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It is sometimes critical to know such variations specially if you are likely to find yourself in high-stakes meetings with international businesspeople. In this body language guide, you will find a list of non-verbal signals and their interpretation by various nations.
Even if they know each other well, people from these cultures will still hand shake on meeting and departure.
The difference between hand shake pump frequency means that a French man with one pump might find an American handshake too overwhelming and an American might find the French too cold.
Cheek kissing is not as common as it is in the southern parts of Europe though it is practiced for greetings between the sexes and between women. Kissing between men and women is considered inappropriate if the two are not married or closely related. Cheek kissing is widely practiced including men to men unless they are getting introduced for the first time.
Note: Generally, the larger a nation the more likely that attitude to kissing varies within the country. Traditionally interpreted as an obscene sign similar to the middle finger in the western world. In general, members of some countries prefer not to touch each other as a sign of respect while in some other nations touching is practiced often and is used to strengthen social bonds. Although bear in mind that due to the disruptive effect of Internet as a technology and today’s globalised communication, many people are aware of body language signals of other countries, especially body language of those that are culturally more dominant. For each gesture, you can see various countries’ interpretation of it along with differences among nations.
The depth of the bow shows the amount of respect shown and indicates the relative status between the two.

Men prefer to handshake rather than kiss men, except kissing father and close friends or if they have not seen a friend for a long time.
Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. Use these to increase your awareness of body language signals and reduce the likelihood of offending or getting offended by others. Detecting bow strength may require years of experience, so a simple bow by a foreigner is usually adequate. Kiss frequency is perhaps one of the most difficult gestures to memorise and remember across all nations and regions. If you are a new diver and see someone do a thumbs-up, and you happen to be British, resist the urge to do a thumbs-up back thinking that you are saying you are Ok too. Message can be transmitted with the help of our body movements which is called body language. Facial expressions for happiness, sadness, anger and fear are similar throughout the world. Our clothes an dresses provide a good visual signal to our interest, age, personality, taste and sex. Our choice of color, clothing, hairstyles and other factors affecting appearance are also considered a means of nonverbal can evoke different moods.
Consider differing cultural standards on what is attractive in dress and on what constitutes modesty.
Left hand is for toilet functions.Islamic cultures generally don’t approve of any touching to opposite genders (even handshakes). But consider such touching (including hand holding, hugs) between same sexes to be appropriate.

Silence: Silence is another form of non-verbal communication which expresses the positive or negative meanings of particular messages. Space or proximity: People often refer to their need for “personal space”, which are also important types of nonverbal communication.
If someone you don’t know stand too close or touches too often, you will probably begin to feel uncomfortable.C. For example, begin late in work everybody a worker can be considered as a man of carelessness but if a manager does it; we say it is a symbol of power. Paralinguistic (Tone and volume of voice): Paralinguistic refers to vocal communication that is separate from actual language. Paralanguage also include such vocal characteristics as rate (speed of speaking), pitch (highness of lowness of tone), inflection, volume (loudness) and quality (pleasing or unpleasant sound).Vocal characterizers (laugh, cry, yell, moan, whine, belch and yawn).
These send different message in different cultures (Japan- giggling indicates embarrassment; India- belch indicates satisfaction)Vocal qualifiers (volume, pitch, rhythm, tempo and tone). Gender based as well women tend to speak higher and more softly than men.Vocal segregates (UN-huh, shh, uh, ooh, mmmh, hummm, eh mah, lah). Visual communication: When communication takes place by means of any visual aid, it is known as visual communication. Such as facial expression, gesture, eye contact, signals, map, chart, poster, slide, sign etc.

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