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School of American Ballet, Riverbank State Park, Ballet Tech, Dance Theatre of Harlem, LaRocque Bey School of Dance Theatre, Royal Scottish Country Dance SocietyWith a son who is totally into ballet, it wasn't long before his little sister wanted lessons, too. As a result, I'm always on the hunt for the most reasonably priced dance classes in New York City. A rigorous and competitive ballet program, SAB offers world-class, tuition-free training for boys enrolled in levels below Intermediate Men. For children ready to commit to eating, breathing and living dance, there's Ballet Tech, a specialized NYC public school for fourth to 12th graders. While DTH's general kids' programs can get a bit pricey, its Open Family Classes are a bargain. This Harlem institution offers weekly ballet, tap and African dance classes for children ages 4 and up for $55 per month. One important thing to remember about any class for kids is that many organizations, from community centers to elite dance schools, set aside some money every year for financial aid, especially for promising students and enthusiastic parents who can help serve the organization in other ways (think office work, marketing, fund-raising, etc.). While I try to be fair when it comes to extracurricular activities for my kids, enrolling in multiple classes really adds up, especially with dance, which can quickly go from once a week to twice a week to oh my God, we're living in the studio!

In addition to swimming, skating and spinning on the carousel, you can take low-cost dance lessons.
Admission to the program is by audition only and in the past, roughly a quarter of the boys who tried out were accepted. The school is open to boys and girls in all five boroughs and offers a comprehensive no-cost dance education. Adults who want to check out the lessons for themselves can use this coupon for a no-cost trial class. So if there's a program you're interested in, it's worth inquiring about scholarships, sliding-scale tuition and other types of aid. The New York Public Library presents year-round one-off dance classes, from ballroom to salsa to creative movement. There's also tap for children ages 7 and up for the same price, and separate programs for teens. Ballet Tech auditions children in hundreds of elementary schools throughout the city, asking them to complete movements such as plies and releves, seated forward bends and skipping.

Children ages 12 to 17 can join NYC's Scottish dancing society for $17.50 a year and take ten weeks of classes for just $64. Out of approximately 31,000 children evaluated, about 600 were selected to participate in the Beginner Program in 2011. Those who qualify are released from their regularly scheduled academic classes one morning a week for six weeks and bused to Ballet Tech at no cost. You can also look for dance classes on the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Library sites.
All NYC public elementary schools are eligible to participate, just call to set up an audition date.

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