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We created an online salsa school and online salsa courses so you can learn from the comfort of your home or use it to compliment your current classes. Each private lesson will cover the more in-depth details that will help you to move to the next level in your Salsa or Bachata dancing.
We will fully explain each technique and detect any areas where you may need to improve or need more practice – even the little details will make a big change in your dancing! Joel Salsa offers Salsa, Bachata, Latin Dancing classes and private dance lessons in New York City. Kickboxing combines elements of traditional Taekwondo and Muay Thai with the heart-healthy benefits of a total body workout. In addition to kickboxing, our program trains students in Krav Maga, the self defense system used by Israeli special forces. Confidence, focus, and self discipline are inherent in our training,and we believe they are the foundations of a successful life. At Kickboxing NYC our self-defense techniques, combined with the strength you will build with regular attendance in our classes, will make you safer and smarter should you find yourself in a threatening situation. Unlike most gyms, at Modern Martial Arts we have adopted an attitude towards our students we call "Cheers".

The advantage of Modern Martial Arts' kickboxing classes is that we focus on functional training: we strengthen the body according to how it's meant to move.
No matter what a person's size, knowing how to defend oneself allow them to tackle life with greater confidence and resolve. Whether you are a beginner Salsa dancer or an advanced dancer, you will enjoy learning new moves and go deeper into this beautiful dance & culture.
These workshops will compliment your group classes and allow you to master techniques to take your dancing to the next level. The dance studio Joel Salsa has expert dance instructors who offer structured lessons to create muscle memory with rhythm in a fun, easy way. This stand-up fighting art focuses on kicks, punches, blocks, and movements that make you stronger and more agile.
At the same time, you will experience what it's like to be pushed to your max through a vigorous cardio workout that builds both power and flexibility. Students from their teens to their sixties get hooked on the tremendous sense of empowerment they get from their kickboxing classes.
The intense focus attained from practice tends to bubble over into work life, studies, and students' general approach to life.

Whether you're curious to check out a new sport or just to see how much we can make you sweat, we will tailor your experience according to YOUR personal goals. There's no better way to burn calories and build muscle tone than in our fast-paced classes. No matter what your fitness level, our instructors will get to know what motivates you, and what challenges you.
The punches, kicks, lunges, and pivoting motions of kickboxing work your core muscles more thoroughly and elegantly than any other exercise.The quick movements and graceful balancing achieved in kickboxing will empower you to move through life with an agility that comes from your center while giving you the sleek appearance of a warrior. Once your fitness goals are established, we will get to work helping you get where you want to be.

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