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As some of you know, I started running on a whim back in 2008 & have since finished three marathons and about 2 dozen smaller road races. I have joined the Team Heartosaurus for the American Heart Association to help raise awareness of he dangers of aortic aneurysms, encourage screening, and help people to get on with their lives after surgery, all based on my own experience. In August, 2010 I self-diagnosed an abdominal aortic aneurysm only 10 days after finishing the Lake Placid Ironman for the fourth time with my best time ever. In 2011 I became the first person in the world, as far as I am aware, to complete an Ironman race with and abdominal aortic stent graft. I was introduced to Benjamin Carey (Heartosaurus) as a result of my reading and reviewing his excellent and inspirational book, 'Barefoot in November.' Benjamin invited me to join his team, and I was delighted to do so. I am a runner for just over a year and being the enthusiastic reader that I am when I find a new interest, I came across an inspiring book, Barefoot in November, written by a man who had ran the NYC marathon exactly one year after having open heart surgery. I, myself, had my own brush with death 2 years ago which had led me on a path to a healthier happier lifestyle.
After years of running with calf pain, I found out that my left external iliac was blocked. On October 5th 2011 I had open heart surgery to replace a defective valve and repair an aortic aneurysm. I am raising money for the American Heart Association to educate people on the need for screening, the importance of patient involvement with their doctor and improving diagnostic capabilities. Just a few short weeks later, my Dad suffered an aortic dissection and passed away suddenly.
I really believe in the work the American Heart Association does to spread knowledge of aortic disease so that there is more early detection and less families will have to go through losing a loved one so suddenly. I am honored to be part of the Heartosaurus NYC Marathon team so that I continue honoring my Dad and raising awareness and money for this very important cause. Hi, please join me in my mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. I started running a few years ago to change my life, physically, emotionally and internally. On a more serious note, as most of you know, my father and hero, Brian Freeman died suddenly of a massive heart attack when I was only 16 years old. Of course, if you know me, you know I had to take it upon myself to complete his unfulfilled goal. So as I once again dare to attempt a Marathon, I hope you will consider donating towards my team and this great cause we are running in support of. Eight years ago, on December 30, 2004, I decided to make some healthy changes which included quitting smoking.
In February 2011, while running the NYRR Al Gordon Classic, a 4 mile race in Prospect Park, not only did I have the usual calf pain, but my thigh was in pain.
In early June, 2012, I saw a vascular surgeon that attempted to open the bypass during an angiogram and inserted a stent. I have been able to continue my running and train for the NYC Marathon on November 4, 2012 as planned because of Dr. And now, as a part of Team Heartosaurus, I will run the 2012 NYC Marathon with my brother, Dr. I am running this marathon in memory of my dad and his courageous fight against atherosclerosis and all the many complications because of this disease. Thank you to all these wonderful and passionate people for their relentless efforts to raise donations for the American Heart Association and for spreading awareness about heart and vascular disease. I hope that Team Heartosaurus will be given the chance to run together in 2013 and complete this journey. We’re always looking for new members to participate in various events (athletic and non-athletic) around the country. Hi Benjamin, at least our houses weren't crushed - oops, wait a minute, I think maybe yours was. See how the team at New York-Presbyterian is taking the lead on the treatment for Aortic disease.

