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Online PC hardware courses teach students to understand the various components of a computer's hardware, so they can work as computer technicians to repair, build, or maintain computers.
PC hardware is a dynamic field, constantly evolving as computer technology becomes more and more sophisticated. Online PC hardware training can give students the foundation they'll need to enter the field of computer hardware repair and maintenance. Computer hardware: Before entering the field, students should have a thorough understanding of the various interlocking parts of a computer and how they function together.
Troubleshooting: Students learn how to locate and identify the sources of hardware problems, including running tests and various other fault-finding techniques. Software basics: Although students will typically focus on tackling hardware issues, they should also be prepared to face software problems in their working lives, as they should expect clients to reach out to them with any number of PC problems.
Since PC hardware training courses are usually meant to prepare students directly for careers as computer technicians, all of the skills they acquire in these courses can be directly applicable to their future careers. Hardware-related challenges, troubleshooting and repair techniques will be similar to the ones they'll encounter on the job, if they choose to become technicians. The intimate knowledge of PC hardware students should acquire in these courses is the same they would need to pursue careers as computer hardware engineers, the people who work to create and design that hardware in the first place.
Students who qualify may apply for the Opportunity Scholarship, which can help lower education costs.
Offers career-focused, degree programs to over 70,000 students at over 140 ITT Technical Institutes in 35 states.
Dedicated to delivering quality education and personalized attention to students since 1899.

Provides a range of campus experiences and services online including advising, tutoring, student community, and career services.
Gives students and alumni access to career assistants who help with resumes, cover letters, job hunting, and more. Managed Antivirus for customers that want to protect the computer from the people that are using it.
This feature searches for known openings in your security that could be exploited by hackers or malware. Windows reports problems it believes is important in its event logs sometimes they are important and sometimes they arent.
Monitors Hard Drive Space to catch any malfunctioning software that may be filling up space rapidly. A suddenly full hard drive can cause many problems including the inability to save files that you have been working on. Windows Updates keep windows running smoothly and securely however problems occasionally occur that cause windows to no longer receive these updates.
Monitors and installs updates for over 100 third party applications such as Flash and Java.
Monitors Anti-Virus Definition files for Bitdefender, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira and many more. Protect additional computers in your household or business for an extra 5 dollars per month billed semi-annually. It can also be challenging, as PC technicians typically untangle a web of complex interlocking parts to locate the source, or multiple sources, of a problem.

Certain courses may require students to take computers apart and re-assemble them to demonstrate their intimate familiarity with PC hardware. Students will also learn how to take action to correct these problems, including replacing or upgrading troublesome parts and making repairs. These courses teach students how to identify and remove computer viruses and handle other software malfunctions. However, these skills can also be useful in other careers, should students choose not to follow the technician route.
Knowledge of computer hardware is also extremely helpful for students who pursue careers as computer software technicians, network or systems administrators, or other IT support roles.
A recent example of a program filling up hard drive space in error was a recent case where nvidia drivers were filling up a windows directory with thousands of desktop.ini files. This check will help us determine the condition of your hard drive and often allows us advance notice of a potentially catastrophic hard drive event. Sometimes this can also alert us of a potential security problem caused by insecure software. This check only applies when you have backup software setup on your computer to run routinely. Services help windows deal with many different things such as security and windows updates.

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