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Prospective students considering taking that first college course often wonder how much time will be required to ensure they get off to a successful start. Anyone who has taken the Online Beginners Tarot Class with me before, can retake the same class for half price. Better than a book ~ personal instruction in your own home by a Professional Public Reader and Teacher. Each week you will receive a Tarot Lesson designed to forward your understanding of the cards while provoking individual thought and interpretation.

For example, I email you a tarot lesson on Wednesday, then you will have one week to read and work the lesson and email back your homework. The first precept was never to accept a thing as true until I knew it as such without a single doubt. If life has you busier than expected, or you just prefer to read and learn privately - participate at your own comfort level and energy allowance. The energy you give to the class is up to you, but I do encourage you to respond to lessons if possible.

Reading the tarot digest, you learn through your classmate's questions and ideas and how they see, feel and interpret the cards. This lesson is designed so that at your convienance anytime during the week, midnight, weekend, whenever that works for you, you read your email and work the lesson.

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