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Leadership in Human Relations is an asynchronous, online seven week course using Moodle as the instructional vehicle. The focus of this course is Leadership in Human Relations, its characteristics, roles, responsibilities and opportunities.
Participants will implement their knowledge and skills as related to the PA Core Leadership Standards and will demonstrate their knowledge and skill as Strategic Planners for Student Success, Architects of Standards-Based Reform and Data-Informed Decision-Makers through authentic, Job-Embedded Assignments and a Culminating Project.
Participants will also contribute to community conversations using Forum Posts, engage in formative, performance-based and summative assessments and complete a Culminating Project. Leadership in Assessment and Data Usage is an asynchronous seven week course that focuses on the characteristics, roles, responsibilities and opportunities of leadership in assessment and data usage. Leadership and Curriculum is an asynchronous, online seven week course using Moodle as the instructional vehicle. The focus of this course is Curricular Leadership, its characteristics, roles, responsibilities and opportunities. The focus of this course is Instructional Leadership, its characteristics, roles, responsibilities and opportunities. Upcoming Webinars from Respondus FAQ: My professor says they sent an email, but I dona€™t see it Using Yellowdig for Classroom Engagement FACULTY a€“ One day left for NEXT!
Here at the University of Akron, Departments, Colleges, or Schools have the ability to administer their course evaluations online.
Quantitative data (likert scale data) is currently processed the same way as traditional evaluations. Effective April 2014, online evaluations are available to students using their iOS or Android mobile devices. Availability for completion of the evaluation is set by the Department, College, or School and can be set on an individual course basis.
Instructors can log in at any time to see how many students have completed the course evaluation thus far while maintaining anonymity for students. Course evaluations can be integrated into Springboard and be utilized in the delivery of content (i.e. Instructors that are co-teaching can have independent course evaluations delivered to the students. The Design and Development Services team oversees requests to set up online course evaluations.
It is crucial for administrative assistants to be proactive about monitoring completion rates during the open evaluation period.
Providing advertisements within the building is a great way to remind students that they have the option to complete the course evaluations online.
Integrating course evaluations into Springboard can encourage students to access the evaluation in order to progress through the course content. The Course Evaluation System has been designed by the The University of Akron's Design and Development Services department.
Login is required only to validate that you are registered for the course(s) for which you are providing feedback. The information you submit through the online process is more secure than if you had submitted it through standard paper means.
Log files are limited to keeping only the data necessary to maintain the system and to detect errors within the site.
It is designed to meet the specific needs and interests of PK-12 administrators and principals whose work schedules prohibit leaving their districts during the instructional day. Once logged in, you will see a listing of courses that you are currently teaching that have evaluations setup online. From the student’s point of view, when they log into the course evaluation system, they will see a listing of their courses that have online evaluations available to complete. Students receive a verification that the course evaluation has been completed as it will appear under the list of Completed Evaluations. Administrative assistants can email instructors to remind them to encourage their students to participate.
We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide will be anonymous and remain confidential in accordance with appropriate federal, state, and local laws. Faculty members rarely request an online course evaluation to be set up specifically for them. Students must complete the evaluation and will not be able to change any of their responses once it has been submitted.
The system is maintained and resides within a secure area at the Computer Center, with system level access available only to Design and Development Services. It also fulfills these professional development criteria: enhances content knowledge and leadership skills, fosters knowledge and understanding of the PA Core Standards and provides authentic opportunities for administrators to think and plan strategically. Carefully read all course content to become familiar with the TEKS, student expectations, published lessons, and suggested activities. Personal Characteristics for Success - Part ITEKS Addressed(1) The student demonstrates personal characteristics for success in high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand careers.(A) explain and practice responsible decision making consistent with personal needs, wants, values, and priorities(B) establish measurable short-term and long-term goals for personal and professional life(C) describe personal management skills needed for productivity such as time and energy(D) practice ethical and appropriate methods of conflict resolution(E) analyze the significance of grooming and appearance in personal and professional settings(F) assess the relationship of wellness to achievement(G) determine personal and occupational implications of substance abuse(H) evaluate appearance in personal and professional settingsModule ContentPersonal Characteristics for Success is the first module for the Principles of Human Services course. What is the name of the program which gives high school students a chance to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses during high school?a.
Due to the amount of information covered in the ten units, it has been divided into two sections, Part I and Part II. What is a written agreement between the school and the training sponsor for each student enrolled in a work-based instruction component of a practicum course?a.
Practicum work experiences may be structured through laboratory-based, paid, or unpaid work experiences for students.a. A work-based instructional arrangement in career and technical education and is an unpaid training opportunity does NOT include:a.
Decision-Making Process The Decision-Making unit will address the importance of making responsible choices and the ripple effect created by our decisions. This unit is to be used to teach students the importance of using values and priorities to make responsible decisions. The decision making process is a systematic organized method of evaluating information to make a selection. Policies and StandardsEffective operation and management of practicum courses requires personnel to utilize the authority for local autonomy and control of schools while remaining in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Further, local decision-making is guided by rules and policies of the State Board of Education, State Board for Educator Certification, and Texas Education Agency.
