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NC (voiceover): It was one of the first crossover reviews I ever did, and needless to say, the film was less than breathtaking. NC: And seeing how the Nostalgia Chick helped me last time, I figure it’s only fitting to make the offer again.
NC (voiceover): So, just like the first movie, they like to throw in songs that really have nothing to do with furthering the story and more to do with…you know, I have no idea why they threw in songs.
NC (voiceover): (sighs) You know, I really can’t get into a song that I swear I heard from a Fruity Marshmallow Krispies commercial in the ‘90s. NC (voiceover): So we see Crysta from the last movie showing some of the younger animals the ways of Ferngully.
NC (voiceover): Yeah, so as you can probably guess, Pips is turning into a Disney Princess as he dreams about a world beyond what he’s used to. NC (voiceover): (as Crysta) I’d much rather use it to have strange hand sex and impress mullet youths that aren’t interesting enough to be featured in the sequel.
NC (voiceover): (normal) So Crysta continues to grow more trees in the forest as, again, Pips can’t help but act like a loudmouth pussy. NC (voiceover): So, as you can imagine, an evil poacher comes around and steals the baby animals.
NC (voiceover): Now, something I never understood in this movie or the last movie, for that matter, is how come Crysta, who was clearly seen shrinking down the main character from the last movie, doesn’t just shrink these guys down, too?
NC (voiceover): So the poachers sleep well, knowing they caught some tasty ingredients for White Castle, as our heroes try to sneak up and rescue them. NC (voiceover): The next morning, they take a look at the damage, which of course, results in a slow spin of the burned-down forest, and just to up the ante, let’s have hand-to-face action there. The Elder (Crysta's Father): But some things, my dear, even with all our magic do not mend quickly.
NC (voiceover): So you realize pretty quickly that the main character in this one is not Crysta, nor is the human from the first film. NC (voiceover): You know, these movies don’t convey how fragile the rainforest is, do they? NC (voiceover): (sighs) You know, another pet peeve that gets to me is the fact that these fairies are flying, yet their wings never move.
NC (voiceover): So they (Pips and the Beetle Boys) come across a carnival because I guess carnivals are very popular near the rainforest now, and they decide to check it out.
NC (voiceover): So as they’re enjoying their antics in the human world, suddenly something dawns in their heads! NC (voiceover): So, knowing that time is of the essence, the crew gets their focus back on track and decides to hunt down the babies…by sleeping.

NC (voiceover): We then cut back home, where Crysta—you know, the person who SHOULD be the hero of this picture—is seen trying to grow Ferngully back through roots and stems. NC (voiceover): So Crysta and the “NOT Tone Loc” lizard get him out of the trap and heal his wound with a leaf.
Pips: (flies over to Budgie and faces her as she’s crying and burying her face) Did that human hurt you?
NC (voiceover): So she takes the whole “seeing half-naked fairy” thing pretty good, as she invites them to rest inside her trailer—Yeah, because if there’s anything they haven’t done enough of, it’s resting—while Batty, who surprisingly seems to be the only character doing any work in this movie, locates the animals and tries to tell the rest of the gang where they are. NC (voiceover): It’s not like there’s any other important things we can be doing right now! Batty: (speaks with an unidentifiable celebrity impression) OK, partner, it’s just you and me.
NC (voiceover): So Batty and one of those miner guys from “Megaman” go to save the animals, but unfortunately get caught. NC (voiceover): So Pips, once again, gets reminded about why the fuck he came here in the first place. NC (voiceover): So they FINALLY decide to go after the freaking animals as they chase down the truck that’s taking them away. NC (voiceover): So the poacher sees the girl and naturally pulls the truck over to stop her.
NC (voiceover): No, no, actually, it turns into a floating car and manages to find its way to where the poachers are trading the animals. NC: (disturbed pause) …‘K, I don’t wanna know what kind of act requires her to pull his pants down. NC (voiceover): As sequels go, this isn’t one of the worst—especially considering how they did have much to go from in the first place—but it’s just pointless. The always-scheming coyote has tried many times to catch his prize, and, as always, he fails. The Road Runner (???????, Rodoranna), the deuteragonist of the series, is a flightless bird who drinks juice from prickly pears and runs at high velocity, about 100 MPH. It required some help, so the Nostalgia Chick humbly volunteered herself to review the film with me. Human in shape but satanic in spirit, Man likes to spend most of his time destroying things because he is worse than the Devil if he was a pedophile.
Again, even though we could see her grow trees in a nanosecond—aw, hell, I just sound like a broken record. Kinda silly when you can clearly see he can slip right through the bars, but hey, if it keeps him out of the movie, I’m good for it!

He was singing about how they should never give up and find their way home, and now literally, the very next line, he’s talking about how they’re all going to be handbags!
I feel like I can’t focus on anything—(a housefly flies across the screen) Ooh, a housefly! Chuckles) I was just pulling that out of my ass when I said she can do it, but by God, she can really do it!
The animation is standard—and at times, pretty sloppy—the story doesn’t really tell us any more about Ferngully or the characters. Coyote and the Road Runner (????????????????????, Wairi Koyote to Rodoranna no Boken) is a fanfiction anime miniseries by LDEJRuff based on the Wile E. Coyote (?????????, Wairi Koyote), the protagonist of the series, is an omnivorous creature who lives in a dessert and always tries to catch the Road Runner. You know the Angry Video Game Nerd is much better than…(NC grabs him and throws him off-screen) Thank youuuuuuuu….!
Well, we’ll do our best to eat your ice cream and flip the lights on and off until your child is rescued! So, literally, as the fairies continue to ride the rides for the past five minutes, the animals in their cages decide, “Somebody has to entertain the audience!” So they break into an annoying musical number. However, after learning about Nasty Canasta's plan to turn the dessert into a shopping mall, he allies himself with the coyote to save their home. Were there really protesters out in the streets demanding to see more “Ferngully?” (an image of three protesters holding signs that say “I just woke up!” “The rapping bat was awesome!” and “More Ferngully!” are shown) My guess is the movie broke even, which, in Hollywood, means they can squeeze a little bit more tripe out of it, which resulted in this half-assed effort of dickiness.
I wouldn’t mind too much, except they don’t even attempt to make him sound like Robin Williams. I like the idea of the fairies getting distracted by the attractions of the human world, but it’s not fleshed out enough, and that sort of makes the characters look shallow. Coyote and the Road Runner make an unlikely alliance to save their home and try to stop him.
She decides she wants to get the dog home, leaving that whole “rebuilding the rainforest” thing, as we see our heroes come across an old man and his granddaughter try to perfect their clown act.

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