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Geeks Online USA can show you how to use your computer and your programs efficiently and will explain computer terminology in everyday terms with easy to understand analogies.
Geeks Online USA will hold back nothing, showing you web browsing tips, email tricks, and other suggestions on how to make your computer experience more enjoyable.
If you want to change your wallpaper (Image on your desktop), go to the control panel (Start, Control panel or Start, Settings, Control panel), double click on Display, click on the Desktop tab and under Background, select an image and click on OK. Go to the control panel (Start, Control panel or Start, Settings, Control panel), double click on Display, click on the Settings tab, click on the Advanced button, click on the Monitor tab, make sure that Hide modes that this monitor cannot display is checked, and under Screen refresh rate select the highest setting, and click on OK. To change your web browsers home page go to the control panel (Start, Control panel or Start, Settings, Control panel) and double click on Internet Options, if necessary click on the General tab and under Home Page enter the URL of the website you want for your home page, then click on OK. So, if you're in need to learn computers whether it is languages like Basic, C,C++,PHP, Internet Marketing Course(SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM), Graphics, Web Designing and development you can visit Computer Training Institute Today.

Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive the latest in free tutorials and online learning courses. Whilst it is recognised that searching for free online computer training is certainly time consuming, our specialist team have done the extensive internet research for you. Short and convenient modules, spread out over time, so that you have an opportunity to Practice and Implement the concepts discussed between sessions. We at Computer Training Institute Train Students, House wives, Professionals as well as the elders. And for grown-up adults on a look out for a transformation, going back to learning can be an elegant choice.
The instructor is not shared between public class students and online class students like other training centers.

In most cases, these courses are the same as their classroom equivalent in terms of course length, content and student materials. As you work through exercises, the instructor can shadow you, provide guidance and address questions or issues. And on the day of the class, all you need is a broadband Internet connection to participate.
This allows you to connect to a virtual classroom where you can interact directly with the instructor to ask questions or clarify the material – just as you would in a physical classroom.

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