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Without question, there’s no training of trainers in the field of NLP like the Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training.
Neuro-Semantics has and continues to take NLP to a new level of professionalism in models and ethics. Because Meta-States is a model of reflexivity, apply to self is built into the model thereby enabling Neuro-Semanticists to integrate the premises and practices of NLP more fully into ourselves. Neuro-Semantics involves many new models beyond Meta-States: Frame Games, Matrix Model, Axes of Change, Self-Actualization Quadrants, Meta-Performance, etc.
Neuro-Semantics not only involves some new models, but also a community that provides ongoing support for trainers and coaches.
As a certified Neuro-Semantic and NLP Trainer, you will be listed on the international website, have access to dozens of Training Manuals, promotional materials, be invited to a special egroup just for Trainers, and much more.
As a Neuro-Semantic Trainer, you wil be licensed to train and certify APG (Accessing Personal Genius, also titled, Coaching Genius or Self-Leadership). Trainers are in business, publically and privately within various companies and corporations, and so need business and entrepreneur skills for running a training business, administrating it, marketing, selling, etc. As a participant in the NSTT training, you will be asked to make four presentations and to be benchmarked on your Presentation and Training skills as well as your content knowledge of Neuro-Semantics and NLP. These will be evaluated and benchmarked by the Trainers and a 2.5 on the 0-to-5 benchmark scale will have to be reached in order to be certified.
When you met the benchmarked competencies of the Training, you will be able to graduate and receive the Credentials as a Neuro-Semantic and NLP Trainer under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.
1) Trainers with Institutes.As a Certified Trainer you have the right to create an Institute or Center of Neuro-Semantics.
2) Trainers who Certify with ISNS Certificates.You also have the right to train and certify participants, giving out ISNS Certificates which are honored internationally.
3) Trainers who do not certify.If you work within an organization where it is the training content, not the certification that’s needed or desired, you will be training the materials, adapting them as needed, but not giving ISNS Certificates. As a Certified Neuro-Semantic Trainer you also have access to a great many of the Gateway Trainings.
The Gateway trainings include: Games Great Sales People Play, Wealthy People play, Slim and Fit People Play, Great Lovers, etc. We have designed the days of NSTT to be packed with learnings and activities and we have made the days intense. Today Michael is a visionary leader in the field of Neuro-Semantics and Self-Actualization Psychology in the world. Certified Trainers will be listed in the website of The International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Nar du deltar pa var INLPTA NLP tranarutbildning utvecklar du din utbildarstil och presentationsteknik samtidigt som du gar pa djupet med NLP:s grunder.
Heb je de droom om als gecertifieerd NLP trainer de NLP Practitioner training, NLP Master Practitioner training of eigen trainingen te gaan geven?
In deze ervaringsgerichte training leer je te denken als trainer, ontwikkel je trainers- en groepsbewustzijn, krijg je verdieping in je NLP kennis en maak je de volgende stap in je persoonlijke ontwikkeling. De grootste stap in je persoonlijke ontwikkeling kun je maken door trainingen te gaan geven op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling.
Het is voorbehouden aan NLP Master trainers om NLP trainers op te leiden en te certificeren.
De training is verdeeld over twee weken in het voor- en najaar dus totaal 14 dagen met diverse avondprogramma’s.
Het NLP trainers certificaat is erkend door Nederlandse en --> de Amerikaanse vereniging van NLP.

