endless and this will immediately move you right to the top. The methodologies of Neuro Linguistic Programming can be used in almost all areas of your life and business.  You can apply it on yourself for explosive confidence and having a positive state of mind or improve on your relationships with your associates, colleges, employees, employer, family and friends.
For this reason we rather give you more Revolutionary Life Coaching Methodologies to help yourself and business employees, team members or colleges to achieve more success and a positive attitude. Being equipped with the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming will totally empower any person, business or company!
We have a revolutionary and unique combination of the most Powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming Methods, Life Coaching Methodologies, Transformation Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Science,  Advanced Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Success Mind Set Strategies that totally empower your beliefs and attitude, to transform yourself in every area in your life, to really transform your business, life and career.
Doing our NLP Training will ultimately blow your mind away!  Read how other people transformed themselves and see how you can benefit as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner in your life, business and career. Start achieving your goals with a mind-set created for success.  At our Transformation Coaching Academy™ we train and certify people to always make a success of everything they set their mind to. You changed my life!Thank you, thank you, and thank you!From believing that I can’t do stuff, to believing that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.

Words are limited to fully describe the beyond phenomenal experience I have received this week.I feel empowered with powerful knowledge and its application.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is currently high in demand – especially for those people that are running their own business or employed in top positions.
The amazing thing about NLP Courses is that you can use your Neuro-Linguistic Programming in almost any kind of career, business and coaching.  The methodologies of NLP are created to expand our knowledge, view and understanding of people’s behaviors, mind-set and thinking patterns.
Communication is the most important skill to master because our daily lives are mostly the result of what we interpreted to ourselves, from the media, other people, in our working space and at home and therefore you will learn amazing skills on your NLP Course. How we perceive our self, other people, the world, our family and friends are the result of how we filter and distort information through our unique set of values, beliefs and mind-set. The powerful advantages of doing a NLP Course are that you can easily become who you always wanted to be, because you will have the tools to help you in transforming yourself and life. In our Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses we help everyone to install super confidence because we give the tools to get rid of limiting, dis-empowering and unwanted Beliefs, Habits and Behaviours.
Every trainee will also learn and experience the art to recover within few minutes from past hurts, disappointments and trauma’s!
Why do so many people just live life on “default” and hope for a better outcome or something good to happen?  That is actually all they will ever do, because it is only when we take control and start living conscious in our thinking, feeling and daily actions that we will experience ‘Change’! By signing up for our NLP Course, you will experience the amazing power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in one of our Live Training. Start living your dreams by discovering yourself and your true purpose in life.  At our Transformation Coaching Academy™ we train and certify people to make a success of everything they set their mind on. The whole notion of Neuro Linguistic Programming, often called NLP, is about self-development and rapid transformation.
And whilst some of this may be true, the analogy of a garden and seeds is the best I can show you to illustrate that positive thinking does not work at all.
These limiting beliefs are hardwired, have many memories – perhaps thousands, involved with them. I will attempt to show you what NLP is within this article, plus give you the comparison between neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and coaching. To do that I have to give you the whole curriculum so you can look through and see what’s included. The reasons for this are not entirely clear yet it could be because of the lack of good quality NLP trainers in the regions.
A life coach will be somebody who can guide you through a series of strategies to accomplish your goals over a period of time. That is, the client, hearing the words and delivery by the practitioner, begins a line of thought and forms new associations.
People can use NLPa€™s principles and techniques to represent their world better, learn and communicate better, and ultimately live better, fuller, and richer lives.

After experience in line management, I became an HR Manager for a leading hotel group, then a Marketing Manager, a National Account Manager, and a Manager of Learning & Development for American Express - a high intensity crucible for learning that set me in good stead for becoming the coach I am today.
I've also launched and ran a successful learning and development consultancy with my then business partner, Ian Mackenzie. For example, I'm a Volunteer Coach supporting the Executive Leadership Programme within The British Heart Foundation. Fill in the form now and we will send you all the information you need and when you love what you see we will contact you to answer any other questions.
I feel inspired to get “out there” in a really big way and step up to my vision for myself.
All our Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses are Accredited Internationally by ANLP and locally by COMENSA.
The originators were working as psychologists, trainers and corporate advisers when they started working out how the functioning of the brain effects the deepest patterns internally. What our forefathers started to do was to find keys to these control panels and quickly open up the places where change could take place. Even hypnosis and hypnotherapy have good kudos, whereby you can even get hypnotherapy on the free NHS! They do not have to work with your memories and belief systems yet they do have to have a good idea of how to strategise and move a person between one place to another over a period of time. Each set of association is then further linked and associated to new ideas, understandings, and possibilities.
Since then, I've set up my own coaching and facilitation business and am also working as a coach supervisor to many professional coaches, and have set up a number of coach supervision groups. As a result, tremendously difficult situations like phobias could be located and deleted within 30 minutes or less where it may have taken months with traditional methods.
Therefore when I go into a corporation and they want NLP training I show them that, of course I can give them fantastic skill sets presentation skills managerial skills, leadership skills, team building, sales training. Consequently, bypassing or breaking conditioned clusters of negative experiences and beliefs help the client construct a new map of reality and facilitate cure. I benefit from regular supervision and maintain an active CPD learning journal, to sustain my accreditation.
I did cover this angle in an earlier blog, whereby what I surmised is that the training over here has not been that good.
In the words of Milton Erickson, a€?It is this experience of re-associating and reorganizing his own (Clienta€™s) experiential life that eventuates in a curea€?.

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