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The School of the Prophets leaves a significant imprint on the lives of all who attend, in every facet of life, as the principles are applicable to business, family, government and interpersonal relationships.
The School of the Prophets is a unique interlude in your progressive Christian walk, and will propel you towards the successful cultivation of the gift of God within you!  Now is the Time to Invest in Your Spirituality by Signing Up for one of our Free School Of The Prophets Meetings near You. The following School Of The Prophets meetings will be Instructed by Prophet Robert Meola under the Guidence and Covering of The Master Prophet Bishop E.
All of The School Of The Prophets Meetings are free to attend so you can bring as many guests with you as you like. In This School of the Prophets Training we will be Opening the Heavens for OverFlow Blessings.
This Meeting is Absolutely Free So Spread The Word as We will be Prophesying to everyone in Attendance.
For Directions or More Information contact us at 855-476-9646.To Receive a Blessing by Being a Blessing and Sowing a Seed into the School Of The Prophets Click Below.
Before full-time ministry Ed worked in several marketing executive positions with companies such as General Mills, Ford Motor Company, Carnation Company, and Avco Financial Services.
He led the first South African Government sponsored trip of Black entrepreneurs to South Africa and was spotlighted by CNN Headline News for his ministry involvement there. Ed partnered with Pastor Bill Winston of Living Word Christian Center, Illinois to extend the Joseph Business School to the Los Angeles area.

Ed has been a Board Member of the Evangelical Christian Credit Union for over sixteen years. Ed has been married to Vanessa Smith since 1975 and is blessed with four wonderful children, three sons, Joshua (Marsee), Eddie, and Aaron, one daughter, Naomi, and three grandsons, Josue Aaron James, and Angelo.
Christina Michelle Patterson is an ICF Certified Life Coach and Public Speaker originally from Juneau Alaska, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.
Christina coaches professional individuals who feel that they haven’t yet reached the level of fulfillment they desire to have in the areas of personal-development, relationships, spirituality and state of mind. Christina earned her coaching credentials through World Coach Institute & Awyken, and is a Vanguard University of Southern California Alumni. The School of the Prophets specializes in establishing an ethical foundation of servanthood leadership to impact the lives of students during their crucial season of preparation for and maturation of ministry.
We will be teaching on how to Maximize Opportunities and Expand Expectations so you can Absorb your Blessings in Greater Ways! His final corporate position was that as Vice President of Marketing for Family Savings Bank in Los Angeles California Ed is the Founder of the Zoe School of Economic Development, an entrepreneurial course for those seeking to be successful in business, which was featured on Warner Brother’s “Making It”; a program devoted to highlighting the accomplishments of minority entrepreneurs.
In 2004, he was elected to the board of the Christian Leadership Alliance (formerly Christian Management Association) and the Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles.
She empowers her clients to Get Happy & Stay Happy in their life, relationships and career.

Along with individual coaching, Christina also hosts group coaching sessions, motivational workshops and seminars. Her professional background includes 12 years in corporate finance, 5 years within the manufacturing industry & 7 years within the aerospace industry. Prophet Meola is a Temple Seer in POME and has served for several years as a personal assistant to The Master Prophet. To date, she has equipped her clients to Get Happy & Stay Happy by helping them to overcome fears, heal unhealthy relationships, eliminate undesirable behaviors, increase their confidence, and experience substantial improvement in their overall lives.
De introductie workshop is de eenvoudigste manier om de voordelen van NLP aan den lijve te ondervinden. He was invited to Russia in 1995 to participate in training the staff of the fourth largest bank in Russia.

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