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It has now been proved that a group of people meditating within a city lowers the crime rate. Many people on this site practice meditation and prayer and it would be a wonderful addition to helping others if we give time to those needing help or support. DearT, Thank you for putting up this Healing page where we can come together in prayer and meditation for one another and the universe. I spent Tuesday at the ER of Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage getting my heart checked.
Generally people do not like it when their work is improved (or refined or undone from errors made), for it also means that you question, directly or indirectly, part of their thought and belief system.
When you do not support part of their thought and belief system, you will weaken it and their ego will perceive that as a threat most of the time.

I wonder what it is you cannot love in your family members and if what you cannot love in them, is something you find hard to accept in yourself?
This could refer to some past attitude of yourself as well, for which you still need to forgive yourself. All it takes is for those giving help in this way to hold in mind the hands reaching out during their meditation or prayers – and for those in need of help, healing or support to open themselves to the healing hands. He had surgery yesterday to correct complications from a previous surgery for esophogeal cancer. She and her husband have been selling native american books at pow wows for many, many years.
It is very sad, yet, it is an affirmation of the human spirit that Fred was joking around and playing tricks on us even into the third drip bag of morphine.

I am so grateful I got home from Italy in time to be with him for those last powerful hours. I know you are both powerful healers and I ask you to call on your angels and spirits to ease his journey as well as his loved ones.

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