Some of the major policies which influence coordination of practicum courses are addressed in the following policy overview. How did it affect your goals, values, priorities and resources?Every day, each of us makes hundreds of decisions.

Many of these are made unconsciously: what to wear, how to drive, words to use in conversations, as well as many other seemingly little unimportant choices. Other decisions can have a significant impact on our day, such as relationships, career, life, and ultimate outcomes that will be created as a result of these choices. Gesell proposed that children’s behavior follows a pattern that is somewhat predictable because it is directly linked to their overall development and maturation. Gesell proposed that maturation is internally determined and relatively independent of external environmental influences. He did not, however, completely deny the role that culture, family, and other environmental influences could play in determining behavior. A child’s developmental progress should be judged according to his or her personal developmental timeline rather than compared with development of peers. Long-term and Short-term Goals Students are to establish measurable short and long-term goals for personal and professional life. They should also be challenging so that the individual will push themselves to achieve success. Students should be challenged to establish personal long and short-term goals for their personal success.D.
Management Students should be able to describe personal management skills needed for productivity such as time and energy.
The problem with solely focusing on time management is that energy is not the same during every hour of the day.
Extended periods of work deplete personal energy levels and the amount of work successfully completed is reduced. This unit is designed to share personal management strategies with students that will manage both time and energy.Types of Conflict and Negotiation This unit is designed to have students practice ethical and appropriate methods of conflict resolution. The way that we handle conflict in personal and professional settings will shape our life and the perception that others have of us. Learning to manage conflict is difficult, because emotions often control our reactions during conflict. This unit should focus on listening skills, the art of compromise, mediation, controlling emotional responses and ethical professional reactions. Role playing scenarios is an excellent way to have the students interact and practice appropriate responses to conflict.
During these scenes, specific conflict resolution skills should be reinforced and reviewed.
In addition to role playing scenarios, students could be asked to write an essay on how to resolve a specific conflict to be used as an evaluating tool and to reinforce writing skills.Effects of Wellness Our personal health and wellness affects every aspect of our life. Poor health or wellness in turn has a negative effect on our success or ability to complete tasks. Substance abuse affects our health and well-being resulting in a diminished quality of life. The Job Hunter’s Guide Course – This course will allow the student to gain knowledge and skills to attain employment.
The practice of ethical and appropriate methods of conflict resolution does not include which type of conflict?a. It is suggested that training plans should be on file with the teacher-coordinator, the training sponsor and the __________________.a. Regardless of the length of a grading period, ____________ training site visit(s) must be conducted during each grading period to earn contact hours for that reporting period.a. How can teacher-coordinators remain current on issues related to family and consumer sciences education?a. A student who is not in class attendance during the time of regular school hours may NOT participate in work-based training that day unless specifically approved by the teacher-coordinator.a.
How many written evaluations of the student’s performance at the training site should the training sponsor provide?a.
Criteria for acceptance into the practicum courses may include all of the following EXCEPT:a.
If a paid work-based training placement has not been achieved within 15 days of enrollment, which option should NOT be available to the student?a. Entrepreneurial opportunitiesK Demonstrate Communication SkillsModule 1 Part II handouts—-G. Grooming Habits and Effects This unit is designed to demonstrate how appropriate dress affects the personal and professional lives of people. How grooming affects appearance in personal and professional lifeWhen polling college recruiters, 40% cited image as the reason they reject qualified candidates.
Many school districts start the employment period for teacher-coordinators __________ that of other teachers to facilitate the process of acquiring quality training sites and making student placements.a.
The presentation needs to respect individual style while addressing appropriateness for specific occasions. Students should develop an understanding for professional dress and that grooming and appearance are part of the work duties and personal style may not be allowed on the job.
Personal style can lead to stereotyping which can have a variety of effects on the impression that a person makes.When attending job fairs, dress should be professional. Student placement at a training site may occur ____________ time(s) during the school year.a. If you are looking for a job or networking, your appearance may be helpful in securing an interview or may be a strike against you.
Factors that Affect Clothing ChoicesThis unit reflects a visible outward impression of a person and should be presented in a manner that allows for students to explore individualisms and career choices related to fashion selections.
The ___________________ provides instruction to the practicum student on creating resumes, completing employment applications, interviewing techniques and follows up on all contacts.a. This process should include budgeting considerations, care requirements and garment construction.
Wardrobe planningTips for WomenConservative skirted suit in navy blue, dark brown or dark gray are best. Training Plan AgreementsThe Training Plan Agreement is a written agreement between the school and the training sponsor for each student enrolled in work-based training as part of a practicum course.
The training plan shall ensure that each student will receive coordinated classroom instruction and work-based training to develop the essential knowledge and skills identified for the approved Career Cluster® program area. To facilitate training plan preparation, the essential knowledge and skills and study assignments for each approved Career Cluster program area should be listed on the respective training plan master for the course.The Statewide Instructional Resources Development Center has prepared the training plan agreements with spaces to type in information and the TEKS for each course.
