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First started by Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan in 1982, it’s said that Anne’s alarm clock did not go off, and she overslept.
When many clients first see us, they are initially quick to blame others for their own financial quandaries: They blame the banks, the credit card companies, sales people, shopping malls and often say “not having enough time to be on top of it,” is why they have financial difficulties. To take a look in the mirror and realize that we created this financial mess ourselves can be downright depressing. To get past this, our Personal Financial Trainers work side-by-side with clients while they look in the mirror, so to speak.
Before anyone can get to this point, however, they must first stop the blame game and own up. Read more:Unexpected Expenses, Your Budget’s Worst NightmareUnexpected expenses are, hands down, usually the biggest budget breakers out there.

UPDATE: Beyonce pulled a fast one on us and bunched up what is actually a dress to make it look like a swimsuit.
Of course, the swimsuit borrows a line from her husband Jay Z's song, "99 Problems," but we'd like to think Queen Bey was singing "Bootylicious" in her head as the cameras snapped. As a result, she was late for appointments all day long and spent the day spreading blame and making excuses for being late.
It might be tempting to blame circumstances or other people, but passing the buck never fixed anyone’s problems, especially when it comes to money troubles or personal finance.
In order to get to the bottom of financial anxiety, we need to point the finger at ourselves and take full responsibility for our actions. Without proper help, this crucial first step is often the last or only step most people take in the right direction – they feel overwhelmed and begin to break down.

We provide the support it takes to build confidence and the motivation to save more than they ever thought possible. They think the problem is too big and assume they never will have the discipline it takes to get out of the hole.

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