Je verblijft op een prachtige locatie op Ibiza (16 overnachtingen) voorzien van zwembad, buitenbar, WIFI en trainingsruimte. Deze training is bedoeld voor mensen die de NLP Master Practitioner training hebben afgerond en zelf NLP trainingen willen gaan geven. Bekijk de fiscale voordelen die je bij het volgen van de NLP Trainers training kunt aanvragen. It does this via the use of the Meta-States model that models the special kind of human consciousness—self-reflexive consciousness.
As such, the ISNS—International Society of Neuro-Semantics provides international credibility and community.
To support this, The Psychology of APG is designed to give you the background understanding for waht the patterns are designed to do, how to think about the patterns and how to use the patterns with more depth in your own understanding of the psychology within the patterns. These five day introduce the key specific skills that empowers every effective public speaker. It empowers Trainers in the ins-and-outs of the Training business and especially in the business of Neuro-Semantics. There will be a demonstration of the pattern, an entertaining of questions, and a hypnotic induction. Those who do not reach competency level will be given specific feedback and action tasks in order to get up to competency. It includes Living Genius, the Stroke of Genius series: reframing genius (Mind-Lines), perceptual genius (Meta-Programs), business genius, and many, many more.
The design is to put each participant under pressure to not only see how you handle stress, but to empower you in handling stress—to meta-state yourself under pressure. Michael, with his doctorate in the Cognitive-Behavioral sciences, is a psychologist who is continuing the modeling of self-actualization that Abraham Maslow began. There will be an international leadership team of ISNS responsible for development and promotion of ISNS. Under var NLP Trainers Training utbildning lar du dig att bli en framgangsrik presentator och utbildare samtidigt som du far en djupgaende kunskap om NLP:s processer och verktyg. Tijdens deze unieke en intensieve opleiding tot NLP trainer leer hoe je zelf NLP trainingen kunt ontwikkelen en geven. Wij hebben er voor gekozen om het hele traject binnen 5 a 6 maanden af te ronden inclusief certificering en voor een all-in prijs zonder verborgen verrassingen. Tussen de eerste week en de tweede week zijn er aantal presentatieavonden op onze trainingslocaties in Nederland. Deelname is inclusief 14 trainingsdagen en diverse avondprogramma’s op Ibiza, 4 presentatieavonden in Nederland, een erkend internationaal NLP Trainers certificaat, manual (ook digitaal in PDF) en verblijf op Ibiza. Je kunt een plaats reserveren totdat je een beslissing hebt genomen of dat de training bijna vol is.
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This has enabled Neuro-Semantics to model and replicate more complex experiences and states. Via The Psychology of APG you will also be more equipped as you do your presentations in NSTT. We have benchmarked these skills so that you will be able to identify where you are on the scale of competency and what are the skills to add, or subtract, to take one to the next level. These skills enable you to work effectively with adult learners enabling them to gain the theoretical knowledge necessary for the how-to knowledge of implementation. These Neuro-Semantic Guardians also function as a board of examiners in case any complaints come against you.

With the benchmarking, the testing of content knowledge, the demand of four presentations, the content of four trainings (presentation, training, meta-APG, and business skills), meeting and working with those who will be your colleagues in teams — NSTT is a very intense experience. Study and practice the basic Meta-States model whether by book (Secrets of Personal Mastery, Meta-States, Dragon Slaying, etc.) or by video, DVD, audio. Beginning with his work in Cognitive Psychology, he discovered the field of NLP and worked for a while with the genius behind the NLP model.
HallDr Michael Hall, with his doctorate in the Cognitive-Behavioural science, is a psychologist who is contrinting the modelling of self-actualization that Abranham Maslow began. Dessutom kan du valja att bli certifierad INLPTA NLP-utbildare med mojlighet att utbilda andra i NLP. Na het behalen van het NLP trainers certificaat kun je, zelfstandig of bij een bestaand instituut, als NLP trainer aan de slag. Voor een groep staan werkt als een vergrootglas met betrekking tot persoonlijke thema’s en patronen.
De prijs is exclusief vluchten van en naar Ibiza en het vervoer van en naar de trainingslocatie. In overleg zal dan besproken wat de cursist nog moet doen (bijvoorbeeld extra ervaringen opdoen) om vervolgens nogmaals een eindpresentatie te geven.
These are the skills that make you an engaging speaker who can command the stage and work with an audience. Many public speakers are charismatic, even magical, but cannot transfer data so that it actually in-forms the minds, hearts, and actions of people. You will be signing an Agreement as a Licensed Trainer and a Conflict Resolution Agreement. And if you have specialized training and knowledge in a given area (finances, wealth, fitness, etc.), you may be exempt from having to experience the training as you consult with Dr. Then modeling resilience, he discovered the Meta-States model that became the most significant contribution to NLP in the 1990s.
Others certified NS trainers can be found in the international ISNS website and the local ISNS website. Beginning with his work in Cognitive Psychology, he discovered the field of NLP and worked for a while with the genius behind NLP model. All of this is part of the apply to self principle and a reflection of the Professionalism that we are committed to demonstrate. That led to the creation of the field of Neuro-Semantics and later, the creation of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. He has been publishing over 40 books, and his schedule of seminars and lectures is constantly filled for next 1 to 2 years. With the Gateway Trainings, you have access to the training manuals, promotions, and so on. Since the early 1990s, he has modeled leadership, learning, selling, wealth creation, and then coaching.
Evidently, he is actively and successfully on the top of the field of personal development.

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