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PLEASE NOTE: Registration for a coaching course must be received within the 1st 3 days of the start of class in order to participate. This course will delve into the theories and techniques associated with coaching athletics at the secondary level. You may complete the portion of the Sport Specific Clinic in conjunction with the Theory and Techniques course only if the sports which you are seeking the Sport Specific Clinic Certificate is in session during that Theory course.
To register for only the Sport Specific Clinic that you need, please register online on our homepage and choose the correct season for your sport. In order to receive your certificate of completion for the course, you must successfully complete the sports specific clinic, sessions 6-9 research component.
The course is a series of interactive exercises and activities designed to study Health Sciences as they apply to coaching sports. This coaching course will evaluate the goals of athletic programs in New York State, the philosophy of athletics and the role of interscholastic athletics in education. If you answered yes to any of these questions then life coaching may be your next endeavor!
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MASTEREach of us has a 'recipe for success' that is unique to our personal dreams and aspirations. Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education must be completed within the first 2 years of employment as a coach. Topics will include the history of high school athletics in New York state, state and local regulations and procedures, planning, scouting, strategies, safety, officials and guidelines for working with them, the preseason, season and postseason, management, motivation, and instruction on various secondary level sports. Through these activities, exercises and health application to coaching topics, participants will gain information, organize it for professional and personal use, and apply it to their particular programs. In addition, this course will focus on the regulations and procedures set by national, state, and local Governments, and explore the legal and moral responsibility of coaching. The reason is according to the NYSED syllabus for 6-9, you must complete a brief internship of the sport in which you make direct observations of the sports and practices in progress. Specific topics include: the coaches responsibility to players, spectators, and student athletes, team discipline and supervision, sportsmanship, motivational techniques, coaching methodology, coaching concerns, evaluations, the business aspects of coaching, and challenges for the modern day athlete. The Sports Specific is offered in the fall, winter, and spring in order to compliment the various sports in season. If you complete only one sports specific research component, only ONE will be listed on your certificate.

The course is divided into three parts: philosophy, physiology, and psychology, fitness, conditioning, sport specific training, nutrition, weight management and current and ongoing health issues and administrative procedures. The coach has approximately five years from which he or she begins coaching the sports, to complete the section 6-9 Sports Specific in that sport.
If you need certification in more than two sports, you will have to repeat sessions 6-9 at a later date and for an additional fee. It is possible to complete the sports specific clinic at a future date after the close of the course. Certificates will be delayed in the event that a sport is not as season while in this course.
Your instructor will answer any question pertaining to the sports specific clinic, LILIE LLC policies as well as NYSED policies.

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