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Under the revised requirements, trainers may not advertise that Outreach Training is “OSHA compliant”.
In most cases, exception requests must be received at least 60 days in advance of the scheduled training. Outreach trainers should employ every reasonable effort to ensure the identity of each individual attending their training.
OSHA will only accept for review or authorization Online Outreach Training Program proposals in response to its competitive solicitation.
Delivery of online Outreach training program classes is not allowed unless the trainer receives prior exception approval from OSHA.
Negative space is that portion of the printed card that is unmarked and includes space between graphics, margins or lines of text.

Outreach trainers may use negative space on the back of the student course completion cards for identification or training information. The Outreach Training Program is voluntary and promotes workplace safety and health by training workers about their rights and workplace hazards. The OSHA Training Center has classes and certification programs year-round, which are located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and Guam.
We have launched the Southern California OSHA Training Center in Los Angeles that offers all the latest OSHA classes. Additionally, the pre-printed language on course completion cards may not be obscured or covered-a provision intended to further protect the integrity of the OSHA course completion card. If an Outreach trainer is granted an exception, the Outreach trainer will not be permitted to apply for another exception until the course given the original exception is completed.

Organizations may establish expiration dates to satisfy their safety and health goals, but this information must be communicated to students in a separate manner. This may be helpful and appropriate if the Outreach class is targeted to a specific industry or audience. Visit the Outreach Training Program webpage for additional information about the three steps to becoming a trainer and the Outreach Program news page for additional information.

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