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Established in 1992 the Irish College of English is an Award-Winning Quality Education Provider.
Quality English Courses – Recognised by the Department of Education and Members of MEI. Perfect Coastal Dublin Location Malahide - Dublin Airport (10 mins), Dublin City Centre (20 mins). Walk to School – Uniquely all our Quality Host Family Accommodation is within Walking Distance of School.
Join us in 2016 and experience a Small School Feel and Friendly Atmosphere where individual needs can be met. The Irish College of English is recognised by ACELS, a Service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for English Language Teaching (ELT). Book your own flights and use the Golf Voyager platform to choose the best priced package of golf, hotel and transfers or any combination, there of. Enter your details into the search box and click on ‘Select’ to choose a package that you like, or just simply click on ‘Select’ to choose any of the highlighted packages. Even if the hotel and golf courses that you are looking for are not in any of the packages shown, click select and on any of the packages. Use these images to promote Dublin on your website, and get additional information by downloading the main document at the bottom of this page. Often spanning centuries and steeped in history; each one has its own unique story to tell.
Some of our favourite shops have been re-appropriated and given a modern twist by their talented and creative new owners.
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That’s why a marriage between SEO and usability is the yin and yang of successful web design. Usability focuses on the overall experience of your site, with special attention paid to specific behaviors you wish to trigger (like product purchases and opt-ins.) Usability, then, cares most about conversions, not search engine bots. Make no mistake, creating sites and content that appeal to bots and humans alike is no easy task. There are many inherent disconnects between usability and SEO, but all are truly manageable. The final word is clear: focusing on a true unification of SEO and usability is the fast track to site success. Both courses are offered by classroom learning, one night per week and also by online learning.
CMI offer two excellent part time Environmental courses, one designed for newcomers, Environmental Studies and the other ideally suited for those serious about a career in Environmental Management.

Environmental Management Jobs & Careers 64% of CMI students doing the Environmental Management Diploma course are successful in getting a job within two years of completion of the course. Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Engineering, Water, Waste, local authorities, and Science. We are Recognised by the Department of Education as having year round English schools for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language. In 2014 we were honoured by Malahide Chamber of Commerce with the ‘Service Excellence Award’ for a clear demonstration of excellent and consistent customer service.
Our focused Junior Camps in June, July and August 2016 offer children and teenagers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and return home with a greater fluency and love of English.
Lilliput Stores in cultural quarter Stoneybatter sells fresh fruit and artisan cheese,  meats and olives, while the Bernard Shaw (established way back in 1895 and named after the iconic Irish poet) is run by achingly cool dance collective Bodytonic, who welcome live acts and DJs through its doors every weekend. The Kiosk, a charming, tiny red-brick structure on Leeson Street was designed back in 1929 as a water pressure station, public toilets and kiosk. As algorithms increase in intelligence, so does the usability of the content produced for SEO determinations. SEO-savvy marketers use every trick in the book to woo the bots of the world, and we (the users) are left reading keyword dense nonsense that has the usability of a site circa 1996. Content written with SEO in mind follows the current search engine trends to ensure high search query rankings.
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By thoughtfully considering how to please the bots and your demographic with each critical decision, you’re doubling your chances at high rankings and high conversions. The course is extremely relevant with current industry case studies and topical PR trends at the forefront of every lecture. Opportunities fall broadly into two areas: jobs relating to management and conservation and jobs in protection and control.

We are also members of MEI, a body promoting Quality Education in Ireland and Providing Learner Protection. We have two English Schools in Ideal Dublin Locations, our Malahide School and Swords School. The Brother Hubbard team opened this independent cafe on Capel Street a couple of years ago, and it’s been packed ever since! Attached to Dublin’s famous Science Gallery (well worth a visit in its own right!), Makeshop offers a variety of alternative daily walk-in workshops, where you can learn to build anything from robots to clocks and synthesizers! In other words, it’s a bot-centric practice that aims to garner the attention of algorithms, not human beings. After all, Google and company wouldn’t benefit from highlighting sites that trick the algorithms into high rankings.
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The usage of a video sitemap, tilting techniques, video schema, script transcripts, and video sharing networks now significantly help SEO. As Small Professionally Run English Schools, our Quality English Courses are known for their excellence and Focus on Progression offering the great value for money. To satisfy that sweet tooth afterwards, be sure to stop by the Candy Lab, a bright new addition to the city’s repertoire. Actual users are turned-off by content that doesn’t speak directly to them, so in practice, this would be a short-lived success. Now that we have the tools and tactics to please both parties, there’s no excuse to take the easy way out. We have full and part time courses for Adults all year round and welcome School Groups throughout the year and we specialise in English courses for children and teenagers through our Junior English Language Summer Camps. So the search experts have spent thousands of hours perfecting algorithms to match what people want, not robots. Many of these jobs are with private firms and nonprofit organisations and others with the public sector.

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