Fashion termsThe fashion industry and fashion designers have a strong influence on our lives. The textile companies, apparel manufacturers, fashion merchandisers, and fashion promoters make up the fashion industry and provide us with an array of fashion terms.What are some ways the fashion industry influences teens?

Introduction to CTSOsCareer and Technical Student Organizations are student leadership organizations designed to promote productive community and workforce leaders for the future of our country. Opportunities for leadershipLeaders are people who have the power to influence the behavior of others. Leaders are involved with goal setting, planning, implementation and evaluation of the group’s activities. Found in every area of our lives from business to education and government to families, leaders are needed at all levels of human organizations. Character, judgment, ethics, respect, trust, and vision are all a part of being a good leader. Character building begins at home, as does an understanding of respect and trust of others to work together.
Over time we develop standards and integrity based on our values, which we learn at home, school, church and from our experiences.
Followers of an autocratic leader can be productive for the group when they follow directions of the leader.
Autocratic leaders must give directions with positive influence and reinforcement to avoid confusion among the members of a group and avoid being viewed as dictatorial.Democratic leaders stress balance and give and take among members.
Leaders are typically selected by the group and while they may make some decisions for the group, generally the democrative leader will consult the group before making decisions.Laissez-faire leaders are on hand to serve as resources and play down their role as a leader. Little control is a part of this type of leadership and members are free to act as they choose. While this leadership style may not be as productive as others, members may feel encouraged to be creative.4. Qualities of membersThe Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), U. Department of Labor report identifies the following soft skills as necessary for work and career success. Importance of teamwork Student leadership organizations provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and promote community involvement while working together as effective team members. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the leadership organization associated with this Family Consumer Science course and should be utilized as a co-curricular part of this course.Teamwork means combining individual efforts to reach a shared goal.
Mary has agreed to work 15 hours a week in an unpaid training site at an elementary school.
If the team is functioning within a formal structure, a constitution or by-laws may serve as the guiding force to govern. Officers or leaders may include a chairperson and secretary minimally, but may include additional roles such as a vice chair, public relations, project coordinator, treasurer and additional descriptions as dictated by the group. Researching Jobs of Personal InterestThis course provides an overview of a variety of careers in the Human Services career cluster.
Remind her of her committment of 15 hours and encourage her to stay after the children leave to assist the training sponsorc. Each module of this course calls for an investigation of careers related to each area of service.
This section of the course should address the skills needed for personal success in obtaining a career.
Remind her of her committment of 15 hours and tell her to come by your room after the children leave to help you grade papers2.
A student in the Practicum in Education and Training course has a work-based training plan agreement to work at an elementary school.
When you arrive to observe the student, you find that the student has been moved to work in the cafeteria.
A practicum student attends his classes in the morning and then leaves for his work-based training site and fails to attend the classroom instruction for the practicum course. The process involves a sender and a receiver, encoding and decoding of messages, the channel or media in which the message travels, and barriers or filters. Communication involves a layering of many skills in an effort to be successful.Impersonal CommunicationThis type of communication is typically superficial and is limited to subject matter only. Impersonal communication can also be in written form such as the communication of rules and policies.Interpersonal CommunicationInterpersonal communication is generally defined as communicating one-on-one with others, or in small groups.
Reasons for interpersonal communication: to gain information about another individual, to better understand an individual, to establish an identity or role within the relationship, and to fulfill interpersonal needs such as control, inclusion, or affection. Whichever the reason, there are skills that are required to be successful at interpersonal communications and eventual relationship development.
Yes, as long as the training sponsors all collaborate and agree on the training plan agreementb.
While networking with other practicum teachers, you find out that one teacher is not using the training plan agreements for her unpaid practicum students. Follow her lead since she has more experience than you do and your school district has not asked for the training plans eitherd. Follow your district guidelines and have the training plans prepared in case they ask for them for accounting purposes11. A practicum student rotates to six different departments in his unpaid training site every nine weeks.
An ARD (Admissions, Review and Dismissal) committee has recommended that a special education student enroll in your practicum course. Conduct a class discussion related to student wardrobe selections.Using the list generated by the students, have students create a five-day wardrobe for an individual within the career field assigned. Templates are provided on the website for both men and women’s clothing.As an alternative to the assignment, students could use magazine cut-outs to create a poster of a five-day wardrobe for an individual within the career field assigned.
One student will act as the” interviewer”, one student will act as the “applicant”, and one student will be the “assessor”. Students will have an opportunity to practice being interviewed as well as objectively assess the interview skills of their teammates.
The interviewer will select and individually ask the applicant three questions from 101 Interview Questions (see All Lesson Attachments tab). Ask them about their previous work experiences and practices that helped them achieve job success. The State Board of Education approved 2-3 credits per year for practicum courses for students enrolled in the full year. However, partial credit may be awarded to students who successfully complete only one semester of a full year course if they enter or exit the course when extenuating circumstances require such a change.a.

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