WOODLAND — While Woodland Action is primarily known as a food bank, the nonprofit's executive director sees the center differently.
Runners cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at the start of the New York City Marathon, Sunday, Nov. The TCS New York City marathon is the largest and most prestigious marathon in the world, attracting over 50,000 runners each year from 139 countries, including many world-class professional athletes.
The world’s number one technical running brand, ASICS, has been a partner and proud sponsor of the NYC Marathon for the past 17 years. At this year’s race Pitch and ASICS Europe are hosting journalists from across EMEA who have all been given exclusive access to the event. It’s not all hard work for our journalists however, as they experience everything the city that never sleeps has to offer, including for the first time ever the chance to take a selfie with the world’s tallest selfie stick at Gansevoort Plaza! It was the worst storm the New York area has ever seen and the damage total as we speak ranks second only to Katrina. Some spent hundreds of dollars on plane tickets and hotels only to find out at the last minute while picking up their numbers at the marathon expo, that the race was cancelled.
Our team was made up of patients and their surgeons, and people who lost parents or siblings to heart disease. He ran to support my mission, but this year it was personal as he lost a family member to heart disease. Events during the race led me to this diagnosis, which was confirmed by ultrasound at 7 cm diameter, and then by MRI. During the last two years, in spite of Ironman training, my aneurysm has shrunk from 7 cm to 3.8 cm diameter, and I am now living an essentially normal life due to my diagnosis. I have no qualms about completing the NYC Marathon, having qualified and run the Boston Marathon in 2009. She inspired me to ramp up my training and get on track to run this year while raising $$ for cardiovascular disease. He has a great story of perseverance, and like me he has a strong, supportive wife behind him. She is an absolute sweetheart and has a very touching story about her dad succumbing to heart disease.
Last year, as I prepared for my first marathon, I knew this race wouldn't be any exception and as I crossed the finish line, my Dad had tears in his eyes. She was very eager to join Team Heartosaurus and help raise donations for the American Heart Association. Nick and all the great members of this team while bringing awareness to others about heart and vascular disease.
She is also a heart patient and someone passionate about staying active in recovery and promoting awareness. She said the cause was personal to her and even though she gained entry to the marathon individually, she wanted to be part of Team Heartosaurus and help raise donations for American Heart Association. The race is truly international – featuring amateur and professional runners from all over the globe, broadcast to 315 million worldwide television viewers worldwide and with two million spectators lining the streets of New York for the event. With title sponsorships at marathons in Los Angeles, Stockholm and at the Greater Manchester Marathon in the U.K, as well as shoe-category deals with the New York City, Tokyo and Paris marathons, ASICS is the biggest spender in the marathon space.
For the past few months, the journalists have all been training hard, with the help of ASICS in preparation to run and reach their marathon goals this Sunday.
When the storm blasted our coast we spent the day after repairing our homes, and in many cases living without electricity, heat, and hot water.
My family and I bought food and supplies and donated them to Island Harvest, a local organization helping people on Long Island.
Some people ran for a cause, and in addition to the physical training, they raised thousands of dollars for various charities to benefit mankind.
A small administrative fee for 2013 is understandable but runners will find it unacceptable if they have to forfeit their entry fee and pay it all over again.
Runners are compassionate people, hence the reason they aligned themselves with charities to begin with.

We were running for a cause, in honor and memory of many, and increasing awareness of heart and vascular disease.
To give you an idea of what type of person he is; in the aftermath of the hurricane him and his wife Ali went immediately to the Rockaways to get knee deep in sand and water, helping families who lost their homes.
She is a runner with a great personality and asked if she could join Team Heartosaurus and help raise donations for the American Heart Association.
I had been competing in ultra-distance bike races, including the Race Across America, completely unaware that I had a congenital heart defect. She joined Team Heartosaurus early and even though she gained entry to the marathon individually, she still helped raised donations for the American Heart Association. We spent a lot of money in NYC during the visit and didn't get in the way, so we did that at least. As running specialists, ASICS has been there every step of the way to help the media prepare for the marathon. People came together in communities to help one another, and some like my friends Sal and Ali traveled to the places hardest hit to help people living on the water who had lost everything.
They will revolt if they are not guaranteed entry for 2013 and NYRR will get taken to the cleaners by the media. Runners who raised donations for a charity will probably continue to add to their fundraising totals in 2013, but if charities require runners to meet new fundraising goals, they will find it unacceptable.
You should have cancelled a lot sooner with the scope of what has happening, but in the end at least you did the right thing. While training in the dark before and after work, giving up our sacred Sundays for a long run, and working and caring for our families; we also managed to raise almost $40,000 for the American Heart Association. He is a true Heartosaurus in that he goes above and beyond in connecting with his patients and inspiring them to live life to its fullest.
Morrissey knew I shouldn’t have to live like this and was positive he would open the original blockage. Each journalist has had a Running Lab session and Personalized Foot ID analysis at their flagship store, , provided with the latest ASICS apparel and footwear, given a MY ASICS training plan, as well as exclusive access to the ASICS PRO Team (to provide expert guidance on training plan).
The main concern was taking care of ourselves, and helping others get through one of the worst disasters in New York history. The only exception to this is if the 2012 entry fee goes to a verifiable recovery charity for hurricane Sandy victims. People worked very hard and spent countless hours asking their families and sphere of influence for donations, and they looked forward to celebrating on race day. After hearing of our bid for the marathon, he reached out to me to ask if he and a patient could join up and help us raise donations for the American Heart Association.
During their stay in NYC our media will also be given the opportunity to get some last minute marathon tips with Olympic and European Marathon Champion Stefano Baldini during a run around central park. In spite of my veterinary and extensive research training, I was unaware of the frequency of abdominal aortic aneurysms in men of my age (I was 67 at the time).
I have since started a blog to encourage older people to work out in order to stay healthy, with special reference to body awareness. NYRR should have cancelled the race earlier as a courtesy to all involved, but in the end at least they did the right thing and finally cancelled it. I am keen to encourage people to consider their aortic health and have appropriate screening procedures before it is too late.
Morrissey needed me to have blood work as well which showed that I have a mutant gene that causes more clotting and it is confirmed that I have atherosclerosis just like my dad.

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